Persona 5 Iwai Confidant (Hanged Man) Guide

Munehisa Iwai is a weapons dealer in Persona 5 and is known for his calm and collected demeanor, which makes him an exciting confidant...

Munehisa Iwai is a weapons dealer in Persona 5 and is known for his calm and collected demeanor, which makes him an exciting confidant to get to know. Make sure you possess a Hanged Man Persona for your character before pursuing the Iwai confidant in Persona 5 Royal. It gives you additional bonuses and boosts the confidant level-up process as well.

This guide will cover how to find and unlock Persona 5 Iwai confidant and the best dialogue choices you can make for befriending him.

How to unlock Iwai Confidant in Persona 5

You can access Iwai from 5/6; however, his confidant won’t start from there. To unlock Iwai’s confidant, you must progress in the storyline until you reach the “Mementos” dungeon. One more thing that you need to ensure is Rank 4 Guts in Persona 5.

Once there, you will meet Iwai, and after a brief interaction, you can start his confidant storyline. You must have the Hanged Man Arcana to progress Iwai’s Confidant Rank in Persona 5 Royal.

Where to Find Iwai and his availability

Iwai is always at his shop Untouchable located in the Shibuya Underground Mall. His shop is open every day except for Mondays. You can also meet him during certain story events, where he may give you specific tasks to complete to increase your confidant rank in P5R.

In Persona 5 Iwai’s confidant is available on days and nights of Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. However, he entertains friendship with him only at nighttime. You can also find him on rainy days at his shop.

As with all confidants, Iwai has certain events that occur on specific days of the week, so it is essential to keep an eye on the calendar and plan accordingly.

What abilities to unlock at each rank

1Starter CustomizationThe initial customization of your guns will start from here.
3Camouflage CustomizationAilment effects are added to the guns, improving their efficiency.
5DiscountThis abiltiy decreases the cost of all of the gun customization.
7Expert CustomizationYou are enabled to customize high grade guns.
10PricelessMake weapons customization absolutely free. Unlock the Hanged-Man Arcana’s ultimate persona, Attis

Persona 5 Iwai Confidant best dialogue choices

We have only provided the dialogues that provide actual points for conversation.

Rank 1

“If you want somethin’, you’re gonna have to work for it.”

  • So what’s my first job? +3
  • Leave it to me. +2
  • As long as it’s safe… +1

Rank 2

“…Sounds like there’s some weird stuff goin’ down.”

  • What should I do now? +2
  • How’s your cold? +2
  • Who was that guy? 0

Rank 3

“The same clan I was in… back when I was part of the yakuza.”

  • I always knew you were a thug. +3
  • Oh. I, uh… have to go. 0
  • Y-Yakuza!? +2

“…Hope I ain’t scarin’ you off with all this talk.”

  • We made a deal, didn’t we? +3
  • No, I like that stuff. 0

Rank 4

“Anyways, nice job. I’m gonna be able to give Tsuda a real scare thanks to the info you gave me!”

  • Where’s my reward? +3
  • You two should play nice. +2

“But now Tsuda knows your face. And that could be a real

  • I agree. +2
  • Is that a threat? 0
  • What’s the issue?

Rank 5

“He’s just got too much power…”

  • You’re pathetic. +3
  • You’re so kind, Iwai. 0
  • You should call the cops. 0

“…You prolly don’t want anythin’ to do with me after that, huh?”

  • I’ll stick around for the guns. +3
  • That’s right. +2
  • Don’t make assumptions. 0

“But I gotta protect that secret, no matter what. For Kaoru’s sake.”

  • You’re right. +2
  • Is it really all for Kaoru? 0
  • Well, you got this.

Rank 6

“You two look like you’re havin’ fun. What’ve you been talkin’ about?”

  • Girls. +3
  • That’s a secret. +3
  • Our futures. +2

“Ain’t that right?”

  • You should buy us something. +3
  • Right. +2
  • You should tell him, Iwai. 0

“Looked like you and Kaoru really hit it off. Glad to see you two get along.”

  • He’s my age, so it comes easier. +2
  • All I did was listen to him. +2
  • It’s part of the job.

Rank 7

“I mean, don’t somethin’ about that seem off to you?”

  • Absolutely. +3
  • Not at all. 0
  • I guess he likes guns? +2

“And now he’s tryin’ to use me to cover up his mistake.”

  • He’s clever. +3
  • That’s horrible. 0
  • What a crafty bastard. +2

“But considering who we’re dealin’ with… we can’t afford to take any chances.”

  • Bring it on. +2
  • I’m worried… 0
  • So what’s our first move?

Rank 7.5 (requires max rank Guts to progress)

Tsuda: “I hope dealing with all this yakuza business hasn’t been too much trouble.”

  • I did it all for Iwai. +3
  • It most definitely was. +2
  • Actually, it’s been fun. 0

“Just forget all of this…”

  • I will. +2
  • I want to help you. +2
  • I can’t. 0

Rank 8 (requires the completion of Mementos Request “Shady Deal in the Shadows” to progress further)

“Hey, you think a guy can really go through a drastic change that quick?”

  • I dunno. +2
  • It’s not impossible. 0
  • He’s matured. 0

“I understand kids these days have all sortsa commitments, so I get it if the answer’s gotta be no…”

  • I guess I could consider it. +3
  • If you pay me well. +3
  • I’m back, baby. +2

Rank 9

“Serves him right, huh?”

  • Are you sure he’s still alive? +3
  • That’s great news. +2
  • I feel bad for him. 0
  • Tell him the truth. +3
  • You need to trust your son. +3

“Guess you’re maturin’ quicker than I even realized…”

  • Kaoru is really strong-willed. +3
  • He’s a cool kid, huh? +3
  • He gets that maturity from you. +2

“…The kid must’ve grown into a man while I wasn’t looking.”

  • Like father, like son. +2
  • Gecko bonds go beyond blood. +2
  • Why not newts?

Rank 10


  • It’s up to you now, Iwai. +3
  • Kaoru won’t lose. +3
  • Iwai’s kind of slow. 0

“I can’t be the only one who was saved by his change of heart. Wonder who else knows…”

  • What if you’re right? +2
  • It’s a coincidence. 0
  • Should we close up? 0

Best gifts to give to Iwai in Persona 5 Royal

Gift NameConfidant BoostPrice
Silver Bangle+3¥78,000
Snack Pack ¥5,800
Rubik’s Cube ¥3,200
Robot Vacuum Cleaner+3¥44,800
High-performance Electric Toothbrush+3¥29,800
Instant cup ramen noodle set+2¥3,480
Wrist & Ankle weights+2¥6,800
Digital Camera+2¥39,800
Super Noisy Alarm Clock+2¥12,000
Motorcycle figure+2¥3,600
Dragon Sword Keychain+2¥500
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