How To Find Ghul Matron In Shadow Of Mordor?

When you're taking on groups of Ghuls and one escapes, they can summon a Ghul Matron which is a buffed up version of the enemies in Shadow of Mordor. They are very hard to find but easy to take down.

Ghul Matrons are among the many threats in Shadow of Mordor. These are larger, spiked, and more pale versions of regular Ghuls that spit poison and require much of your stamina while fighting them. Not only are they powerful enemies, but they’re also crucial for completing certain challenges in the game.

Facing one head-on can be overwhelming, especially when surrounded by their lesser Ghul kin. However, the bigger challenge lies in locating them. An important thing to remember is that Ghuls only spawn at night and don’t have a fixed location. But we have listed some locations where you can visit and expect to find them in Shadow of Mordor.

This guide will dispel the mystery surrounding Ghul Matrons. We’ll uncover strategies to find their location, combat tactics, and how to overcome them in battle.

Ghul Matron Locations in the Shadow of Mordor

As formidable as Ghul Matrons are, you can find them in two ways. The first method requires you to visit the Forge Tower in Barrows of Udun during nighttime.

Once you’re at the tower, drop down to the ground level, where you see a crowd of Ghuls and start fighting them. Let go of the fleeing Ghuls as they will run away to summon the Matron. Clear the grounds and wait for the Matrons to appear.

For the second location, you can find Ghuls at the Watcher’s Landing near the coastline. You will find them once you reach the point marked below. Repeat letting the alarmed Ghuls escape while you take down the rest.

The cave near Herad Basin is also an easy Ghul spawning location. Before heading into the cave have your best weapon equipped because this area is basically a nest. You can use the Wraith Flash after letting the fleeing one escape. You can also kill every Ghul and wait for the ones in the last section to fetch Matrons for you.

How To Spawn Ghuls?

If you come across some Uruks near or around the mound region during the nighttime, follow them until they take you toward a few more Uruks. Start fighting with them using sword only (do not use stealth or arrow). Once you reach 10x combo by defeating Uruks, Ghuls will start to spawn.

Once you see the Ghuls, repeat the process of taking down the once that come to fight and let the fleeing ones escape. Wait around the field for a few seconds and let the next few waves of Ghuls appear until the wave contains at least one Ghul Matron.

Your rules should be simple: don’t leave the area or follow Ghuls; let them come right toward you, and don’t kill the fleeing ones. One thing to remember is that you might encounter either one or more Ghul Matrons at once.

How to Kill a Ghul Matron?

You can take out the normal Ghuls with regular attacks. Don’t use Wraith Flash, as it will prevent your encounter with the Ghul Matron. As for the Ghul Matron, their biggest advantage is the poison they spit. You should either encounter Matrons with a Rune or have excellent dodging abilities to stay safe from the poison they spit.

You can use Wraith Flash on Matron, though this will only stun it, giving you an advantage of striking it down with a chain of attacks. Matrons are vulnerable to fire arrows and combat finishers; if you want to take them down quickly, use Shadow Strike.

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