Lies of P Star Fragments Locations

Can't summon specters? You might need more Star Fragments.

In Lies of P, players cannot summon other players to help them through the different chapters, or even for boss fights. The only thing players can do is summon specters, AI companions, to help them during a fight. To summon specters in Lies of P, players need to use Star Fragments. Here, we will look at where you can find Star Fragments in Lies of P.

How to farm Star Fragments in Lies of P

Before we try to list all the places where you can find, let us look at what are the other ways you can get Star Fragments. You can get Star Fragments in Lies of P by defeating almost all of the mini-bosses and elite enemies.

If you want to farm Star Fragments, the best way to do it is by fighting the elite puppet found to the right of the main hall of Krat City Hall entrance. This is the same puppet that you are required to defeat for the Weeping Woman’s baby puppet side quest.

This one elite puppet will always drop 1x Star Fragment whenever you defeat it, and the run to the puppet is easy, only two basic puppets stand between your Stargazer and the elite puppet.

Lies of P Star Fragment farming

If you don’t really require Star Fragments that much or are in dire need of one or two Star Fragments, you can also simply purchase them, for a steep price of course. You can purchase Star Fragments from Giangio after you have defeated the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Malum District. Each Star Fragment will cost you 3x Gold Coin Fruits. Honestly, we believe this is a bad trade, but a possible one if you direly need a Star Fragment in Lies of P.

Lies of P Star Fragment locations

With the farming process out of the way, let us look at the places where you can pick Star Fragment as a reward. We will update this list as we discover more Star Fragment locations.

  • Found after the Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard Stargazer. After you kill the Dimensional Butterfly, you can follow the main path through the rooftops to get the Star Fragment.
  • Found near Toma’s window. Use the ladder to descend down to the street level and head right from the ladder. Here, you’d need to fight some puppets and disarm the electric trap. Do so by throwing something at it, or using the Puppet String Legion Arm.
  • Found near the stairs next to the Krat City Hall Stargazer. You can just jump down the broken segment in the railing and plunge attack the puppet here. In the corner, you can find the Star Fragment.
  • Found at the very end of Workshop Union Culvert, just before you enter Venigni Works Control Room. After you meet the Red Fox and the Black Cat, you need to head to the rubble opposite both of them and you can get the Star Fragment.
  • Found in the hut with the chest in Moonlight Town. It is the hut where the puppets will drop the gate and ambush you by trapping you, a bit further from the stargazer.
  • Found on a wooden beam in St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel. It is located in the gear room and you find it on the small platform next to the third bloated carcass enemy you fight in the game.
  • In Malum District, you will come to an area where an elite carcass will attack you where bloated carcasses will stand on rooftops and shoot you. After you have cleared out the enemy, head into the alley to the right of this area where the dogs are to find the Star Fragment.
  • Found on the platform you get to after navigating through the catwalks in the Grand Exhibition Gallery, where you fight the bomb puppets and the elite shield puppet.
  • In the Barren Swamp Ravine, you will come to a lift that works as a shortcut back to the stargazer. After you ride the lift defeat the puppets and you can the Star Fragment found as loot here.

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