Lies of P Path Of The Pilgrim Walkthrough

Path of the Pilgrim in Lies of P is a carcass infested area that leads to the stronghold of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, Malum district.

Path of the Pilgrim connects St. Frangelico Cathedral to the Malum District in Lies of P. This area is infested with mutated humans known as Carcasses that are hellbent on destroying any machine that comes in their path. To solve the mystery of the Brotherhood of Black Rabbit, Pinocchio needs to brave this perilous village and emerge victorious at the other end. 

In this guide, we will take you step by step through the hordes of undead. Before we proceed, we recommend that you find and equip a fire weapon as carcasses are more prone to fire than electricity. And Path of the Pilgrim is fully devoid of any mechanical opponents in Lies of P.

How to complete Lies of P Path of the Pilgrim

Once you complete St. Frangelico Library sequence and defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus, go straight through the door from his Stargazer. Keep going straight until you come across a lift. Use it to reach the Path of the Pilgrim and collect a Vivid Ergo Fragment on your way. 

This is where you get your first introduction to mutated dogs. They attack with massive tentacles on their back from a distance, so be careful. Beware of the bear traps in the area especially one near Special Purification Ampule in the beginning. There is a strange glowing lamp near the graves to the left. However, you can’t use it right now.

Repair Path of the Pilgrim Stargazer

Return to the main path and repair the Path of the Pilgrim Stargazer in Lies of P. Continue your journey and defeat the enemies to obtain Hidden Moonstone (material to upgrade weapons up to +3). Next, go to a small cliff with a fire drum and obtain Dim Ergo Fragment. There are 2 undead enemies here too.

There is a Saw Blade near the tree on the opposite side. You will be ambushed by a diving zombie here so make sure to run towards the item instead of strolling.


Turn back and take the branching path that we first ignored. Beware of traps and ambush in this area. Open the treasure chest at the end to obtain Acidic Crystal Blade/Handle.

To progress through the Path of the Pilgrim, go back to the cliff area and go down the ramp. There is a very difficult enemy in this area, a crystallized bear. This enemy has a ton of HP and drops a Star Fragment (required to call a Specter) upon being killed. 

Turn right and go down to find a Fire Cannister. There is a small tunnel ahead. Go through it and interact with the glowing object to obtain a Chain. There is a Vivid Ergo Fragment in the area also. Keep going straight and head right to find a path leading a small lake in the middle of Path of the Pilgrim. 

There is another Dimensional butterfly in the lake that drops a Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant. Make sure to get rid of the carcasses first or you will end up losing the precious reward. This item can upgrade boss weapons in the game. Also, collect Legion Magazine from the same area.

Tomb Slums entrance

Continue your journey to reach the second section of Path of the Pilgrim, Tomb Slums Entrance in Lies of P. Beware of three normal and one big carcass enemies as soon as you enter the slums. Go to the rightmost hut to obtain an Attribute Resistance Ampule.

Go back outside and turn left to find Dim Ergo Fragment. Keep going left until you reach the top of the huts. Defeat the enemies here and collect Wanted: Black Rabbit Brotherhood notice from a beam. 

Make sure to stay on top of the roofs and keep pressing forward until you reach very end. There is a small gap in the roof of a room. Drop from there to obtain a Fire Abrasive. Unlock the door and go outside. There is a lift to the left. Use it to go up and collect Scribbles of Slum Resident note. Open the door to find the shortcut right next to the Stargazer.

Use the elevator again to go down but this time jump halfway through it to obtain Dark Moon Moonstone. Drop down twice to reach the center of the slums. There is a mini-boss fight in this area with a sawtooth axe-wielding carcass. This fight is hellish and needs you to be on your toes all the time. We don’t recommend skipping this fight as it will lead to a unique treasure. This mini boss drops Slum Shack key. Use this key on a door in the same area.

Open the treasure chest to obtain the Belford Superior Corrosion Resistance Converter.

Hobbler’s Bridge

Now return and go up to the right to obtain Radiant Ergo Fragment. Pass through the broken wall to reach Hobbler’s bridge. Use the ladder to the left of the bridge to drop down and obtain Saw Blade. Return and now drop from the right part of the bridge to obtain a Vivid Ergo Fragment.

Once you pass Hobbler’s Bridge, one member of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood will unleash a massive carcass enemy upon you. Defeat this enemy to obtain a Star Fragment. We are getting awfully close to our next objective here, and almost done with Path of the Pilgrim in Lies of P. Turn right from the door and obtain Sweepers Branch Office Newspaper Archives from a carcass.

The next part is both scary and difficult. You need to drop down some ledges to reach the Malum District. Before doing that, climb the stairs to the left and obtain Special Resistance Ampoule. Now return to the first beam and start dropping down. Make sure that the drop doesn’t kill you, or it will be a very long journey back. Use roll to get on the planks from a beam. Once you reach down safely, go through the tunnel and repair the Malum District Stargazer.

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