Lies Of P All Cryptic Vessels Locations And Solutions Guide 

Cryptic Vessels are collectible treasure hunts where you need to use your head to solve puzzles in Lies of P.

Lies of P features a robust suite of collectibles, the most interesting of which are the Cryptic Vessels. The vessels are like small treasure hunts that test your problem-solving and critical-thinking prowess for you to unlock unique and powerful rewards. Some Cryptic Vessels are quite easy to solve, while others require more effort.  

In this guide, we’ll be going over where each of the six Cryptic Vessels are located in Lies of P and what exactly you need to do in order to solve them.

How to find and solve all Cryptic Vessels in Lies of P? 

In Lies of P, there are a total of six Cryptic Vessels. They are littered throughout the game. They include the Crafted Cryptic Vessel, Jeweled Cryptic Vessel, Old Cryptic Vessel, Rusty Cryptic Vessel, Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel, and the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel. Each vessel requires you to complete certain steps.  

Crafted Cryptic Vessel 

The Crafted Cryptic Vessel is found in St. Frangelico’s Cathedral Chapter in Lies of P. To access it you must first dispel the decaying water present in the area. To do this, head to the upper level of the Cathedral and knock over the Brazier. Once you’ve done this, head back down and make your way down the stairs you’ve just cleared. Enter the room at the end of the wooden door and open the chest to acquire the vessel.  

Next, you’ll need to talk to Venigni. He’ll give you the Ergo Wavelength Decoder. Talk to him once more, and you’ll have the option to Decipher the Cryptic Vessel. You’ll receive your first clue here, which will tell you to throw an object on the Puppet hanging from the Alchemist Bridge on Elysion Boulevard.  

Make your way to the bridge and throw anything at the hanging puppet. Doing so will make the puppet drop a letter with an address. Continue straight on the bridge until you find the Stargazer. Use it to travel to the “Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard” Stargazer. At the stargazer, continue straight, then take a right and walk across the beam that connects to the other building. Room 221b is the first room on the right.  


There is a safe is present at the far end of the room, and it gives you the Owl Doctor’s Hunting Apparel along with some Quartz.  

Jeweled Cryptic Vessel 

The Jeweled Cryptic Vessel is found in the Estella Opera House. Make your way to the top floor and continue forward until you reach a room with a ladder leading both down and up. It’s at the very end of the floor. Take the ladder that leads up to the study and open the chest to pick up the Jeweled Cryptic Vessel. 

Make your way to Venigni in Hotel Krat and have him decipher the vessel. You’ll be required to go to the end of Krat Central Station and check the ground. Travel to Cerasani Alley. From the Stargazer, head back and take a right when you see a metal gate. The stairs will lead you down. Walk through the archway on the lower level, then make a right and follow the path until you come upon a cliff with a rail and a boulder.  

Use the Check Ground gesture here (this may take a few tries); once you successfully do so, you’ll obtain The Atoned’s Hunting Apparel along with the Legion Caliber.  

Old Cryptic Vessel 

For the Old Cryptic Vessel, make your way to the Barren Swamp in Lies of P. From the Stargazer, head back and Rookie Explorer Hugo. Talk to him. First, select the option “About Alidoro” and then select the option “About recent rumors”. After this, he’ll give you the Old Cryptic Vessel. Make your way to Venigni to decipher it. The order will ask you to go to a specific shack in the Malum District.  

Fast travel to Path of the Pilgrim in the Malum District. From the Stargazer, head back into the wooden house and use the elevator to go down. From there, head down and cross the two bridges underneath. After you cross the second bridge, drop down, then go up the small path towards the left of the area. Keep going straight, and you’ll encounter an NPC. Talk to them, and they’ll give you the Robber’s Shack Key. 

Head back, and the Shack will be right to your left. Open it by using the key. Next, Open the chest in the room to acquire a +1 Life Amulet and a Legion Caliber.  

Rusty Cryptic Vessel 

To find the Rusty Cryptic Vessel, you must first return the Special Krat Supply Box to Polendina in Lies of P. Doing so will allow him to expand his shop, allowing you to buy the Rusty Cryptic Vessel. Once you have it, go to Venigni to decipher it. The order will tell you to find a cave in the Barren Swamp.  

To find it, make your way to the Barren Swamp Bridge Stargazer. From there, head straight and into a room at the very end. Make your way to the end of the room, take a left, and go down. You’ll find yourself on a ledge with a ladder leading down. Go down. Follow the scaffolding until you’re at the very bottom, where you’ll encounter a very strong enemy inside of a walled area.  

Once you’ve killed him, look for a pathway at the end of the room. Follow it, and you’ll be led to another room with a safe. Opening it will give you. Black Cat’s Hunting Apparel and some Quartz 

Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel 

To get Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel, you must kill him in Lies of P. He is found in the Relic of Trismegistrus Field. Once you have the vessel, navigate Venigni to decipher it. Doing so will give you a letter addressed to Eugenie. You can lie to her or tell her the truth. Doing so will give you the Far East Princess Record.  

Mechanical Cryptic Vessel 

The Mechanical Cryptic Vessel is found in the Broken Rift area of the Arche Abbey. From the Stargazer, head straight and through the archway at the end of the door, then make a right and go down. Keep going straight until you reach the very end, then make a right and go up the stairs at the far-right corner of the wall. Once you’re up, make a left, then take the second right, follow the path, and you’ll find the chest with the vessel.  

Make your way to Venigni, who will decipher it for you. The order will tell you about an ominous area where the merchant waits for a frozen feast. Travel to the abandoned apartment Stargazer. From the Stargazer, head up the stairs on the left. Head into the room in front of you, then exit through the door on the left. You’ll be on a ledge.

Get to the other side using the bridge, then follow the path until you see a set of stairs. Head towards the left of the stairs and get to the other side with yet another bridge. Make the left through an archway, then up the two flights of stairs at the end of the area.  

The merchant will be at the top. To get the rewards, you’ll need to equip the Frozen Feast weapon, which can be obtained by exchanging the Reborn Champion’s Ergo with Alidoro. Talk to him and select the option “Show the Weapon.” And you’ll receive Red Fox’s Hunting Apparel and some Quartz. 

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