How To Get Gold Coin Fruit In Lies Of P

Gold Coin fruit in Lies of P is a miracle currency that helps cure people suffering from petrification disease. Follow our guide to find this unique fruit and help those poor suffering souls.

Lies of P offers a multitude of mechanics and various currencies, and Gold Coin fruit is one of them. As the whole Krat is suffering from an unknown petrification disease, gold coin fruit is the only thing that can stop it making it extremely valuable. This fruit grows on a unique Gold Coin tree that is hidden by the owners of Hotel Krat to have a complete monopoly over its uses.

In this guide, we will help you locate the golden tree and how you can farm gold coin fruit from it in Lies of P. We will also cover how you can farm this fruit fast in the game.

Lies of P Gold Coin Fruit location

The Golden Coin Fruit can only be collected from the golden tree which is present inside the inner sanctum of Hotel Krat. However, reaching this tree is not that easy. To start the gold coin fruit quest, you need to first find and meet an NPC, Giangio. He is available near a statue on the Path of Misery leading to St. Frangelico Cathedral. Once you talk to him, he will beg you to find golden coin fruit in Lies of P to help him recover from the disease.

Continue your journey through Malum District and defeat Eldest of Black Rabbit Brotherhood boss. This will grant you access to the inner sanctum of Hotel Krat through the backdoor. Giangio will appear once you use the lift to go up. He will request you to collect the gold coin fruit for him as he is unable to touch the tree. This is extremely important as it will progress another side quest in the game.

How to farm Gold Coin fruit from the Golden Coin tree

Before we start, there is a limit to the number of gold coin fruits you can obtain from golden coin tree in Lies of P. You can only get 8 after every 10 minutes of your last harvest. This timer is real-time and only works when you are actively running the game. Quitting the game also stops the timer. You can always check the time left by resting at any Stargazer in the game.

However, there is a way to accelerate the fruit growth on gold coin tree and collect it immediately. For this purpose, you need a special item Alchemical Booster. This item becomes available to purchase from Polendina for 2000 ergo once you give him the Sturdy Krat Supply box. This box is available near the last shortcut in Grand Exhibition Hall.


Just keep farming ergo near some stargazers and then fast travel back to Hotel Krat to gather some more fruit from the gold coin tree in Lies of P. The ergo you have farmed in the process can help you buy Alchemical Booster so it is a great golden coin farming loop.

Gold Coin Fruit uses

Gold coin fruit has multiple uses in Lies of P. It is also required to complete a major side quest and save one of the important NPCs. 

  • You can purchase wishstones from Giangio by giving him gold coin fruit (2 each). These wishstones are instrumental in saving your Specter against the main bosses
  • Once you give Giangio enough gold coin fruit, he will give you a cure for petrification for one more gold coin fruit. Complete Julian the Gentleman side quest in Rosa Isabelle Street and receive a wedding ring. Give this ring to Polendina and lie to him. He will ask you for the cure potion. Hand it over to him to save Lady Antonia. 
  • Once you defeat Champion Victor boss in the Grand Exhibition Hall, you will gain access to the Saintess of Mercy statue. She can respec your level, p organ and legion arm upgrades for 10 gold coin fruit each in Lies of P. 
  • You can give the gold coin fruit to Red Fox at the exit of Lorenzini Arcade and then another gold coin fruit to Black Cat to avoid fighting him. 

These are all the uses of golden coin fruit that we have found in Lies of P.

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