Lies of P Black Seaside Walkthrough

Your submarine journey ends in disaster and you end up on Black Seaside in Lies of P.

After the attack on Hotel Krat, you will have to chase down Geppetto’s kidnappers in Lies of P. This will take you to Relic of Trismegistus where you will have to face off against the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood boss. Once the boss is dead, you can proceed ahead to Black Seaside in Lies of P which basically serves as the entry to Arche Abbey.

How to complete Lies of P Black Seaside

We will start this Lies of P Black Seaside walkthrough at the Relic of Trismegistus Combat Field Stargazer. Enter the hole in the wall, leading into the dark tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, players meet a scared NPC, Alidoro.

Alidoro begs you to not hit him, so don’t hit the poor NPC and he tells you that the Fox and the Cat have kidnapped Geppetto. They have taken Geppetto to Alchemist’s Isle. After the dialogue ends, you can access Alidoro’s shop again and get some additional dialogue, where you learn why Alidoro betrayed Hotel Krat and some backstory about Alidoro’s identity.

Here, you also have the option to attack Alidoro, but we recommend you stay away from this option or you won’t be able to craft any boss weapons.

Lies of P Black Seaside

After you are done with Alidoro, loot the chest right next to Alidoro to get the Great Venigni Collection. The bridge leading ahead from Alidoro is broken, so jump down from the right side of the bridge. Down here, collect the item and follow the cave.

At the end of the tunnel, pick up The Great Venigni and Pistris the Submarine. Next to the item, you can interact with the lever to summon a submarine in Lies of P. The cutscene ends at the beach of Alchemist’s Isle. As soon as you regain consciousness, you find Sophia here.


Sophia explains how the real body of Sophia is not the one in Hotel Krat. She was captured and tortured by the Alchemists and the pain caused her spirit to spilt from her body, and her real body is actually up on the abbey on the island. She called upon you to actually save her, instead of Krat as she initially proposed.

Sophia makes a request that you free her real body, so she may find peace in death. Giving Sophia peace is also required to get the Rise of P ending in Lies of P. You even learn how Simon got to control the Alchemists, and how Sophia is related to him. You also learn where Ergo comes from.

Lies of P Black Seaside

After your detailed conversation with Sophia, level up and head deeper into the Black Seaside area in Lies of P. On your way in, you can interact and see some of the memories of a few people taken by the Petrification Disease. These memories appear as bright blue faceless humanoids, and they help guide you where you are supposed to go.

Dead bodies and items you can pick up are scattered across this desert so keep a keen out in the desert, or absurdly long beach. Remember to interact with all the memories you find here as they do reward you with Ergo Fragments. If you feel lost, just look around and head for the higher ground or an Ergo deposit rocks.

Lies of P Black Seaside

During your immensely confusing exploration, you come across a red memory, as opposed to the other blue memories. Interact with this one. P, your character, gets a Warm feeling and you unlock the Lies of P Black Seaside Stargazer. You are basically halfway through clearing Black Seaside and reaching Arche Abbey.

From the stargazer, you want to head towards the distant cliff formation. Although it seems safe and there is a single item out in the open, ignore it. As you approach the cliff, you enter Arce Abbey Entrance, and there are guns positioned on the cliff that will shoot you.

Either run in a zigzag to avoid getting shot, or take cover behind the rocks as you progress. The items in this area are not worth your life so decide carefully if you really want the random item or not.

After you finally get close to the cliff, you will find some Ergo monsters guarding the entrance. Stairs lead up inside, and there are some items along the wall you can loot. Head up the stairs and on the first platform, take revenge on the gunmen who had been shooting at you. You can even destroy the guns.

At the end of this platform, you can find So Said Pistris II note. A few more monsters will attack you but nothing too difficult for now. Instead of going up the next set of stars, you can find side stairs on the right side of the main stairs. Head up the side stairs and kill the gunmen. You will also find an acid cannister.

How to defeat Door Guardian in Black Seaside

Another side area can also be found on the left side of the stairs. Again, defeat the two gunmen and destroy the guns if you want revenge. If you have not collected the item in the gun’s range, now is the time to get them after you have killed the gunmen.

After you are done with the gun and gunman, head up the main stairs and collect the items along the way. From there, you need to make your way to the main hall of the castle.

Here, you will encounter the Door Guardian boss. Door Guardian in Lies of P is pretty much just like Champion Victor so you should have no trouble defeating it. Defeat the boss and get the High-level Alchemist Badge.

Use the High-level Alchemist badge to open the door at the back of the boss arena. Activate the stargazer and you are done with the Black Seaside in Lies of P and it is now time to enter the Arche Abbey.

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