How To Power Arcane Tower In Baldur’s Gate 3

Arcane Tower in BG3 is powered by the infamous Sussur Bloom flowers which neutralize the turrets because of their anti-magic properties.....

The Arcane Tower in BG3 is home to cleric Lenore De Hurst, who is studying the nature and plants of the Underdark. It can be dangerous if ventured into unprepared, but it is also a place filled with some useful weapons, items, and secrets.

Exploring the inner sections of the Arcane Tower is an optional activity with no quest linked to it. However, we recommend still exploring the tower because of the valuable items that you can find here.

Following are a few of the items you can find in the Arcane Tower in BG3:

How to find the Arcane Tower in BG3

The Arcane Tower in BG3 is in the Underdark region, south of Underdark Beach, and west of the Selunite Outpost. The tower is surrounded by a mushroom forest and is heavily fortified with Arcane Turrets. They immediately lock on you and cause heavy damage.

Avoid the arcane turrets as you first approach the Arcane Tower. If you are caught in the line of sight of the turrets, you will locked into turn-based combat with them.

It is recommended to disable party mode and take a single Rouge character through this section as they can easily avoid turret lasers by dashing.


How to enter the Arcane Tower in Baldur’s Gate 3

There are two ways of entering the Arcane Tower in Baldur’s Gate 3. The first method requires you to dodge the arcane turrets by casting Grant FlightMisty Step, or Jump to jump right over to the left side of the tower on the mushrooms to bypass the turrets and reach the backyard of the Arcane Tower.

In the second method, we use the magical Sussur Bloom flowers to deactivate the arcane turrets. Our guide covers this method in detail.

How to power up the Arcane tower

Arcane Tower is also powered by the infamous Sussur Bloom flowers which neutralize the turrets because of their anti-magic properties in BG3.

Sussur Bloom flowers can be found at many places on the map but luckily there is one nearby. It is located under a blue tree near the basement door.

Once you have the Sussur Bloom you can find a locked door at the bottom of the tower. You can easily lockpick this door. Once inside, interact with the Power Generator. You will see one slot in which you need to place the Sussur Bloom Flower and congratulations you have powered up the Arcane Tower.

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