How To Solve The Jeweled Cryptic Vessel In Lies of P

Jeweled Cryptic Vessel is a collectible in Lies of P that you need to find, decode and then use the hint to locate the treasure.

Games with some sort of riddles and quests keep the player indulged in their world and Lies of P is no exception. In the game, there exists series of puzzles known as Cryptic Vessels that can reward you with new costumes and more. There is a total of six such Cryptic Vessels in Lies of P. But in this guide, we are going to cover the Jeweled Cryptic Vessel along with its solution as well in Lies of P.

Where to find the Jeweled Cryptic Vessel in Lies of P

To find the Jeweled Cryptic Vessel in Lies of P, first, you must progress to Chapter 6. From the stargazer placed outside the Estella Opera House, enter the building through the main door in front of the fountain.

There will be a large staircase ahead splitting on both the right and left side with a third path in the middle going straight. Take the straight path and through the small door, you will enter a room. Just pass it and move to the big room ahead having a large hole in the floor.

There is a burning chandelier swinging in the middle. Remember this is the last shortcut that you will unlock at the end of Estella Opera House. So, we recommend that you follow our guide to get here safely.

Jump down into the hole and move to your right side. You will find a path; it will turn a sharp right followed by a sharp left. From the junction point, take the left and climb up the stairs. Just after climbing them up, you will find another staircase on your left side.

It will lead you to the upper floor. From there, move to the right and continue to move straight on the red carpet to find the Jeweled Cryptic Vessel in Lies of P.

At the end of the hallway, you will find a dark room with a vertical ladder on the right side. Climb it up and you will find the Jeweled Cryptic Vessel from the box placed in front.

How to unlock the Jeweled Cryptic Vessel treasure hunt

To decode the Jeweled Cryptic Vessel in Lies of P and unlock its treasure hunt, you need to take it to Venigni at Hotel Krat. He becomes available once you save him from Venigni Works. Venigni will perform his decoding method and will give you a picture. This picture contains the location you need to explore to solve the Jewel Cryptic Vessel puzzle.

How to solve the Jeweled Cryptic Vessel

To solve the Jeweled cryptic Vessel puzzle in Lies of P, you need to go back to Krat Central Station Plaza in Chapter 1. Starting at the Stargazer, move straight ahead and you will find stairs going downwards beside a big building. These stairs will take you to a lower floor.

There will be an arch entrance in front. Enter there, climb down the small staircase, and again pass through the second arch entrance.

From the junction take a right and continue to move straight. This path will have a couple of old ripped flags waving beside it. At the end of this path, beside the railing, use the Check Ground gesture to inspect the land. The jeweled cryptic vessel puzzle will end here in Lies of P rewarding you with The Atoned’s Hunting Apparel and a Legion Caliber.

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