Baldur’s Gate 3 Circle Of The Spores Druid Build And Subclass Guide

Circle of the Spores Druid subclass in Baldur's Gate 3 can be considered one of the best spellcasters with the right build.

Being mainly spellcasters, the Circle of the Spores subclass for the Druid class in Baldur’s Gate 3 is basically the Druid version of necromancers. The Circle of the Spores relies on spores’ fungal and symbiosis abilities to manipulate or damage their enemies. If being one with the dead and decaying part of nature is your chosen path, this druid build we have crafted is perfect for you.

How good is Circle of the Spores druid build?

Circle of the Spores Druid’s primary focus is on the offensive by using summons and spells from a distance. However, they do it by sacrificing the shapeshift ability and their ability to play as a support. 


  • Great offensive due to their ability to summon creatures and the undead. Up to a maximum of 5x. 
  • Proficient in using spells and has access to most magic spells and cantrips in all Druid builds. 
  • Excellent movement speed and can deal a lot of AoE damage with properly prepared spells. 


  • Circle of the Spores druid can’t change into a wild form, which is a staple of the druid class. 
  • Lack of ability to play as a support, leaving party members vulnerable. You must recruit at least one healer while playing as Circle of the Spores druid in BG3. 

Starting Abilities and Skills for Druid Circle of the Spores

Race: The best race to choose during character creation for Circle of the Spores Druid is Wood Elf. It provides the highest movement speed if we compare it to any other races in Baldur’s Gate 3. Circle of the Spores Druid players have a heavy emphasis on casting spells. Selecting the Wood Elf race is beneficial for the players to cast their spell while standing at a distance from their enemies. This way, they are protected from physical attacks and can take full advantage to move away from their enemies. 

Ability Point distribution: STR 10, CON 16(+1), DEX 14, INT 10, CHA 8, WIS 16(+2) Since the Circle of Spores Druid subclass in BG3 benefits from Wisdom and Constitution, we are going to add our points in those. This will also help with skill scaling. 

Skills: Perception and Animal Handling

Best Background

The best background for the Druid Circle of the Spores in Baldur’s Gate 3 is Folk Hero, who has proficiency in Animal Handling and Survival. Both these skills benefit from Wisdom, and being a druid, it makes sense to go with nature-related skills.

Best Feats for Druid Circle of the Spores build

Your character has the option to choose one feat after every four levels. We have covered the best feats for you if you are playing the Circle of Spores Druid in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

Ability Improvement: After reaching level 4, we recommend that you obtain ability improvement instead of a feat because we know the Druid class spell ability is dependent on Wisdom. In other words, if you are increasing your wisdom points, you will automatically be increasing the damage of your spells. This will take us to 18 Wisdom. 

War Caster: At level 8 of Circle of the Spores druid, select the War Caster feat. This feat allows you to keep your concentration maintained during the time when your character is casting spells. This feat is useful for any spell class, and since our build uses a lot of spells that require concentration, we will have a saving throw benefit. 

Ability Improvement: Select ability improvement once more at level 12 for Circle of the Spores druid in BG3. Invest both ability points in Wisdom to take it to the max 20, which results in devastating magic attacks.

Best armor and weapons

Armor: Poisoner’s Robe. Once you have equipped this armor, it will enhance the poison damage from 1 to 4 of your character. This armor fits best with the Cloudkill and Poison Spray spells for our BG3 Circle of the Spores Druid build. 

Boots: Boots of Striding. Wearing these boots will give you momentum during the time you are casting spells, which needs Concentration. 

Melee: Pale Oak. This melee weapon is a Quarterstaff that gives you the ability to entangle your opponents. This results in slowing down your enemies, giving you ample time for concentration. 

Amulet: Broodmother’s Revenge. This amulet can be filled with poison once you heal your character. It works best with Poisoner’s Robe. The poison attacks get stacked once you heal your character with a level 2 spell, which is Halo of Spores. 

Ring: Emerald Ring. This ring will provide our Circle of the Moon druid with +3m movement speed once equipped.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Druid Circle of the Spores build level progression

Circle of the Spores Level 1

At level 1, we recommend selecting two cantrips, Shillelagh and Thorn Whip. For spells, go with Goodberry and Thunderwave.

Shillelagh turns your melee weapon into a magical weapon, dealing 4-11 bludgeoning damage. 

Thorn whip pulls the enemies 3m closer to you, making them vulnerable to attacks. 

Goodberry spell conjures berries that allow you to heal for 1-4HP upon consuming them. 

Thunderwave spell helps you create some distance between yourself and enemies by pushing them away. It also deals 2-16 thunder damage.

Circle of the Spores Level 2

The Circle of the Spores sub-class, Halo of Spores, Symbiotic Entity, and Wild Shape are unlocked at this level. Moreover, we recommend using the Bone Chill cantrip. 

Halo of Spores is a type of reaction. This action gives you the ability to summon necrotic spores cloud on your opponent. 

Symbiotic Entity action allows you to get an additional 4HP on each of the druid levels. This HP only lasts for a short period of time. Symbiotic Entity also gives you an extra 1-6 (1d6) Necrotic Damage. It also provides you with double damage if you cast Halo of Spores before it. 

Bone Chill Cantrip gives you the ability to not let your opponent heal until your next turn. The opponent who has not died yet will have a Disadvantage on Attack Rolls.

Circle of the Spores Level 3

At level 3 for Circle of the Spores druid in Baldur’s Gate 3, you can unlock two new tier 2 spell slots. We recommend preparing Detect Thoughts and Blindness spells. 

Detect Thoughts spell gives you the ability to concentrate on your mind while you are having a conversation with specific creatures. This lets you read their thought and get to know what is going on in their mind. 

The Blindness spell allows you to restrict enemies’ sight range. This way, you can hit them quite easily, and there are high chances that your enemy will not be able to hit you properly, and some of those hits get missed. You will have an advantage in Attack rolls, and your enemy will be at a disadvantage with their attacks.

Circle of the Spores Level 4

You can unlock a new feat at level 4 by playing as a Circle of the Spores druid. Along with that, you will also be able to choose a Cantrip, Poison Spray Cantrip, as it allows you to unleash the noxious gas puff. From Moon Druid’s first feat, go with ability improvement.

Circle of the Spores Level 5

Wild strike and two new tier 3 spells are unlocked at this level. These two spells are Animate Dead and Gaseous Form. 

The Wild Strike class feature deals with Wild Shape transformation, which is not our focus for the Circle of the Spores druid build. 

Animate Dead spell gives you the ability to make an undead servant from the dead. Keep in mind that this spell can only be cast on the small or medium corpses. 

Gaseous Form allows your character or any of your teammates to convert into a tiny gas cloud. This cloud is capable of going through the small openings. Due to its tiny size, it is quite hard to attack and get damaged. Once you have transformed into a gas, keep in mind that you will not be able to have a conversation. Neither can you cast any of your spells, nor are you able to attack.

Circle of the Spores Level 6

At level 6 of the BG3 Circle of the Spores Druid build, you unlock the Fungal Infestation class feature. 

Fungal Infestation is a type of reaction that gives you the ability to increase a mildewed infection. Along with that, it creates a mould-encrusted zombie from a dead body. Keep in mind that you can only target humanoid corpses and a beast with this action.

Circle of the Spores Level 7

Two new level 4 spell slots are unlocked at level 7 for the Circle of the Spores druid build in BG3. We recommend equipping those slots with Blight and Confusion spells. 

Blight spell can make plants vulnerable. Along with that, these plants have a disadvantage in defense rolls. In case these plants get successful with the dice roll, partial damage is still applied to them. 

Confusion spell allow you to confuse several creatures at once. This spell will make them do random attacks and roam around without any purpose.

Circle of the Spores Level 8

You can unlock a new feat at level 8 by playing as a Circle of the Spores druid. The recommended feat at this point is War Caster to maintain concentration while casting spells.

Circle of the Spores Level 9

Two new spell slots from Tier 5 unlock at level 9 of the Circle of the Spores druid build. We recommend Cloudkill and Contagion spells for these slots. 

Cloudkill spell allows you to create a huge cloud that deals poison damage on each turn. You can change the position of your cloud on each turn. 

Once you cast the Contagion spell on your opponent, they get afflicted with a disease of your choice from the six proposed diseases. These diseases are Blinding Sickness, Filth Fever, Flesh Rot, Mindfire, Seizure, and Slimy Doom.

Circle of the Spores Level 10

Improved Wild Strike and Spreading Spores are unlocked at this level. 

The improved Wild Strike class feature allows you to have an extra attack once you are done with the unarmed strike. Keep in mind that you can get this extra attack during the time when you are transformed into a wild shape.

The Spreading Spores class feature gives you the ability when Symbiotic Entity is active. Once it is activated, you can conjure up clouds with the Spreading Spores.

Circle of the Spores Level 12

At level 12 of Circle of the Spores druid build in Baldur’s Gate 3, you gain access to your third and final feat. We recommend choosing ability Improvement once more and allocating both ability points into Wisdom to max it out at 20.

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