Starfield Guilty Parties Walkthrough

The "Guilty Parties" faction mission requires you to find the mole inside Ryujin Industries that has been leaking info in Starfield.

Guilty Parties is a faction quest for the Ryujin Industries questline in Starfield that requires you to find the mole that has been sharing vital information about the industry with its competition.

Faction quests are mini-story missions that have no direct relation with the main campaign of Starfield. Faction mission provides the player with an immersive new story and provides them with a bunch of good rewards.

How to unlock the “Guilty Parties” mission

You only need to complete the Background Checks mission to unlock Guilty Parties in Starfield. Both of them are part of the faction questline for Ryujin Industries where you play as one of their employees.

After completing Background Checks, a prompt will appear on your HUD to speak with Imogene in the operation center of the Ryujin Tower located on the Neon planet.

How to complete “Guilty Parties” in Starfield

When you reach Imogene’s office, she won’t be found there but instead, Yuko will be present telling you about the Seokghu Syndicate Hideout which was the last known location of Imogene. She will even recommend running things with Dalton before you head out.

Speak with Dalton (optional)

Head over to the executive floor and speak with Dalton to get more information about the Seokghu Syndicate Hideout. He will also suggest speaking with Benjamin Bayu to help you search for Imogene.


Speak with Benjamin Bayu (optional)

Leave the Ryujin Tower and head over to the Astral Lounge bar located on the other side of the planet Neon. Once in the bar, take the elevator to the VIP balcony and approach the booth where Bayu will be resting.

Speak with Benjamin Bayu to gather information on the Seokghu Syndicate to help you locate Imogene more easily in the Guilty Parties faction quest in Starfield.

Before he spills any beans on the Syndicate, he’ll require you to do a task for him but you can bypass that by choosing to persuade him. Persuading him won’t be that hard as it only requires you to fill up 4 bars of persuasion.

Visit Frankie’s Grab & Go (optional)

Frankie’s Grab & Go was the last known location of Imogene that Yuko told us. To get to Frankie’s Grab & Go head out of the Astral Lounge and walk straight until you find the entrance for the Ebbside on your left. Just walk through the entrance and look for a neon sign that reads Frankie’s Grab & Go.

Enter Frankie’s Grab & Go where you’ll be met with Frankie Moore right beside the bar asking you to state your business. Inquire about Seokghu Syndicate Hideout where Frankie will refuse to provide you any information.

Find a way into the Seokghu Syndicate Hideout

Frankie has refused to provide you with any information about the Syndicate Hideout that is located inside the small diner. There are a few ways through which you can get access to the hideout in Frankie’s Grab & Go.

The first method is to obtain the key card by pickpocketing Frankie. Crouch slowly towards Frankie while she’s facing the opposite direction and then steal the key card from her inventory.

If that is not working head over to the locked door on the rooftop of the diner and get inside the hideout. There will be a quest marker helping you get access to the hideout.

Confront Imogene in the Hideout

Once you’ve entered the hideout follow the quest marker that will lead towards Imogene. There will be a few enemies roaming nearby, it is up to you if you want to sneak past them or directly kill them to get to Imogene.

Should you kill or spare Imogene?

Speak with Imogene and decide what you want to do with her. You’ll be given a choice to listen to her side of the story where she’ll provide you with a slate with all the evidence proving her innocence or you could directly kill her.

It wouldn’t be necessary to kill her as she isn’t really the mole. Spare her life and visit Ularu located on the Executive Floor of the Ryujin Tower in Starfield to find out who truly betrayed the Ryujin Industry.

Confront Ularu (optional)

After you’re done with Imogene make your way to Ularu in her office on the Executive Floor of the Ryujin Tower. Confront her and use your persuasion skills to make her admit that she is truly the mole in Ryujin Industries.

You’ll then be prompted to make a choice of either siding with her or killing her proving your loyalty to the Ryujin’s CEO, Masako.

Should you kill Ularu or side with Masako?

If you decide to side with Masako, it will provide you with an opportunity to hand in the evidence from Imogene to prove her innocence and a prompt will appear to attack Ularu in her office.

If you decide to attack Ularu, the security team and Dalton will be upset with you but the next faction quest will play out the same.

Do note that if you side with Ularu, the blame for being a mole will still be on Imogene resulting in her death even though she was innocent.

When you go and speak with Dalton to finish the Guilty Parties faction quest in Starfield, the dialogue for Dalton will be quite different from choosing Masako and attacking Ularu.

Return to Dalton

Once you’ve dealt with Imogene make your way to Dalton at the Executive Floor in Ryujin Towers to report on the investigation about Imogene.

A new faction quest will start known as the Key Ingredient. This will mark the Guilty Parties complete.

Starfield – Guilty Parties mission rewards

  • 4800 Credits
  • 250 XP
  • Med Packs x2

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