Where To Find The Fertilizer Bin In Rune Factory 5?

The Fertilizer Bin is a useful item in Rune Factory 5 that helps you maintain healthy soil for your farm. It is important to know where you can find this item.

Maintaining healthy soil is an important farming tip in Rune Factory 5. For this reason, the game offers Fertilizer Bin, a valuable tool for crafting fertilizer and nurturing crops. Though the Fertilizer Bin is a key ingredient for boosting harvest yield, it simply isn’t available at the beginning of your journey. To unlock it, you need to progress through introductory quests.

This guide will briefly share the details of where and how you’ll get the bin and use it to cultivate bountiful harvests in Rune Factory 5.

Fertilizer Bin Location in Rune Factory 5

To get the Fertilizer Bin, you simply have to accept Priscilla’s request from the request board. After accepting the request, she will give you the Fertilizer Bin. After accepting the bin, you will be spawned on the next job board.

Some players have faced issue in finding it; if you face a similar problem, look for a small cylinder next to your Materials Bin with wood and stone on it.

The Fertilizer Bin will be somewhere near the SEED headquarters field. It looks like a small bucket. To access this, you must complete the Goblin quest.

Once you have the Fertilizer Bin in RF5, you can proceed with Priscilla’s quest, which will ask you to put some leaves in the Fertilizer Bin.

Where to Find Lost Fertilizer Bin?

If you’ve lost the Fertilizer Bin or given it away, you can purchase another one from Studio Palmo for 5,000 Gold.

Benefits Of Fertilizer Bin In Rune Factory 5

Keeping the Fertilizer Bin stocked with weeds, withered grass, medicinal herbs, antidote grass, or colored grasses will automatically dispense these to keep the soil on your farm from dropping below its base level.

One Fertilizer Bin will affect all your fields no matter where it is placed, and filling Withered Grass, Corn, or 4-leaf clovers into a plot of soil will also restore their health.

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