How To Summon A Specter In Lies of P

Specter in Lies of P is a godsend gift from the developers to tackle some of the most annoying and difficult bosses. This guide will teach you how you can summon a specter to aid you in the battle.

Since Lies of P is an offline-only experience, you can’t bring in any of your friends to help you defeat any boss you are having trouble with. Fortunately, the game allows you to summon an AI companion, Specter, to help you with almost every major boss in the game. This guide will help you learn how to summon a Specter in Lies of P to help you defeat bosses.

How Summoning Works in Lies of P

To summon a Specter in Lies of P, the process is extremely simple, so much so that many will just overlook it. The first time you can summon a specter is in the Krat City Hall for the Scrapped Watchman boss fight.

As you approach the boss arena, you will spot a peculiar blue flame brazier just outside the entrance of the boss room. As you approach this brazier, you can investigate and for the first time, you will get a message explaining how you can use these braziers to summon a Specter in Lies of P to help you.

To summon a specter, you need to use Star Fragments. A single Star Fragment can be used to summon a specter once. Specters are weak and won’t really deal much damage to the boss. However, they are an excellent distraction for the boss, and you can use them to deal huge damage before things turn sideways.

Sadly, you don’t have any choice of specters to summon like you get for NPCs in Dark Souls or Elden Ring. Lies of P automatically summons a random specter once you enter the boss arena after using a Star Fragment at the brazier.

How to get Star Fragments in Lies of P

Star Fragments are required to summon specter in Lies of P. Star Fragments are available all over Krat as you progress. Most of the Star Fragments you will get come from the various items you loot. Other than picking up Star Fragments, you are guaranteed a Star Fragment whenever you defeat an elite enemy.


If you are trying to farm Star Fragments in Lies of P to summon specter for aid, we recommend you focus on the big puppet to the right of the Krat City Hall entrance, where you found the broken puppet doll. This one puppet here will always drop a single Star Fragment. So, you can farm as many Star Fragments as you want. This encounter only gets easier as you progress further in the game as you get stronger.

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