Shadow of Mordor – How to Find Ghul Matrons

Ghul Matrons are one of the most elusive and hardest to find enemies in Shadow of Mordor.

Not only that, this special type of Ghul has an achievement associated with it, so it can be quite frustrating for those trophy-hunters as they spend hours trying to find the Matrons.

Luckily, we’ve got the solution and know how to lure out these beasts. You’ll likely be running into normal Ghuls a few times at night, and that is the exact time you should be searching for the Matrons.

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Finding Ghul Matrons
In order to find and kill the Ghul Matrons, you’ll need to find a regular Ghul.

Ghuls are often present in the least populated parts of Mordor exclusively at night time, so if you decide to have a go at them, simply head to the Forge Tower, change time of day, and explore on a Caragor until you see a collection of tiny claw marks on your minimap.

These claw marks indicate regular Ghuls, who usually move around in packs. Head to that location and slay a few of them, but make sure you leave at least a couple or so (this is very important!).

The Ghuls you left will likely retreat after you slay a few – you’ll be able to tell because a flashing claw icon will be on their heads.

Now once they have retreated, wait around in that area for a while (roughly between 10-20 seconds). Don’t disappear or go somewhere else! After a bit of patient waiting, you’ll notice more Ghuls emerging. Do the same with these ones, leaving a few of them to retreat, then waiting about.

Beware, as the second time around spitters will appear, so the difficult will go up a notch. After a few waves of Ghuls, there is a high chance that a Ghul Matron will appear.

Once it does, jump on the opportunity to take it down and win yourself the hard-earned achievement.

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