Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Read Minds Using Detect Thoughts

Reading your opponents' minds is always a fun thing to do. Baldur's Gate 3 takes it to a new level with the help of Detect Thoughts.

Baldur’s Gate 3 involves an array of utility spells that aid you in different quests and progressing through different map areas. These spells allow you to speak with animals, communicate with the dead, and even read the minds of different people in the game.

These add depth to the gameplay context. The ability to read minds comes from a spell. This allows you to know the inner thoughts of companions or enemies using the Detect Thoughts spell. This spell is exceptional to help you gain the approval of your companions and hasten the romance.

Understanding Reading Minds in Baldur’s Gate 3

To read the minds of your adversaries or even allies, you need to cast the Detect Thoughts spell in Baldur’s Gate 3. It is a level 2 spell from the Divination School of Magic (Wizard subclass) and lasts until a Long Rest. This spell requires concentration, so if you cast any other concentration spell while using Detect Thoughts, it will be canceled.

You can use this spell during a conversation or cast it before initiating a dialogue to make it work. A dialogue option will appear, which will allow you to read the mind of the creature you are talking to, even your enemies. This can and will give you an upper hand in understanding their motives and plan accordingly.


You can read the minds of people who are infected with the Illithid parasite without using the Detect Thoughts spell. However, it requires you to pass an Intelligence check, and people with high Intelligence will resist you.

The game allows you to acquire this useful spell in various ways.

  • The easiest way to get this spell is by leveling up as a WizardWarlock, or Bard. The spell will be available in your arsenal as soon as you reach level 2 as any of these characters.
  • Another way of getting the Detect Thoughts spell is by looking for a scroll in Baldur’s Gate 3. The scroll of Detect Thoughts is available to purchase in Act 1 when you visit the Hobgoblin Trader Blurg at the Myconid Colony in the Underdark. He sells many scrolls to his visitors, including those containing Detect Thoughts. You can also find this scroll, a common drop from the corpses of enemies or loot chests in some places.
  • You can also learn the Detect Thoughts spell if you find and equip the Uncovered Mysteries amulet. You can find this amulet next to the elevator inside Arcane Tower
  • Using the Potion of Mind Reading also allows you to detect the thoughts of any character you interact with. You can purchase this potion from any merchant or craft it by combining Suspension of Mergrass with any Sublimate.

The game allows you to detect thoughts or read minds during conversations if you have the potion or scroll available in your inventory or of any party member. Remember, you never get it for free, even if you constantly get the option during dialogues.

Classes that can use Detect Thoughts 

While we have briefly discussed the general class characters that can use this spell in the above section, here is a complete list of classes and subclasses capable of using Detect Thoughts in Baldur’s Gate 3.





Limitations to Reading Minds 

Detect Thoughts has some limitations, no matter how valuable and powerful a spell it may be.

  • You can only read minds outside of combat situations.
  • You must start a conversation through this spell to activate this spell. 
  • You can also cast it during dialogue to make this spell work.
  • This spell requires concentration and only lasts until a long rest.
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