Baldur’s Gate 3 Wizard School Of Divination Build And Subclass Guide

School of Divination wizards in BG3 can manipulate time, dice rolls and alter the outcomes of the future battles by getting divine help in their dreams.

What is better than manipulating the time itself? What if you can control the past, and alter the present to have your favorite outcome in the future? School of Divination Wizard builds in BG3 excel in the manipulation of time and space. They can influence the dice rolls in their favor and put their enemies at a distinct disadvantage. 

In this guide, we will look at a fascinating wizard build, school of divination. These wizards have knowledge of the supernatural and they can use their dreams to win at the battlefield. We will be strictly working with the elements, magics and skills that can make this build even more devastating than it sounds on paper. 

Starting abilities and skills for Wizard School of Divination

In this section, we will look at the earliest game abilities, skills and attributes for our Wizard School of Divination subclass build in Baldur’s Gate 3

Race: Human. This race bestows various starting gifts upon you including Human Versatility (increase carrying capacity by 25% and makes you proficient in an additional skill), increased movement speed for 9m and Civil Militia (increase proficiency with a lot of weapons, shields and light armors). 

Spells and Cantrips: Divination wizards also get 3 cantrips and 6 spells as a starter bonus. For Cantrips, we recommend Fire Bolt, Shocking Grasp and Mage Hand. We recommend the following spells to learn before you proceed any further. Longstride, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Grease, Burning Hands and Sleep

Ability points distribution: 8 Strength, 14 Dexterity with +2 bonus, 14 Constitution, 15 Intelligence with +1 bonus (primary ability), 10 Wisdom and 10 Charisma. 


Skills: Arcana, History, Athletics, Insight and Medicine. 

Prepared Spells: Longstrider, Mage Armour, Magic Missile and Burning Hands.

Best Background

The best background for our School of Divination wizard build is Sage. This background allows you to become more intelligent by using the features like Arcana and History. As a history buff who is obsessed with eldritch knowledge and ancient architecture, you become more proficient by learning the history of the world.

Best Feats for Wizard School of Divination build

As you progress in Baldur’s Gate 3, you will earn special slots known as Feats. These slots allow you to equip unique passive bonuses that can overcome your build shortcomings. However, you can unlock three Feats at level 4, level 8 and level 12 respectively. 

Level 4: Ability Improvement: We recommend investing both ability points in Intelligence, cranking it up to 18. 

Level 8: Ability Improvement. Once again invest both skill points in Intelligence to max it out at 20. 

Level 12: Spell Sniper. This feat allows you to learn an additional cantrip and the critical attack roll needs 1 less point.

Best Spells for Wizard School of Divination build in BG3

Level 1: Our favorite divination school spells from level 1 are. 

  • Longstride: This spell increases any creature’s speed by 3m. 
  • Sleep: This spell allows you to put enemies to sleep for at least 1 turn. 
  • Burning Hands: This spell deals 3d6 fire damage to the enemies. 
  • Mage Armour: This spell doubles your hit points. 
  • Magic Missile: This spell deals 3d4+3 force damage to enemies. This attack always hits. 

Level 2: The best level 2 spells for the School of Divination wizard build are.

  • Phantasmal Force: This spell allows you to deal 1d6 psychic damage to enemies. 
  • Scorching Ray: This magic deals 6d6 fire damage. 

Level 3: Following are the level 3 spells that we recommend for this build. 

  • Fireball: This evocation spell deals 8d6 fire damage and explodes to deal the same damage to the surrounding enemies. 
  • Glyph of Warding: This abjuration spell creates glyphs on the ground. Any enemy that steps into them takes the specified magic damage. 

Level 4: For level 4 spells, go with the following ones. 

  • Fire Shield: Deals 2d8 Fire and 2d8 Ice damage to attacking enemies while protecting you from both fire and ice attacks. 
  • Phantasmal Killer: This illusion spell deals 4d10 psychic damage on enemies and paralyzes them with fear. 

Level 5: The following spells are our favorite ones from level 5 spell tree. 

  • Cone of Cold: This spell deals 8d8 cold damage. Enemies still take half damage even on a successful saving throw. 
  • Hold Monster: This enchantment spell allows you to paralyze a creature for 10 turns. They also take critical damage if they are within 3m range. 

Level 6: For the final level 6 spells, we recommend the following one to complement the School of Divination wizard build in BG3. 

  • Disintegrate: This spell deals 10d6+40 damage to the enemies in a straight line. 

Best armor and weapons

Weapon: Creation’s Echo. This bludgeoning weapon (1d8) allows players to become resistant to elemental attacks for next 2 turns. However, you only become resistant to the element that you used in your previous attack. 

Rings: Ring of Combat Regeneration

Amulet: Pearl of Power (allows you to restore one spent spell slot from level 3 or lower) 

Cloth: Robe of the Weave. This armor grants you +2 armor class and +1 bonus to your Saving Throws and Spell attack rolls.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Wizard School of Divination build level progression

There are 12 levels in Baldur’s Gate 3 for each character run you do. This is also the same for the School of Divination Wizard in BG3. In this section, we will thoroughly look at all the bonuses you can obtain with each level upgrade. 

Level 1: The most basic level where you start the game. At this level, you get 4 slots for level one magic spells. 

Level 2: Once you hit level 2 (which is pretty soon), you get a chance to select the School of Divination subclass for your Wizard character in Baldur’s Gate 3. 1 more slot unlocks for level one magic spells. This also unlocks the Divination Savant feature (allows you to read Divination scrolls for half the cost) and Portent (grants you two portent dice per long rest that can influence your attack rolls or saving throws). 

Level 3: After reaching level 3 for divination wizard, you get 1 slot for level two magic spells.

Level 4: At this level, you will gain access to your first feat slot and one cantrip (Light). 1 more slot for level two magic spells open. 

Level 5: At level 5 for divination wizard, you get 2 more slots for level three magic spells. 

Level 6: At level 6, you get an additional subclass feature and 1 more level 3 magic spell slot. Expert Divination allows you to have an additional Portent Die (3 now) after each long rest. 

Level 7: You get 1 slot for level 4 magic spells as soon as you reach character level 7 for the School of Divination wizard in BG3. 

Level 8: At level 8, you get 1 more slot for level 4 magic spells and a second feat slot. 

Level 9: At level 9, you will gain 1 slot for level four magic spells and 1 slot for level 5 magic spells. 

Level 10: Once you hit level 10 with the School of Divination Wizard build in BG3, you gain 1 additional slot for level magic spells. In addition, you also get two class actions. Third Eye: Darkvision (allows you to see in dark up to 24m) and Third Eye: See Invisibility (allows you to see invisible creatures). 

Level 11: At level 11, you unlock 1 slot for level 6 magic spells. 

Level 12: Finally at level 12 for your School of Divination wizard build in BG3, you get the last Feat slot.

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