How to get Sussur Tree Bark in Baldur’s Gate 3 

Sussur Tree Bark is a quest item that is crucial if you want to complete the "Finish the Masterwork Weapon"...

Sussur Tree Bark is a quest item that is crucial if you want to complete the “Finish the Masterwork Weapon” quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. It is an important crafting ingredient using which you will be able to forge a legendary weapon.  

You can start the quest after reading a note inside the cellar of a destroyed house in the Blighted Village. You’ll also find a forge nearby but it will be dormant. This quest asks for a Sussor Tree bark which can only be found in the Underdark. So to craft a masterpiece weapon, you will need to roam in one of the most dangerous places in the game and get a Sussor Tree Bark.  

Sussur Tree Location in BG3 

Sussur Tree is in the Underdark region, which you cannot enter until well into the game. There are multiple ways to enter the Underdark region.  

The first way is through a tunnel in Defiled Temple. This is an area within the Goblin Camp where they worship the goddess Shar. Another way is using a feather fall spell in the Whispering Depths dungeon or using the elevator in Zhentarim Hideout. It doesn’t matter how you reach it; getting there is the primary goal. After entering the area, you have to travel west to reach the Sussur Tree, as shown in the map image above.   

You will find a few enemies along the way, so fight them to reduce the headaches. As you are near your location, you will begin to see a massive glowing tree ahead. This glowing tree is the Sussur Tree. Now you need to harvest its bark as your new objective.  

Harvest the bark

There is a point on the tree from where you can get the Sussur Tree Bark but reaching it might be tricky in Baldur’s Gate 3. You have to move through massive tree branches and take care not to stumble down. Walk to the southern side of the tree, where its trunk is. Climb up the knotted roots and travel to your right. 


Finding the only spot to harvest bark is a long process if you do not know the exact position of it. If you are having trouble finding it, you can spam alt or move your cursor on the tree to find it. You can also use the image above as a guide to find the bark. Click on the bark to harvest it.  

What to do with the Sussur Tree Bark in Baldur’s Gate 3

Once you have the Sussur Tree Bark in your inventory, the next thing you want to do is to reach Blighted Village once again. Use the waypoint to save time. Return to the cellar where you found the note and forge. It is time to activate the forge. Click on the furnace and select the Sussur Tree Bark from the inventory and ignite the melting furnace.  

Now, you can add a greatsword, sickle, or dagger to the forge and combine it with the Sussor essence. Now a cutscene will play out and you will have the Sussor weapon in your inventory. 

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