Baldur’s Gate 3 School Of Transmutation Wizard Build And Subclass Guide

School of Transmutation wizards in BG3 shapeshift and adapt themselves to their surroundings. They hurt their enemies from a place where they least expect it.

One of the most unique and satisfying builds in Baldur’s Gate 3, the School of Transmutation wizard can manipulate objects, allies, enemies, and even themselves to change their physical appearance and nature. This build mostly deals with using alchemic magic to change the physical properties of anything around you. Too tall to pass through a burrow hole or too fat to squeeze through a slit? Worry not; just holler at your friendly neighbor Transmutation wizard and voila. 

In this guide, we will solely focus on the School of Transmutation wizard build and how you can use it to solve puzzles or gain an upper hand in a battle. As this build lacks proper protection against enemies, we will use a class-specific ability to grant our build the means to use defensive measures.

How good is School of Transmutation Wizard in BG3?

The School of Transmutation wizards excel in using control spells. They can manipulate the shape and form of any matter, leading to some hilarious scenarios inside and outside combat. You can change your enemies into harmless sheep or reveal their location when they are in hiding. They are amazing support for their party members and deal great AoE damage via offensive spells. 

However, Transmutation wizards are slow and can hurt their own allies with friendly fire. They don’t have bonus actions, which makes each turn during battle a crucial one.

Starting abilities and skills for School of Transmutation Wizard in BG3

Class Wizard – 
Sub-Class School of Transmutation – 
Race Human The human race provides three perks in BG3. It increases the distance you can cover per turn (9m), allows you to be proficient in an additional skill while decreasing your weight load, and, most importantly, you gain proficiency with armor, weapons, and shields. As the wizard class in BG3 can’t equip shields and armor, the Civil Militia feat is one of the most important ones in this regard. 
Spells Magic Missile, Burning Hands, Ice Knife, Longstrider, Mage Armour, Grease Wizards get to choose 6 spells as a starter bonus. 
Cantrips Fire Bolt, Shocking Grasp, Minor Illusion You also get 3 cantrips of your choice at the character creation screen. 
Ability Points Distribution STR 8, DEX 14, CON 15+1, INT 14+2, WIS 10, CHA 10 Intelligence is the primary ability modifier for Wizards. We need a higher Constitution for good HP and AC. 
Skills Insight, religion, Acrobatics, Investigation, Sleight of Hand. – 
Prepared Spells Magic Missile, Mage Armour, Burning Hands. You need these spells to survive the first character level. 

Best Background

Backgrounds in Baldur’s Gate 3 give a lot of personality and backstory to any class or build. They also determine how your character will deal with a specific situation. 

For the School of Transmutation wizard build in BG3, we have decided to go with the Acolyte background. This background allows you to use your insight to investigate any character and distinguish their truth from the lies. It also allows you to interact with any holy object (relic, building, scripture) to learn more about its history and origin.

Best Feats for School of Transmutation Wizard build in BG3

Feats are rare skills in Baldur’s Gate 3 and allow players to either select a passive bonus or gain two ability points. Feats only unlock three times in the game at regular intervals. The first one unlocks at level 4, the second one at level 8, and the last feat slot can only be accessed at level 12. Remember, feats are not class-specific, so we will choose the ones that benefit our School of Transmutation wizard build in BG3. 

Level Feat Description 
Ability Improvement Invest both ability points that you earned into Intelligence. This grants a +4 skill bonus to Intelligence checks and +6 to saving throws. 
Ability Improvement Use both ability points to increase intelligence to 20. This adds +5 skill bonus to Intelligence checks and +8 to Saving Throws. 
12 Ability Improvement Use both ability points in the Constitution and bring it up to 18. 

Best Spells for School of Transmutation Wizard build in BG3

This section will cover all the best spells you can use from each tier for the wizard class. However, you can only cast two magic spells per long rest on level 1. One charge can be refilled with Arcane Recovery skill. 

Spells can only be prepared in their specific slots to be used. You can always upcast your spells by placing them in higher-level slots to get some amazing bonuses. However, you can’t downcast a spell. 

Level 1: For level 1, we recommend the following spells. 

  • Magic Missile: Deals 3d4+3 force damage to enemies. 
  • Mage Armor: Increases your Armor class to 13 + dex modifier. 
  • Burning Hands: Deals 3d6 fire damage to enemies. 
  • Disguise Self: This spell allows you to change your whole appearance. 

Level 2: For level 2 spells we recommend the following ones to prepare for the battles ahead. 

  • Enlarge/Reduce: This spell can turn any creature, small or large, also affecting their weapon strength and damage output. 
  • Knock: This transmutation spell allows you to open any object that is secured with a mundane lock. 
  • Misty Step: This spell allows you to instantly move to any location within 18m. 
  • See Invisibility: This magic spell allows you to see invisible creatures. 

Level 3: For the intermediate level 3 spells for School of Transmutation Wizard in BG3, we recommend the following ones. 

  • Haste: This transmutation spell allows you to become faster and more difficult target for enemies. You also earn an additional turn. 
  • Gaseous Form: This spell transforms players or their allies into gas and allows them to pass narrow slits or openings. 
  • Blink: Allows you to cast an additional 1d20 roll at the end of your turn. In case of an 11 or higher roll, you go to the Astral Plane, and enemies can’t hit you until the next turn. 

Level 4: The following are the best magic spells you can choose as a wizard from the level 4 tree

  • Polymorph: This magic spell transforms any enemy into a sheep that does no damage. 
  • Wall of Fire: Deals 5d8 fire damage to the enemies standing close by. 

Level 5: The best magic spells from the penultimate class are. 

  • Telekinesis: This transmutation spell allows you to throw any creature or object up to 18m. 
  • Hold Monster: this enchantment spell paralyzes a creature. They can’t attack you or move away. 

Level 6: Due to their extremely high cost, we will be choosing only 1 spell from the level 6 tier. 

  • Disintegrate: Deals 10d6+40 force damage to surrounding enemies.

Best armor and weapons

ClothingCloth of Authority. This piece of clothing grants you an additional Armor Class and protects you from conditions like Fear. 

HelmHood of the Weave. This unique helmet grants +2 modifier bonus to all your attack rolls and saving throws. 

BootsVital Conduit Boots. This leg war gear increases your HP when you cast a spell. 

GlovesGloves of Power. This rare item inflicts negative modifier on enemies rolls once you hit them (from -1 to -4). 

AmuletSapphire Spark. This necklace improves missile attacks by increasing the missile count by +1. 

RingsCrusher’s Ring (+3m movement speed) and Eversight Ring (can’t be blinded).

Baldur’s Gate 3 School of Transmutation Wizard build level progression

Level Unlocks Description 
Race, Background, and Ability Points Distribution. Choose from the ones we recommended above. 
Additional Level 1 spell slot, Transmutation Savant sub-class feature, Experimental Alchemy sub-class feature. Transmutation Savant allows you to learn Transmutation spells from scrolls for half the gold. Experimental Alchemy allows you to brew two potions instead of one after passing a 15 DC check. 
The Level 2 spell slot unlocks. Choose from Enlarge/Reduce, Knock, Misty Step, and See Invisibility spells. 
Ray of Frost cantrip, Additional Level 2 spell slot, and the first Feat slot unlocks. Ability Improvement to increase Intelligence ability to 18. 
Level 3 spell slot unlocks. Choose from Haste, Gaseous Form, and Blink spells. 
Additional Level 3 spell slot, Transmuter’s Stone sub-class action. This stone can be handed over to any creature, and they can use it to cast your spells. 
Level 4 spell slot unlocks. Choose from Polymorph and Wall of Fire spells. 
Additional Level 4 spell slot and the second Feat unlocks. Ability Improvement to max your Intelligence ability. 
Level 5 spell slot unlocks. Choose from Telekinesis and Hold Monster spells. 
10 Additional Level 5 spell slot and Shapechanger sub-class action. Shapechanger allows you to transform into a blue bird that can fly. 
11 Level 6 spell slot unlocks. Choose and prepare the Disintegrate spell. 
12 The final Feat unlocks. Ability Improvement to increase your Constitution. 
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