How To Maintain Concentration In Baldur’s Gate 3

Some spells in Baldur's Gate 3 require you to maintain concentration in order to be effective. Here's everything to know about it.

Managing your resources and inventory is a key part of success in Baldur’s Gate 3. Knowing when to use certain actions and maneuvers, and how to maintain concentration are pivotal to your victory. Some spells in Baldur’s Gate 3 require you to maintain concentration while they are active. If your breaks or is interrupted, the spell stops working. This may leave you and your party members vulnerable.  

Spells that require concentration have an icon on the bottom left side of the spell screen. These spells generally last for several turns. Some examples of Concentration Spells include Bless, Guidance, and Resistance, all of which last for 10 turns.  

Maintaining Concentration in Baldur’s Gate 3 

In order to maintain concentration in Baldur’s Gate 3, you can follow certain steps and take a few precautions during combat to make sure your spells stay active. 

Stay Alive

If you are killed in the heat of battle, your concentration breaks immediately. This ceases the effects of your cast spell. When using spells that require concentration make sure you’re not too close to the enemy and are keeping yourself safe from harm. Sticking to the rear of the party where you won’t take punishment is a good idea.  

Don’t take damage

Taking damage when a concentration spell is active can also break the spell. When you are damaged while a concentration spell is active, you have a chance to bounce back using a Constitution Saving Throw. While it may work in some cases, it may not work always and you may end up breaking your concentration.

To better your chances of succeeding make sure to choose a class that has a higher constitution stat. Or simply level up the stat when you get the chance.


Don’t cast another Concentration Spell

If you cast another spell that requires concentration while you’re maintaining it on another spell, then you will lose concentration on your previously casted spell. If you have to cast two concentration spells back to back, then you’ll have to choose which one to maintain.

A workaround can be to have another teammate cast the other spell. That way both spells can be cast and maintained at the same time.

Move around the battlefield if need be:

Since moving around the battlefield does not break your concentration, make sure to move and reposition. This will ensure that you’re not caught in a situation where you may need to use a saving throw or worse killed. Strategic placement and movement are key to the success of a concentration spell.  

Cast Other Spells

While you can’t cast other concentration spells when one concentration spell is active you can cast other spells that do not require it. Like movement, if you’re strategic here you can save yourself from losing your concentration.

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