Diablo 4 Rogue: Best Legendary Aspects

Here are the best legendary aspects you can choose for your offensive, defensive, or mobility Rogue builds in Diablo 4.

The Rogue class excels in high damage, mobility, and trickery, all of which can be further improved with the best legendary aspects in Diablo 4.

One thing to note here is that the Rogue class can feel a little squishy, especially against higher-tier enemies. You can go down very fast if you approach the fight recklessly.

We can use legendary Aspects to bolster both the offensive and defensive capabilities of the Rogue class in Diablo 4.

With a plethora of aspects to select from, this article will guide you so that you can make the right choice while picking legendary aspects for your Rogue build.   

Best general Aspects for a Rogue

Here are the general aspects for your Rogue build in Diablo 4. These are not exclusive to any particular build and can be used in any and all builds.

Another way of getting Legendary Aspects is by extracting them from items but these can only be used once they are added to your inventory rather than your Codex of Power.


Aspect of Encircling Blades
This is an offensive type of aspect that can be applied to Amulets, any type of weapon, Gloves, and Rings. This aspect once equipped will produce a flurry that damages all the surrounding enemies while also granting an 8-15% damage boost.

This aspect can be added to your Codex of Power by completing the Forsaken Quarry dungeon located in the Fractured Peaks region.

Aspect of Siphoned Victuals
This aspect can bring an additional defensive element to your Pants, Chest Armor, Helmets, Amulets, and Shields.

You can get a healing potion drop just by damaging an enemy. There is one condition though; that enemy must have a vulnerable effect inflicted on it. The chance of this drop varies from 10-20% for each hit.

You can unlock this Legendary Aspect by completing Leviathan’s Maw Dungeon in the Hawezar Region.

Aspect of Explosive Verve
This Aspect can be used to buff your utility skills by being applied to either your Shield, Chest Armor, Gloves, Amulet, Helmet, or Boots.

As a rogue, you will find yourself setting up plenty of traps and throwing a lot of grenades. With this aspect, you will get a speed boost of 10-18% for 3 seconds on a successful hit with either of those.

If this Aspect is used on an Amulet, its power increases by 50%.

This Aspect can be unlocked by completing the Derelict Louge Dungeon in Fractured Peaks.

Best offensive Rogue aspects in Diablo :

With the right aspects, you can further increase your Rogue damage in Diablo 4, but this is what we call a glass cannon build. On the one hand, you are going to be killed more easily. On the other, your damage is going to be insane.

Blade Dancers Aspect
This is an offensive aspect in which the twin blades will orbit around the player and deal damage based on the blade’s travel distance.

This Aspect can be unlocked by completing Jalal’s Vigil Dungeon in Scosglen

Aspect of the Expectant
This legendary aspect buffs your BASIC ATK by granting you a 5-30% damage boost for the next core skill which can be very impactful in a pitch.  

This Aspect can be unlocked by completing the Underroot Dungeon in Scosglen

Aspect of Unstable Imbuements
The Rogue class has plenty of Imbuement skills. With this aspect, you can increase the effectiveness of these skills by triggering an AOE that applies the Imbued effect on enemies whenever the player uses an Imbuement skill.  

This Aspect can be obtained after completing the Whispering Vault Dungeon located in the Dry Steppes region.

Best defensive Rogue aspects in Diablo 4

The Rogue Class inherently has high DPS that is decent even without Aspects in Diablo 4. A viable build option is to increase the defense of the Rogue class to move towards a more balanced build.

Aspect of the Siphoned Victuals
You get a massive 10 – 20 percent chance of forcing enemies to drop a healing potion upon damage.

The only condition is that you should be attacking a vulnerable enemy, which should not be an issue for a Rogue. This aspect is very effective when used with skills/aspects that inflict vulnerable effects on enemies.

To add this Aspect to your codex of power, complete the Leviathan Maw dungeon which is located in the Hawezer region of Diablo 4.

Aspect of the Protector
On dealing direct damage to elite enemies, a barrier is placed around the player that can block some damage after every 30 seconds.

This aspect will be added to your Codex of Power after completing the Lost Archives Dungeon located in Fractured Peaks.

Aspect of the Disobedience
Gain a 0.25-0.5% boost in armor for a duration of 4 seconds. This effect can stack to a 50% boost in armor.

This aspect can be obtained by completing the Halls of the Damned Dungeon in Kehjistan.  

Best mobility Rogue aspects in Diablo 4

This build focuses on high mobility and decent damage. You will be able to dodge enemy attacks with ease while chipping off their health. The Aspect of this build allows you to add an offensive element to your mobility skills.

Aspect of Surprise
Rogue is an inherently mobile class. You will be using skills like Evade, Caltrops, and Shadow Steps a lot.

With this aspect, your character will toss a set of Stun Grenades when any of the aforementioned skills are used. These Grenades can stun enemies for 2 seconds granting you ample time to attack them or flee to safety.

These grenades also deal some damage and cover a large area. Hence, these are effective in finishing off weak enemies.

This Aspect can only be extracted from a dropped legendary item.

Trickster’s Aspect
On casting Caltrops, a set of grenades is thrown on the area of castings. These grenades work similarly to those in Aspect of Surprise. Combining these two aspects will allow you to stun enemies multiple times.

This aspect will be added to your Codex of Power after completing the Guulrahn Canals Dungeon located in the Dry Steppes region.

Blast-Trapper’s Aspect
The Blast-Trapper’s aspect buffs your Rogue traps in Diablo 4. It allows the player to inflict vulnerable status effects on enemies that get hit by your traps. The chance of this effect is 30-40%, which is very decent given the number of traps you have available.

It can be unlocked from the Forsaken Quarry Dungeon in Fractured Peaks.

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