Persona 5 Haru Confidant (Empress) Guide

Haru, the Empress confidant is one of the romance options in Persona 5 Royal and to navigate her confidant rank, we are here to help.

Haru Okumura, 18, is a final-year student at Shujin Academy. Referred to as a “Beauty thief” by her fellow party members in Persona 5, Haru confidant is the embodiment of Noir. Haru is shy and untrusting in the beginning, but after changing her father’s heart in “Okumura’s Spaceport”, she finally opens up to the party members. Being a daughter of an industrial mogul, Haru is both courteous and pretty and is pretty up the list of characters you can date in Persona 5 Royal.

Haru awakens to Milady persona (Empress Arcana) before the fifth main dungeon and her main attack includes Gun and Psy. She is weak to nuclear attacks. Haru can be paired with Makoto to dish out some massive damage in addition to their Showtime attack.

How to unlock Haru Confidant in Persona 5

Haru is a party member in Persona 5, and she becomes available automatically after 4th main boss. Her progression is tied to the main storyline and can’t be missed. Haru joins Phantom Thieves at level 36.

Where to find Haru and her availability

Haru can be found on Shujin Academy’s rooftop. She is there on sunny afternoons except for Sunday. Haru won’t be available on rainy days. Weather plays an important role in Persona 5 Royal so make your plans accordingly.

Haru will sometimes call Joker for a trip to Shibuya or Movie theater. Doing these activities will grant you bonus points towards Haru’s Empress confidant rank.

Abilities to unlock at each rank

1CultivationAllows you to grow vegetables on the roof of Shjin academy.
3Follow UpIf Joker’s attack doesn’t down an enemy, there is a chance to perform a follow up attack.
4Celebrity TalkCan renegotiate with shadows if initial negotiations fail.
5Bumper CropMore vegetable yield for a single harvest.
6Harisen RecoveryChance to remove status ailments from party members.
7Soil ImprovementMore crops in less time.
8EndureChance to survive a fatal attack with 1 HP remaining.
9ProtectChance to protect Joker from a fatal attack.
MaxSecond AwakeningMilady awakens to Astrate.
RoyalThird AwakeningLucy is born from Astrate.

Best dialogue choices for each Persona 5 Empress Confidant rank

Haru in Persona 5 belongs to Empress Arcana, so the best course of action is to always bring an Empress persona with you before talking to or hanging out with Haru. You will get a boost (+3 maximum) for every interaction.

As usual, we will only be listing prompts that will result in increasing your confidant rank with boosts. If you are interested in a romantic relationship with Haru in P5R, we would suggest picking the options with the highest points.

Rank 1

For “I certainly have plenty of seeds, so if you have a preference, I’ll prioritize growing those first.” (Persona 5 Royal only)

Reply with either.

  • Sounds good. (+3)
  • That was our deal. (+3)
  • Thanks. I am counting on you. (+3)

Rank 2 (max proficiency level required)

For “Coffee beans.

Reply with either.

  • You like coffee? (+3)
  • Are you opening a cafe? (+3)

For “He even offered to assist me with asset management. I fear he has an ulterior motive though

  • He sounds suspicious. (+3)

For “At least, it’s possible.

  • This is a complex issue. (+3)

For “I might as well grow things that everyone like eating.

Reply with either.

  • Moonlight carrot. (+3)
  • Sun tomato. (+3)
  • Jewel Melon. (+3)

Rank 3

For “But um, I’m worried what the school might do if they found out about this.”

Reply with either.

  • A phantom thief wouldn’t worry. (+3)
  • They won’t find out. (+3)
  • It will be okay, I promise. (+3)

For “So, um, what can I say to decline his offer?

  • I don’t want to go with you. (+3)

For “Have, um, have you ever experienced that?

Reply with either.

  • Not yet. (+3)
  • Too many times to count. (+3)

For “My excuse was that my friend was calling me, so here I am, away from him.” (Persona 5 Royal only)

  • Smart response. (+3)

Rank 4

For “You see, just a single cup of the Dark Ivory coffee here costs roughly six thousand yen.

  • It must be amazing. (+3)

For “Well, shall we order? I’ll be paying for your cup as well.

Reply with either.

  • I can’t let you do that. (+3)
  • Cheers. (+3)

For “Apparently it’s brewed using beans gathered from elephant dung.

Reply with either.

  • You mean poop? (+3)
  • I can taste the elephant. (+3)
  • Excuse me while I vomit. (+3)

For “Speaking of cats, do you think Mona-chan would be able to?

  • Let’s ask him. (+3)

For “Hey, um, what did you think of him?

  • I am not really sure. (+3)

For “You took the time out of your schedule to hang out with me, but we ended up dealing with my own drama” (Persona 5 Royal only)

  • Let’s get coffee again sometime. (+3)

Rank 5

For “One side has to be deceiving me, correct? I’m honestly suspicious of everyone at this point.

  • Somebody’s telling the truth. (+3)

For “Though now that I think about it, that may be my best chance to help the employees my father left behind.

  • There has to be another way. (+3)

For “Would I have just resigned myself to the fate he had made for me?

  • I don’t think so. (+3)

For “Once I started to imagine that again, this powerful fear came flooding back” (Persona 5 Royal only)

  • Pinch yourself. (+3)

Rank 6

For “It says here that the type of roast you want should differ depending on how you want to drink your coffee.”

Reply with either.

  • That’s fascinating. (+3)
  • Can you make some for me? (+3)

For “But that’s where the real origin of our family business lies.”

  • I had no idea. (+3)

For “I mean, Takakura-san seems to only be focused on profits. At this rate, we’ll never lose our black image.”

Reply with either.

  • That would be bad. (+3)
  • Black like coffee? (+3)

For “He’s going to get Okumura Foods as well as my entire inheritance, and I’m totally powerless against him.”

  • Be strong, Haru. (+3)

For “The negativity felt so painful, too much to handle alone, and before I knew it, I was already calling you.” (Persona 5 Royal only)

  • You can talk to me anytime. (+3)

Rank 7

For “In the end, I’m just not sure what to do.”

  • What do you want to do? (+3)

For “But I don’t think you can truly gain the same joy from the low-cost chain Takakura-san is suggesting.

Reply with either.

  • What does Takakura-san think? (+3)
  • There has to be a way. (+3)
  • You should tell him that. (+3)

For “I’ll make him see what I’m really thinking and what’s truly important to me.

Reply with either.

  • That’s the spirit. (+3)
  • You can do it, Haru. (+3)

For “It’s thanks to your support that I can keep pushing forward.” (Persona 5 Royal only)

  • I will always have your back. (+3)

Rank 8

For “The thing that will help me show Takakura-san how I really feel is right here.”

  • The soil? (+3)

For “I wonder what Takakura-san will think when he tries it.

Reply with either.

  • It will help him understand you. (+3)
  • He is going to love it. (+3)

For “But if they want to fool people with a low-quality product instead of regaining their trust, I will proudly oppose them.

Reply with either.

  • I will be cheering for you. (+3)
  • You are amazing, Haru. (+3)

For “I’m already testing the soil I brought home today. I can tell my coffee plants are happy.” (Persona 5 Royal only)

  • I want some too. (+3)

Rank 9

For “W-Well, um.”

Reply with either.

  • I am sure you will do great. (+3)
  • Give it all you’ve got, Haru. (+3)

For “Thank you

Reply with either.

  • You are very welcome. (+3)
  • You did amazing. (+3)

For “Why do you think?

Reply with.

  • He saw us as good friends. (Remain friends)
  • I like you too, Haru. (Romantic route for Haru)

For “If only you could smell it too.” (Persona 5 Royal only)

  • You sound so happy. (+3)

For “Er, well, H-How are you?” (Romantic route only/P5R)

Reply with either.

  • I wanted to hear your voice. (+3)
  • I miss you. (+3)

Rank 10

For “I think my presence angered some people at first, but in the end they all listened to my thoughts.”

  • You have done great, Haru (+3)

For “It’ll be a shop that people love, like Grandfather’s and like this place. What do you think?

  • I am sure you will succeed. (+3)

For “……” (Romantic route/P5R)

Reply with either.

  • I am glad too. (+3)
  • Just my teammate? (+3)

Haru hangouts

In Persona 5, you can hang out with your party members or other characters at various places (during various events). Some of these interactions give you a bonus that counts towards the progress of your confidant rank (ranked) while some do not (non-ranked).

Ranked Hangouts

Asakusa Festival Invitation (11th June 6/11)

Remember to bring a Devil persona in addition to Empress, to gain some boost for Devil confidant rank.

For “Thank you for helping me out. And, sorry.”

Reply with either.

  • No need to apologize. (+3)
  • It was fun. (+3)
  • Sure, is lively here. (+3)

For “Oh, um… OK…”

Reply with either.

  • It is fine. (+3)
  • There is nothing to fear. (+3)

Pach-Saw Movie Invitation (13th November 11/13)

For “How was it for you? Do you like scary movies?”

Reply with either.

  • Not really, actually. (+3)
  • I like them a lot. (+3)

Unranked Hangouts

Ogikubo Ramen Shop

For “I may have been slurping a little loudly, though. Was that unladylike of me?”

  • Reply with any option. All are +3.

Akihabara Electronics Store

For “I was surprised at how cheap the coffee makers were as well, given all of their included functions.”

  • Reply with any option. All are +3.

Harajuku’s Takenoko Street

For “And then there were the smiles of the other customers. Just seeing that made me happy.”

  • Reply with any option. All are +3.

Ginza Sushi Restaurant

For “This kind of masterpiece is nearly life changing. Although that may be going a bit too far.”

Reply with either.

  • Do you come here often. (+3)
  • I want seconds. (+3)


For “Won’t you teach me?”

  • Reply with any option. All are +3.

Reward: Giant Spatula Decoration.

Leblanc Attic (Romantic route only)

For “Do you have a favorite thing about this room?”

  • Reply with any option. All are +3.

Best gifts for Haru in Persona 5 Royal

NameLocationCost (Yen)
Mini CactusUnderground Mall1600
Local MascotAkihabara3600
Book CoverUnderround Mall3000
Flower Basket (unique)Shinuku2400
Glass Vase (unique)Underground Mall3200
Heart Necklace (romance)Underground Mall68000
Heart Ring (romance)Underground Mall88000
Dragon Sword Keychain (P5R)Akihabara500
Chocolate TrufflesUnderground Mall2800
Motorbike Figure (P5R)Akihabara3600
Snack PackShibuya5800

Haru is not only an Empress in the name. Her confidant rank is a lot of work and with this guide, you will be able to date Haru in no time.

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