Starfield Ryujin Industries Questline And Rewards

A mega-corp that is hellbent on eliminating competition by hook or by crook. In this guide, we will look at how Ryujin Industries faction work and how you can manipulate it with your intelligence.

Ryujin Industries faction in Starfield represents all that is wrong with modern-day corporations. From rampant corruption to secret agendas, Ryujin Industries is one of the biggest factions in the game. This enormous corporation is based in the futuristic Neon city inside Volii Alpha planet of Volii star system.

By joining Ryujin Industries, you can earn some unique rewards and will come across some faction-specific quests that are otherwise missable. But fret not, you can still join all the factions in Starfield while being a part of Ryujin Industries. 

In this guide, we will briefly look at how can you join the mega-corporation faction known as Ryujin Industries in Starfield. We will also briefly go through all the missions that ultimately lead to faction quest completion.

How to join Ryujin Industries in Starfield

Joining Ryujin Industries faction in Starfield is one of the funniest occurrences. To join this faction, you need to approach any Ryujin Industries kiosk (spread throughout the galaxy) and apply for the job. The funny part, no matter what you answer, you will still get the job. Nothing can be farther from reality here. Once you apply for the job, travel to Neon City and start the Back to the Grind faction quest to officially become a part of Ryujin Industries.

Starfield Ryujin Industries questline

To become a slave to the corporate lords, all you need to do is complete Back to the Grind main quest. Just make sure that you don’t get on the nerves of the interviewer, and all is set. Once you pass the interview, a new life waits for you at the Ryujin Industries faction in Starfield.

1. Back To The Grind

This is one of the most basic quests in Starfield and your formal introduction to the Ryujin Industries faction. Simply apply at any Ryujin Industries kiosk and travel to Neon City. Pass the interview and talk to the rest of the faculty members. Once you complete the quest, you will earn 250 XP and 4000 credits in addition to your membership.

2. One Step Ahead

To start One Step Ahead faction quest, talk to Imogene and follow her directions to infiltrate Celtcorp. Hack the computer via lockpicking skill and upload the malicious code into it. Use stealth to make your way back to Ryujin Industries faction in Starfield. Rewards for this quest include 100 XP and 1000 credits.

3. A New Narrative

The third quest from Ryujin Industries is called A New Narrative. Once again talk to Imogene and she will ask you to travel to Akila city and now plant some files on Laredo farms’ computer. Return to Imogene and collect your reward which includes 110 XP and 2500 credits.

4. Access Is Key

Access is key is the fourth main faction mission from Ryujin Industries in Starfield. You know it, talk to Imogene and travel to Gagarin Landing in Gagarin planet on Alpha Centauri star system. Use persuasion on the UC security guard to make him hand over his security card to you. I don’t recommend violence at this point unless you want to stain your relationship with UC Vanguard faction. Return to Imogene and collect your rewards including 100 XP and 2500 credits.

5. Sowing Discord

To complete Sowing Discord Ryujin Industries faction quest, talk to Imogene and go to trade tower. The next thing you need to know is to influence both Zola Adisa and Arthur Cruz against Infinity Ltd corporation. Now find Nina Hart’s presentation and switch it up to deal the final blow. Make sure to obtain the key from Nina, who is on the dance floor, via pickpocket before attempting to enter her room. Once everything is done, return to collect your reward, 250 XP and 10000 credits.

6. Accidents Can Happen

To start Accidents can happen faction quest, talk to Imogene once more. Travel to Hopetech on Polvo planet inside the Valo star system. Stealthily make your way to the objective and plant the arc system. Return to the Ryujin Industries faction building and talk to Imogene again. Rewards for completing this quest include 100 XP and 2500 credits.

7. Maintaining The Edge

Maintaining the edge requires you to travel to Trident luxury ship in the Cheyenne star system. Once you board the ship, pick locks to obtain the schematics. Return triumphant to obtain 100XP and 2500 credits from your employer.

8. Top Secrets

The eighth quest from Ryujin Industries in Starfield is known as Top secrets. Talk to Maeve inside the office building and inquire about Ularu Chen. Talk to her and then travel to Cydonia city on Mars planet in sol star system. Reach the marked location and talk to Simon. Reply correctly and then try to persuade Simon. I don’t recommend going the murder path.

Raise some credits and return to obtain Stanley’s file. Follow the quest markers to retrieve the remaining objects and return to Neon city. Talk to your bosses to complete the quest and earn 250 XP and 10000 credits.

9. Background Checks

To complete Background checks, talk to Dalton and meet Nyx on his orders. Use persuasion to obtain the program from him for 1000 credits. You can also do his side quest to obtain the program for free. Travel back to Ryujin Tower and make your way to Ularu’s room. Use the program as instructed to infect two computers. Return to Nyx to receive the data and hand it over to Dalton at Ryujin tower. You will receive 250 XP and 9000 credits to complete this quest.

10. Guilty Parties

Guilty parties is the tenth faction quest from Ryujin Industries in Starfield. Talk to Yuko to lean about the last location of Imogene. Talk to Dalton, Benjamin and Frankie to learn more about the situation. Once you are done, steal the Seokguh syndicate keycard from Frankie. Find Imogene and listen to her point of view. Now return to Ryujin tower and confront Ularu.

Once you have both the accounts, return to Dalton and let him know of everything. I recommend siding with Imogene as Ularu is the traitor and the mole.

11. The Key Ingredient

To start the key ingredient faction quest of Ryujin industries in Starfield, talk to Masako and then travel to Carinae III-A planet to find the required items. Defeat ecliptic agents and read the contract you obtained from their dead bodies. Fast travel to Narion system and enter its clinic. Persuade Dr Lane and his colleagues through medicine skill to secure the shipment. Return to Ryujin tower and talk to Masako to finish the quest and earn 250 XP and 4800 credits.

12. Sabotage

One of the most vital quests of Ryujin Industries in Starfield, sabotage needs you to talk to Dalton in his office. After attending the meeting, talk to Veena in Neurodamp. Once you obtain Manipulation ability, check it out. Receive Operative suit and Operative helmet from Masako to infiltrate Infinity ltd. Fast travel to New Atlantis and enter Infinity Ltd’s headquarters. Use manipulation ability to reach the marked locations. Now sabotage the heating system and infect Lucas’ computer. Steal the Neuroamp prototype and return to Masako. This quest will earn you 350 XP and 8400 credits.

13. Executive Level

The final faction quest from Ryujin Industries in Starfield is also known as Executive level. Talk to all board members and prepare them for a meeting. Consult Ularu and final make the decision to acquire Infinity ltd. Speak to Masako to earn 350 XP and 13500 credits.

Ryujin Industries exclusive rewards

There is only one faction quest of Ryujin Industries in Starfield that yields unique rewards for you. The rest of the quests only give you XP and credits. 

Once you start the Sabotage faction quest, you will earn the following rewards which are also necessary to to successfully complete the quest. 

  • Manipulation ability 
  • Operative suit 
  • Operative helmet 
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