What To Do With The Baby Puppet In Lies of P

A weeping woman in Elysion Boulevard needs to be reunited with her baby puppet in Lies of P and it is up to you to complete that request.

While going through Elysion Boulevard in Lies of P, just before dropping down into the arena where you fight the Baton Policeman elite, you will see the silhouette of a woman in a window. She will tell you about her baby having been taken from her. To complete this Weeping Woman side quest in Lies of P, you will have to find her baby puppet.

Where to find Lies of P baby puppet

Once you get the quest to find the baby puppet, drop down into the arena and proceed normally through the area. The opportunity to find the baby puppet in Lies of P actually happens after some time so there isn’t much you can do right now.

Once you reach the Alchemist Bridge at the end of Elysion Boulevard, you will have to fight the Mad Donkey and then will finally meet Geppetto. Geppetto will give you the Krat City Hall key. Use it to progress ahead and enter the City Hall area. Keep clearing enemies and going downstairs till you reach a courtyard/garden-type area.

You will hear some pounding while you are here. If you look to the right of where you entered, you will see a big puppet bashing something in the ground. Go up to it, defeat the puppet, and then interact with the object on the ground.

Turns out, the giant puppet has killed the baby puppet you were here to find and you will pick up Broken Baby Puppet in Lies of P.

What to do with the Broken Baby Puppet in Lies of P

Now that you know that the Weeping Woman’s baby isn’t alive anymore, you need to decide what to do with it. You can keep the baby puppet with you but there is no point in doing it. The only thing you should do is go back to the Weeping Woman in Lies of P and give her the baby puppet. Remember she told you she is almost blind and about to die? Best to let her be happy in her last moments.


To return to the Weeping Woman, either run back across the Alchemist Bridge or fast travel to the stargazer Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard. From the house, make your way back to the Alchemist Bridge and you will pass this woman on the way. Although this path might have a lot more enemies than running back from the location where you found the baby puppet.

Go up to the weeping woman’s window and give her the baby puppet. She will be happy and ask you whether her Lies of P baby puppet is beautiful or not. This is one of the instances in Lies of P where the lie system is triggered. Whether you lie or tell the truth about the baby puppet, you will get a Vivid Ergo Fragment as a reward and can finally complete the Weeping Woman quest in Lies of P.

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