Starfield Sowing Discord Mission Walkthrough

Influence the Quantum Synergies Executives to against Infinity LTD.

Sowing Discord is part of the Ryujin Industries faction questline in Starfield. After completing the Access Is Key quest, it is time to take up more high-risk assignments. During this mission, you will be helping Ryujin Industries keep its status as the technological giant of Volii Alpha.

Your objective is to influence the Quantum Synergies Executives to not invest in Infinity LTD, thus, removing the competition from the market.

It is a lengthy quest and requires you to depend on your problem-solving skills to navigate it. If you manage to complete all the objectives successfully, you will be rewarded with 11,000 Credits and 250 XP.

Since you can fail certain objectives, we have shared how to complete the Sowing Discord without getting a pay cut.

How to complete Sowing Discord in Starfield

To complete the Sowing Discord mission, you need to first meet up with Imogene in Starfield. She will be in her office on the Operations Floor of Ryujin Tower in Neon City on Volii Alpha in the Volii star system.

She will task you with swaying the Quantum Synergies Executives’ decision about investing in Infinity LTD for the job. To put the final nail in the coffin, you must replace the original presentation with a slightly altered one that will break their credibility in the board’s meeting.

The mission will need to be carried out quietly, and she will insist you follow the instructions thoroughly, for which you will be compensated handsomely.

Lastly, you must wear a Fitted Business Suit she ordered to ensure you look the part you are about to play.


You can choose the “What if I am not into suits?” dialogue to get 100 Credits as a reward for your trouble.

Optional: Read the dossiers

Reading the Dossiers for Sowing Discord mission in Starfield.
“Reading Dossiers objective” in the Starfield Sowing Discord mission

During your briefing with Imogene, she will advise reading up on Dossiers on Arthur Cruz and Zola Adisa; Quantum Synergies heads you will be speaking to.

It will contain exact answers that you can use during your conversation to persuade them towards your side. You will find dossiers in your inventory under the Notes tab.

You can also use your answers to succeed in Persuasion, but if you’re unsure, the exact answers in the dossier will be very helpful.


If you fail to persuade any of the Executives, it will complete the mission but fail to sever the deal. Imogene will mention the results in a later assignment, Accidents Can Happen. This is why it is recommended to read the dossiers for help.

Influence Zola Adisa

See if you can persuade Zola to complete Sowing Discord in Starfield.

Astral Lounge is within the same building as CeltCorp, the company you infiltrated during the One Step Ahead mission for Ryujin Industries. From Ryujin Tower, head straight ahead, past the Spaceport Terminal; at the end of the road, you will find Astral Lounge.

In the main lobby of Astral Lounge, you will find Zola Adisa, Executive Director of Quantum Synergies, on the sofas across the VIP Elevator. Here, you need to influence Zola Adisa against Infinity Ltd.


Before talking to the Executives, wear the Corpo Boardroom suit you got from Aito Suzuki during Access Is Key for an additional 5% Persuasion chance.

She will be sitting alone and is easy to persuade if you follow the instructions from the Dossier. Tell her you are here for a friendly conversation and if her trip to Neon involves business with Ryujin Industries.

Choose the dialogue with [Persuade] prompt to initiate persuasion. In our experience, choosing the Green, simple options will get the job done, so you won’t need to risk anything.

Talk to Arthur Cruz

Arthur Cruz, the Financial Manager at Quantum Synergies, will be up on the first floor. Take the VIP elevator across from Zola up to the VIP Balcony. You will find him in the first room on the right from the elevator, labeled Booth 1. Here, you need to influence Arthur Cruz against Infinity Ltd.

Converse with Arthur until he asks you if you are from Infinity LTD. Arthur is a bit tricky to handle so we recommend sticking to the Dossier’s conversational prompts during Sowing Discord. A good option is to mention “Infinity LTD’s fabricated profits” when it pops up for +3 Persuasion points.

Sabotage Nina Hart’s presentation

Nina Hart’s suite is a VIP booth on the VIP Balcony of Astral Lounge in Sowing Discord. Go left from Arthur’s room, and head to the very back after turning the corner, Nina’s room will be the second door on the right.

Solve the Digipick puzzle to unlock the door. Nina Hart’s original presentation will be on the round table in the center. Swap it out and report back to Imogene to complete the Sowing Discord faction mission in Starfield.

Optional: Find a way into Nina Hart’s Suite

This optional objective only starts if you leave the Digipick menu or get caught while lockpicking Nina Hart’s suite door. 

The simplest way is to wait until the guard in the hallway leaves, then crouch to avoid detection and unlock the door using Digipick.

Another method is to pickpocket the Suite Key from Nina Hart herself. You will find her downstairs, on the left of the main door, on the sofas with her friend. Persuade her to take the night off and go to bed or drink. Doing so will make it easy to take the key without raising any suspicions.

Lastly, if you have some cash to spare, you can purchase Nina Hart’s Suite Key for 4,000 Credits from Boone, which he will lower down to 1,000 Credits if you succeed in persuading him. You will find him downstairs at the back of the bar.

FYI: You can get arrested by Neon Security and taken down to the station if you fail the Digipick puzzle in Sowing Discord. While it does not fail the mission, you will have to pay the 2850 Credits bail to get out.

Sowing Discord mission bugs and fixes

There is a bug in Starfield where you can’t talk to Imogene even after getting the Sowing Discord mission. This is a common problem that occurs because of a certain event in the main storyline (Spoilers! Because of the dead companion).

Fortunately, there is a simple fix for this. Assign Vasco to your ship and head to The Eye to talk to him. Make him follow you and go to speak with Imogene. This should fix the bug.

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