Starfield Sowing Discord Walkthrough

Sowing Discord will be your first big faction mission for Ryujin Industries in Starfield. You will need to adopt more discretion than before.

Another job for the Ryujin Industries, Sowing Discord is a high-risk and a rather long faction mission in Starfield.

Ryujin Industries is the oldest surviving business in Volii Star Systems and the reason can be found in their methods. Its technological influence over all nine planets comes not only from its drive for success but also from keeping its competition low.

You will take on the Sowing Discord mission for similar reasons as part of their empire in Starfield. Let’s look into how you can mitigate this risk and come out triumph.

How to unlock the Sowing Discord mission

Sowing Discord can be unlocked automatically after completing Access is Key faction mission in Starfield. It can be accessed from your updated Mission HUD under the Faction Tab.

From entering the Ryujin Industries through Back to the Grind and making your way through smaller tasks like A New Narrative and One Step Ahead, it is time you take it up a notch.

How to complete Sowing Discord in Starfield

Sowing Discord will be your first big faction mission for Ryujin Industries in Starfield. You will need to adopt more discretion than before as the stakes are high in the big leagues.


Talk to Imogene

To get the mission you will need to first contact Imogene who will brief you on what you need to do. She will be on the Operations Floor of Ryujin Tower in Neon at Alpha Volii. Head right from the reception to her glass-windowed office to find her.

Here she will task you with influencing Quantum Synergies’ Executives’ decision about choosing Infinity LTD for the job.

To put the final nail in the coffin, you will also be required to replace the original presentation with a slightly altered one that will break their credibility in the board’s meeting.

The mission will need to be carried out quietly and she will insist you follow the instructions thoroughly for which you will be compensated handsomely.

Lastly, you will need to wear a suit she ordered for you to ensure you look the part you are about to play.

Note that if you fail to persuade any of the Executives, it will complete the mission but fail to sever the deal. Imogene will mention the results in a later assignment, Accidents Can Happen.

Reading the dossiers (optional objective)

During your briefing with Imogene, she will advise reading up on Dossiers on Arthur Cruz and Zola Adisa, Quantum Synergies heads you will be speaking to.

It will contain exact responses that you can use during your conversation to persuade them towards your side. You will find them in your inventory under the Notes tab.

You can also use your own responses to succeed Persuasion but if you’re not sure, then the extra help will prove fruitful in your endeavors.

Reading the Dossiers for Sowing Discord mission in Starfield.

Head to the Astral Lounge

Astral Lounge is within the same building as CeltCorp, the company you infiltrated during the One Step Ahead mission for Ryujin Industries.

From Ryujin Tower, head straight ahead, past the Spaceport Terminal, at the end of the road you will find Astral Lounge.

Talk to Zola Adisa

In the main lobby of Astral Lounge, you will find Zola Adisa, Executive Director of Quantum Synergies, on the sofas across the VIP Elevator.

She will be sitting alone and is an easy one to persuade if you follow the instructions from the Dossier. Tell her you are here to make a friendly conversation and if her trip to Neon involves business with Ryujin Industries.

Choose the dialogue with [Persuade] prompt to initiate persuasion. In our experience, choosing the Green, simple options will get the job done so you won’t need to risk anything at all.

See if you can persuade Zola to complete Sowing Discord in Starfield.

Talk to Arthur Cruz

Arthur Cruz, the Financial Manager at Quantum Synergies, will be up on the first floor. Take the VIP elevator, across from Zola, up to the VIP Balcony. You will find him in the first room on the right from the elevator, labeled Booth 1.

Converse a little with Arthur till he asks you if you are from Infinity LTD, The option with the [Persuade] prompt will pop up for you to lead the conversation.

Arthur will be a little tricky to handle, if you are a little too pushy he will rebuke your claims. We suggest sticking to Dossier’s conversational prompts and choosing the first Green option where you are unsure.

Head to Nina’s suite

Once you pass the elevators, you will come across a hallway leading to Nina’s Suite, which will be guarded by Neon Security. Her Suite is labeled, VIP Booth located in the back corner.

If you don’t want to use subtle ways, you can directly unlock the door using Digipick. However, if you fail to evade the security, you will be arrested as soon as you make the switch and taken to the Neon Security Station.

Keep in mind that you will have to pay your bail of 2850 Credits by yourself, so make a wise decision depending on your financial situation. Doing so will not fail your mission Sowing Discord in Starfield.

Find a way into Nina’s Suite (optional)

If you exit out of the lock menu while breaking into Nina’s Suite, you will be given the optional objective of finding another way.

The simplest way is to wait around a while till the guard in the hallway leaves, then crouch to avoid detection and unlock the door using Digipick.

Another method is to pickpocket the Suite Key from Nina herself. You will find her downstairs, left of the main door on the sofas with her friend. Persuade her to take the night off and go to bed or drink. Doing so will make it easy to take the key without raising any suspicions.

Lastly, if you have some cash to spare, you can purchase Nina’s Suite Key for 4,000 Credits from Boone which he will lower down to 1,000 Credits if you succeed in persuading him. You will find him downstairs at the back of the bar.

Switch Nina Hart’s presentation

Nina’s original presentation will be on the table in the middle of the room. Simply switch it out for the tampered one to complete the objective.

Report back to Imogene in Ryujin Tower about the mission, who will comment on your ways for better or worse. This will complete the Sowing Discord faction mission for Ryujin Industries in Starfield.

Starfield – Sowing Discord mission rewards

Successful completion of Sowing Discord will reward you with 250XP, a Reconstim along with 10,000 Credits in Starfield. Imogene will further hand you your next assignment for Ryujin Industries: Accidents Happen.

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