Diablo 4 Flurry Rogue Build Guide

The Flurry Rogue build in Diablo 4 is viable for the endgame and rivals the popular Twisting Blades Rogue build with High DPS.

The Flurry Rogue build in Diablo 4 is viable for the endgame and rivals the popular Twisting Blades Rogue build with High DPS and survivability. As the name suggests, our build revolves around the central skill Flurry, a fast-paced melee skill that unleashes multiple stabs and slashes, striking enemies in front of you.

The upgraded version of this skill, Improved Flurry, also helps you to make other enemies Vulnerable once you hit a Vulnerable enemy. So, there is an excellent focus on vulnerability, and you always have to ensure not to miss any Vulnerable enemies.

We will be doing a playstyle that includes nearly endless knockdowns, stuns, and dazes with constant high poison, capable of pumping out excellent AoE and Crowd Control. This Flurry build is suitable for endgame scenarios, and we assume you have already crossed the level 50 threshold in the game.

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Diablo 4 Flurry Rogue skill progression and unlock order

We will start where every build does, with our Rogue Skill tree, focusing on our primary skills first.

  • Puncture (Basic skill)
  • Flurry (Core skill)
  • Dash (Agility skill)
  • Poison Trap (Subterfuge skill)
  • Poison Imbuement (Imbuement skill)
  • Innervation (Ultimate skill)
  • Close Quarters Combat (Key passive)

The best unlock order for this build for all skill types is mentioned in the table below. Do follow it as much as possible to see the expected results.

Unlock OrderSkill Name
2Enhanced Puncture
3Fundamental Puncture
4Flurry (Rank 5)
5Enhanced Flurry
6Improved Flurry
7Sturdy (Rank 3)
8Siphoning Strikes (Rank 3)
9Shutter Step (Rank 3)
10Dash (Rank 1)
11Enhanced Dash
12Disciplined Dash
13Shadow Step (Rank 1)
14Enhanced Shadow Step
15Methodical Shadow Step
16Poison Trap (Rank 1)
17Enhanced Poison Trap
18Countering Poison Trap
19Exploit (Rank 3)
20Malice (Rank 3)
21Agile (Rank 3)
22Poison Imbuement (Rank 1)
23Enhanced Poison Imbuement
24Blended Poison Imbuement
25Deadly Venom (Rank 1)
26Debilitating Toxins (Rank 3)
27Innervation (Rank 3)
28Close Quarters Combat
29Adrenaline Rush (Rank 1)
30Haste (Rank 3)
31Concussive (Rank 3)
32Trick Attacks (Rank 1)
33Weapon Mastery (Rank 2)

Fundamental Puncture will be our Basic skill for the Flurry Rogue build in D4. This causes us to throw three blades and make enemies Vulnerable, which is a core mechanic of this build.

Next up is our core skill, Flurry. We want to fully upgrade this skill, as it’s a Flurry build. If you hit an enemy with Improved Flurry who already has Vulnerable status, it will spread the effect to other enemies struck by the attack. In this way, we are spreading the vulnerable status like a virus.

Our third skill is Poison Trap. The actual function is done by its enhancements. When activated, the Countering Poison Trap allows us to reset our imbuement skilled cooldowns. At the same time, Enhanced Poison Trap gives us some extra Crowd Control in Diablo 4.

Best Flurry Rogue Specialization

There are two Rogue specialization options when building Flurry Rogue build. The first is Combo Points, and the second is Inner Sight. The Combo Points specialization complements the Close Quarters Combat Key passive. Stacking Combo Points with Puncture will also strengthen Flurry’s damage output and attack speed. So, we will be going with the Combo Points specialization.

In the case of long battles involving single targets, you should use the Inner Sight specialization. Try hitting the enemy with your most brutal strikes to fill up the Inner Sight Gauge and gain Unlimited Energy for a while. This way, you will survive the fight without losing much of your character’s energy.

Diablo 4 Flurry Rogue playstyle and skill rotation

The mechanics to play The Flurry Rogue build aren’t that complicated. Flurry coupled with the Aspect of Encircling Blades can take care of the enemies around you.

Now we shall focus on the damage types and effects we must generate. The three major things to reflect for the Flurry Rogue build are increased Damage per Second, damage reduction, and enhanced movement speed.

Increased DPS

An increased amount of damage per hit means a quicker cleansing of the battlefield, which leads to a sure victory. Dealing with significant damage to enemies is one of the core aspects of all the builds in D4. The following skills will be helpful in an increased DPS for this particular build.

  • Close Quarters Combat: This skill increases the damage you deal to Crowd Controlled enemies with your Flurry.
  • Concussive: This one allows you to land a critical strike once you knock down or knock back an enemy.
  • Weapon Mastery: This skill increases weapons’ damage depending on their types (dagger, sword, bow, etc.)
  • Exploit: This excellent skill increases damage to Injured and Healthy foes.
  • Malice: With this passive skill on, your strikes will cause more damage to Vulnerable enemies.

Damage Reduction and Survivability

Taking reduced damage from enemies translates to more chance of survivability. These skills below will ensure you take less damage and survive to the end of your fights with Flurry Rogue build in D4.

  • Debilitating Toxins: With this passive skill, poisoned enemies deal 5% less damage to your character. This will be particularly useful as we extensively use poison skills in our fights.
  • Agile: This skill increases your dodge chance by a specific percentage whenever using a cooldown.
  • Sturdy: This passive skill decreases the damage taken from Close Enemies.
  • Siphoning Strikes: This passive skill heals your Maximum Life whenever you critically hit a Close Enemy.
  • Enhanced Flurry: Every time you damage a Vulnerable or Crowd Controlled enemy with Flurry, your Maximum Life will be increased by 1%.

Movement Speed

The following abilities will increase your movement speed and allow you to move away from the enemies or toward them according to the situation in D4.

  • Shutter Step: With this skill, critically striking an enemy will grant you increased Movement speed for a few seconds.
  • Haste: If you have More than 50% of Max Energy, this skill increases Movement speed. While if you have less than 50%, you will gain enhanced attack speed.
  • Dash: This agility skill allows you to dash freely through enemies and slash them for 32% damage.
  • Shadow Step: This skill makes you Unstoppable and allows you to move quickly through shadows to stab enemies from behind. It then increases your Movement speed for 2 seconds.

Flurry Rogue build damage rotation

Now that we have understood the skill rotation of this build, it is time to put the skills into use and learn about the actual mechanism to follow in combat to maximize the DPS while utilizing the Flurry Rogue build in Diablo 4.

  • Shadow Step/ Dash
  • Poison Trap
  • Poison Imbuement
  • Puncture x3
  • Flurry

Start your fight with Shadow Step or Dash according to the situation in battle. You can use Shadow Step to stun bosses or Elites in your way. At the same time, Dash will be helpful to reposition your character in any part of the fight area to gain an advantage over the enemy.

Next, trap enemies in a constant state of Poison damage by applying a stack of 4 Poison Traps. This will eat out most of their health bars in seconds. It’s time to use Poison Imbuement to imbue your melee weapons with highly damaging Poison. Keep spamming this Poison duo to infect the enemy pack with poison damage.

Cast Puncture 3 times for building Combo Points. This will Slow down enemies and strengthen our core skill’s damage-dealing ability. Finally, using Flurry in the middle of the enemy pack would be best. The stabs from Flurry will deal explosive damage to enemies, taking most of the minor demons in the process.

Keep repeating this rotation, just as it is mentioned above. Use Flurry and Puncture alternatively to activate our critical passive, Close Quarters Combat, to gain an attack speed bonus. Additionally, your Crowd Controlled enemies will take increased damage from you if both attack speed bonuses are active.

Gear, Gems, and Stats priority

See below for a general breakdown of stat priorities in our Flurry Rogue build in D4.

Here is the list of primary stats according to their importance in our build.

  • Dexterity
  • Intelligence
  • Strength
  • Willpower

The Primary Stats for Rogue mostly come with Dexterity on top of the list. Rogues focus mainly on dealing more significant damage and saving themselves from enemy attacks. This can be achieved by upgrading your Dexterity stat.

Strength will improve your armor and energy generation, as Rogue is quite squishy, so we are also emphasizing this stat in this build.

Intelligence increases the critical strike chance per point. Lastly, the Willpower stat increases the Overpower Damage of Rogues.

Below are our favorite Gemstones for the Flurry Rogue build.

WeaponEmeraldThis gem will help you deal an increased number of Critical Strikes to vulnerable enemies.
ArmorRubyThis gem is here for increased Maximum Life.
JewelryDiamondThis unique gemstone increases all sorts of elemental resistances.

Use Diablo 4 item affixes on your gear to make this Flurry Rogue build in D4 a force to reckon with.

  • Increased DPS
  • Increased maximum energy
  • Cooldown Reduction
  • Physical Damage
  • Critical Strike Damage
  • Increased movement speed
  • The decreased energy cost for skills
  • Increased Armor

Paragon Boards for Flurry Rogue

As you might already know, the Paragon Boards most revolve around Glyph Sockets and Important Nodes.

Every Glyph, regardless of its rarity, provides a standard Bonus, which is granted as long as the Glyph is inserted into a Socket.

Some important Legendary Nodes for our Flurry Rogue build are as following:

  • Cheap Shot: This legendary node allows you to deal 5% increased damage for each Close Enemy that is Crowd Controlled.
  • Tricks of the Trade: Your Marksman skills will provide your next Cutthroat skill with 25% increased damage and Vice Versa.
  • No Witness: With this legendary, your ultimate skills deal 30% increased damage.
  • Cunning Stratagem: With this legendary, your Dexterity is boosted by 10%, and your Core skill deals 14% increased damage.
  • Leyrana’s Instinct: This legendary node gives you a 100% dodge chance for 1.5 seconds.

As for the glyphs, consider purchasing the rare ones mentioned below, as they complement our build’s damage-inducing abilities.

  • Combat: With this rare Glyph, your Core skills deal increased Critical Strike damage to enemies.
  • Diminish: With the help of this rare Glyph, your Vulnerable foes deal 10% less Physical damage to your characters.
  • Closer: This rare Glyph enhances the damage dealt by your Cutthroat skills. While using a melee weapon will also take 10% less damage from enemies.

Unique Items

We will talk about the few that offer the most potent effects on the build. Once you get them, these will drop starting in Tier 3 content but provide decent upgrades for the Flurry Rogue build in Diablo 4. Some of these Unique Items can be essential to make a build fully functional.

Cowl of the Nameless (Helm)

This unique helm provides a nice mix of stats that benefit the build, notably Dexterity, Cooldown Reduction, and Crowd Control Duration. Its unique effect is of utmost priority for us, in which we gain increased Lucky Hit chance against Crowd Controlled enemies.

Condemnation (Dagger)

This unique dagger is a must-have weapon for the Flurry Rogue build in D4. With this item in our core skills, we deal additional damage whenever three combo points are spent.

Legendary Aspects for Flurry Rogue

Aspects can be attached to your gear in Diablo 4, allowing Rare or more significant items to obtain Legendary rarity and traits. As you might already know, these aspects and be obtained through dungeons or they can be found from the gear and weapons as random legendary drops.

Below is a list of our recommended Rogue legendary aspects that would be highly useful for this Flurry Rogue build in Diablo 4.

Aspect of Encircling Blades: To supplement the limitation of Flurry Blades Core Skill, Aspect of Encircling Blades can do damage in most directions around players. So the players don’t have to worry much about direction.

Aspect of Bursting Venoms: This aspect works well with Poison-related skills. It is excellent for our Poison-focused build, allowing Poison Imbuement to be used more often, constantly, if we are lucky.

Vengeful Aspect:  Diablo 4 Vengeful Aspect is an impressive aspect that increases our Critical Strike Chance when we apply Vulnerable and it will work well with Flurry.

Aspect of the Expectant: Since it increases the damage of Core Skill after the basic attack, this aspect can go great with this build.

Aspect of Retribution: When distant enemies hit you, there is a slight chance of them getting Stunned.

Elixirs and Potion choices

Having some of the elixirs from Diablo 4 for your character is always a good idea. Elixirs that provide any Resistance are lovely to keep, including Lightning Resistance, Fire Resistance, and Poison Resistance. You may also consume Assault Elixir to increase your Attack Speed by a specific percentage.

The Rogues are highly susceptible to damage and are squishy against strong enemies in Diablo 4. Without healing items, their survival can be compromised. So, visiting towns occasionally to upgrade your healing potions would be best.

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