Baldur’s Gate 3 Morphic Pool Location

Morphic Pool hides one of the biggest threats to your whole adventure and the one responsible for the illith parasite inside your head, the elder brain.

The Morphic Pool in BG3 is the residing place of the Elder Brain, where you will first encounter it. Entering the Baldur’s Gate 3 Morphic Pool triggers a point of no return, and at this point, you must confront Elder Brain to either subdue or kill it.  

Finding Morphic Pool is a hell of a lot difficult and is turning out to be a major headache for lots of players. However, we will not only guide you to this mysterious place in no time but also safely. Before making this journey, we recommend that you complete all the side quests and take care of any errands that you have left pending. 

How to find Morphic Pool in Baldur’s Gate 3

Morphic Pool is in the Undercity Ruins area of BG3. You can reach the pool via two waypoints. The first one is Undercity Ruins, and the other one is BG3 Temple of Bhaal. The Morphic Pool is to the North of both locations.  

This guide will mainly focus on the path from the Temple of Bhaal waypoint to reach the Morphic Pool in BG3. From the Temple of Bhaal door, go to the location at (X: -82, Y: 1066). Once you reach this marked location on the map, use the step of stairs to go down and Northwards.

Keep going North until you reach a location containing many blue-eyed rats. This location is at coordinates (X: -77, Y: 1145). This place, known as Morphic pool docks, will unlock a new waypoint for fast travel easily.

At this point, all you need to do is get on the boat to reach the Morphic Pool. As soon as you get on the boat, it will automatically take you to Morphic Pool location in BG3. Before arriving at Morphic Pool, the game will warn you about the point of no return. We recommend that you heed the warning and put all your affairs in order before going to confront the Elder Brain.

Once you defeat Elder Brain and try to talk to the Emperor to get into Astral Prism, the game softlocks. As per the November patch, this issuer has been fixed. However, if you still face this bug, reload a previous save and ensure you don’t hit the Emperor during any conversation.

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