The Sims 4 Military Career Guide

After downloading the Strangerville expansion pack, you can start your career in the military. This career branches off into two streams Covert Operator and Officer. One Branch requires you to spy on the neighborhood while the other involves you getting other recruits into shape.

The following guide will cover everything you need about the Military Career. It will dive into the skills, traits, career levels, list of best mods, and cheats for the Military Career. We will also check whether the challenges in The Sims 4 are related to the Military Career or not.

How to Join the Military in The Sims 4?

You can join the Military career by accessing your Sim’s smartphone or a computer, selecting the Careers option, and scrolling to find the Military Career option.

You are given an option each day of either Working from Home or going to work. If you choose to work from home, you would be required to complete certain tasks during the work hours, and if you get a promotion, it is gained one hour before your next Shift.

Having a history degree can help accelerate your progress through some levels.

Best Skills and Traits for the Military

The Fitness skill heavily influences the first 5 levels of the Military Career, so be sure to level it up. The Officer Branch will require you to level up your Charisma skill, while the Covert Operator Branch will require you to level up your Logic skill. Knowing this, the best traits for your Sim would be:


This trait will help gain the Fitness skill quicker and make promotion for the first 5 levels easier.


This trait will help your Sims gain the logic skill quicker, so it will be specifically useful when going for the Covert Operator Branch.


This trait will help your Sim gain the Charisma skill quicker, so players going down the Officer branch will find it helpful.

Military Career Levels and Job Ranks

After starting your Military Career, you will complete 5 levels and then be given a choice between two branches and each branch unlocks different career items in Sims 4. Learning how to get a degree in Sims 4 can help you land higher-level jobs. After completing level 5, you choose to be a Covert Operator or an Officer. You will find the details of the first 5 levels given below.

Level Job Salary
1 Raw Recruit $26/hour
2 Private Fourth Class $34/hour
3 Lacking Corporal $54/hour
4 Sergeant Minor $71/hour
5 Warrant Officer $96/hour

 Covert Operator Career Levels and Job Ranks

After completing level 5 in your Military Career, you can select between two branches. The first is Covert Operator, and details of its levels, jobs, and salaries are given below.

Level Job Salary
6 Evidence Eraser $104/hour
7 Conspiracy Squelcher $119/hour
8 Clandestine Investigator $179/hour
9 [Redacted] $297/hour
10 Sim-in-Black $422/hour

 Officer Career Levels and Job Ranks

The second Branch of the Military Career is Officer. Its levels, jobs, and salaries are shown below.

Level Job Salary
6 Fourth Lieutenant $104/hour
7 Courageous Captain $119/hour
8 Lieutenant Colonel $179/hour
9 Brigadier $297/hour
10 Grand Marshal $422/hour

Best Mods for Playing Military Career

MC Command Center

This, in general, is a great mod to have if you want to enhance your Sims 4 experience. It will allow you to adjust numerous aspects of your game.

You can adjust your story progression, change your age, dressing, etc., all with this mod, so it can make your Military Career experience extremely easy.

Military Career Cheats

Certain career cheats will help accelerate your progress. To use cheats, you need to access the Cheat Console. To do so, press Ctrl + Shift + C, while Mac users must press Command + Shift + C.

 Console players must simultaneously press all the shoulder buttons on their controller to open the Cheat Console.

Then activate cheats on the Cheat Console by typing Testingcheats True or enabling Testingcheats. Then for instant promotion type careers.promote military.

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