Diablo 4 Rogue Specialization Guide

The unique Specialization mechanic of the Rogue class in Diablo 4 allows you to switch between playstyles on the fly..

Every playable class in Diablo 4 comes with a unique class mechanic. While your weapons and abilities can differentiate you from different classes, it is this class mechanic that truly sets you apart and makes a class shine on the battlefield. For the Rogue class in Diablo 4, this unique class mechanic is in the form of the Specialization system which you can switch on the fly and tailor according to your playstyle.

Each specialization allows the Rogue to alter its combat style based on the situation, in addition to that, if you like being an unpredictable foe then, Rogue specializations are for you.

Diablo 4 Rogue Specialization system explained

The Specialization system for Rogue in D4 has 3 different playstyles for players to switch between. Depending on the type of Rogue you are playing or the enemies you are facing, you will want to switch between these Specializations.

Players will learn about the Rogue specialization system once they reach level 15 and unlock the Rogue: True Potential priority quest. As part of this quest, players will unlock the first specialization, Combo Points.

The remaining two Specializations; Inner Sight and Preparation, are unlocked at level 20 and 30 respectively. Depending on how you have invested points in the Diablo 4 Rogue skill tree, these specializations can provide better bonuses to enhance your builds.

Combo Points

As the name suggests, the Combo Points specialization is all about building combos to deal increased damage at the end of the combo. As players use their normal Basic skills, they will generate combo points shown as yellow crystals above their skill bar.

Core skills can utilize these combo points to improve their damage and other bonuses. These combo point buffs vary from 1% – 60% depending upon the number of Combo Points you use. For example, with 1 combo point Flurry deals 25% increased damage while using 3 combo points deals 75% damage.

The more combo points used to enhance a core skill, the better the results and vice versa. Using a Core skill consumes all the combo points so you have to perform basic attacks again to regain them.

The Combo Points specialization works well against hordes of weak enemies but when it comes to a boss fight, you might consider changing your choice.

Inner Sight

Inner Sight in Diablo 4 marks an enemy and dealing damage to that particular enemy fills up the Inner Sight meter. Once the Inner Sight meter is completed, you gain unlimited Energy for 4 seconds. This basically allows you to go all out and spam your Core skills to deal massive damage without worrying about cooldowns or resources.

The Inner Sight specialization works better against bosses who are surrounded by hordes of enemies trying to protect them.


Preparation specialization is basically for those who want to spam their skills but don’t want to worry about Energy. With the Preparation specialization equipped on your Rogue, using an Ultimate skill resets the cooldown on your other skills.

On top of that, for every 100 Energy you spend, the cooldown on your Ultimate also gets reduced by 4 seconds. On paper this might not seem much but with the right build and combination of skills, you can spam skills and ready up your ultimate a lot quicker.

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