Starfield Top Secrets Mission Walkthrough

There is an opportunity to get yourself a powerful new weapon by taking care of an informant.

The Top Secrets faction mission is an opportunity for you to climb up the ladder at Ryujin Industries in Starfield. It is a lengthy quest that can land you the Datura spaceship and the Ember weapon if you successfully stack the odds in your favor. These rewards can be easily missed so make sure you follow along.  

Talk to Imogene after you steal the prototype schematic Maintaining the Edge to start the Top Secrets quest. She will direct you to meet with Ularu Chen on the Executive Floor for your assignment. Ularu will be in a meeting with Genevieve which you can eavesdrop on after talking with the receptionist.

Meet with Simon Ryczek

After ending your conversation with Ularu make your way to Cydonia located on the Mars planet in the Sol System. From the entrance, go straight but keep to your left side and you will find Simon upstairs, leaning against a railing.

Simon is a secret informant and to get him to open up you need to use the right code word Imogene provided you with. Tell him “Razor derby is the only real sport” to continue the mission.

He will raise the price of the information, now demanding 10,000 Credits over the original 1000 Ularu had given you. This is an important choice to make as your rewards are tied to your decision here.

Deal with Simon: Persuade, Pay, or take the side job?

The best choice is to make the trade with Simon in Starfield during Top Secrets and accept his side mission.  You will have to assassinate Malai Liskova and bring her Ember weapon as proof in exchange for the information.

While not the most moral choice, it is what will lead you to your precious loot without losing any money of your own.  If you resolve matters with any other method, you will be locked out of the rewards.

Putting your persuasion skills to the test will result in Simon lowering the cost to only 8,000 credits. If you want a clean mission, then farm money and pay the 10,000 Credits from your pockets.


Accepting Simon’s hitman job will negatively impact your relationship with your companions. Make sure they are not with you, especially if you are interested in romancing them.

Best Choice: attack or negotiate with Malai?

Negotiating with Malai in Top Secrets is your best option to get both rewards: the Embers weapon and The Datura spaceship in Starfield.

Liskova will be in her ship, orbiting Saturn in the Sol System. Kill her and loot her body for the Embers pistol. To get to The Datura spaceship, sit in the pilot seat and fast-travel to any nearby port to claim it.  


Malai needs to be dead for it to show up in your collection when you speak with the ship services technician next time.

If you have companions with you, persuade her to give up the pistol to restore your affinity levels with your companions and then kill her later.

Attacking Malai out the gate will destroy her ship and you will be able to loot the Embers from the debris it left behind. We strongly recommend not going with this choice, since you can miss out on one of the few free ships the game offers.

Report back to Simon

Once you’ve dealt with Malai, head back to Cydonia and meet up with Simon. Show him the gun as proof of Malai’s death. He will ask you to keep the gun and will provide you with the information

Read Stanley McMillan’s file in your inventory under new items. It will share the location of the Dominion files that Ularu wants.

Retrieve the Dominion Files from Stanley McMillan

You need to hack into Stanley’s computer to get the Dominion files back. It is in the Deimos Corporate Office in Cydonia, also shown by the blue quest marker.

If Stanley is still working on his computer, wait for a bit or skip time till he leaves. Solve the Digipick puzzles and download the files from the Deimos Staryards Presentation folder.

With the files, report back to Ularu at Ryujin Tower in Neon City. She will then take you to speak with Masako, marking an end to the Top Secret faction mission in Starfield.

Top Secrets mission bugs

Unfortunately, a few players have experienced a few bugs in Starfield while playing the Top Secrets mission. The small ones are where you can also sometimes find the quest marker missing while retrieving the Dominion Files from Stanly’s computer. It is only a small glitch that will mostly fix itself when you reach the next objective.

A major bug you may face is that you are unable to interact with Ularu at the start of the mission. The same bug can also occur with different NPCs near the end of the quest, but it is rare to encounter it.

The cause of the issue is not known and no solution is available as of yet. The only way to get through is to bypass the quest using console commands. For Top Secrets, enter the command SetStage 0029EB12 110

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