Starfield Top Secrets Walkthrough

There is an opportunity to get yourself a powerful new weapon by taking care of an informant in Top Secrets in Starfield.

“Top Secrets” is an opportunity for you to climb up the ladder at Ryujin Industries in Starfield. You will be tasked to retrieve some sensitive data for Ularu, during which you can also get your hands on a powerful new weapon.

How to unlock the “Top Secrets” mission

“Top Secrets” is going to become available right after you manage to steal the prototype schematic in Maintaining the Edge in Starfield. Speak with Imogene to get your next assignment.

How to complete “Top Secrets” in Starfield

Imogene will take you to Ularu who will ask you to take care of Simon Ryczek, an informant of hers, and retrieve some confidential data for her.

Meet with Simon Ryczek

After ending your conversation with Ularu make your way to Cydonia located on the Mars planet and rendezvous with Simon. You can use the blue marker on the HUD to guide you.

Strike a conversation with Simon and select the answer “Razor derby is the only real sport” when he mentions “Galactic Raiders are the number one pick for the Universal Championship this year”.

Choosing the right code words is important to continue the mission.


Simon will then tell you that the price for the information has been increased. Ularu had given you 1000 credits to get the information from Simon. However, he will now be demanding 10,000 Credits.

There are a few ways you can deal with this situation.

How to deal with Simon – Persuade, Pay, or Trade?

Putting your persuasion skills to the test will result in Simon lowering the cost to only 8,000 credits.

If you want to get done with the Top Secrets faction quest quickly, pay Simon the 10,000 Credits from your own pockets.

If you’re not willing to spend your own Credits in gathering information from Simon, he’ll offer you a trade by helping him with a job to get rid of Malai Liskova to get the information for free.

Simon will ask you to kill Malai and come back with her weapon to show as proof of her death.

Should you kill or negotiate with Malai?

If you’ve chosen the third option to retrieve information from Simon, travel to Saturn’s Orbit where Malai’s ship,’ The Datura’ will hail at you.

There are two ways the encounter with Malai can go, either negotiating with her or killing her.

You can introduce yourself to Malai and let her in on the situation you’re dealing with. Malai will ask you to board the Datura. Persuade her to let you have her gun to show it to Simon as proof of her death.

If you’re not up for the chitchat and want to get done with this task as quickly as possible, shoot Malai and take her gun with you. This will not have any effect on the Top Secrets faction mission in Starfield.

Something important to note here is that if you decide not to kill Malai, you will still get her weapon as a mission reward for completing Top Secrets in Starfield.

Should you kill Malai or betray Simon?

You can choose any of the two options and the outcome will still be the same. That being said, betraying Simon and persuading Malai to work with you is the best choice in Top Secrets. Your companions will support this decision and you will get to keep your affinity levels.

Return back to Simon

Once you’ve dealt with Malai, head back to Cydonia and meet up with Simon. Show him the gun as proof of Malai’s death. He will ask you to keep the gun and will provide you with the information

Open your inventory and look under the new items where there will be a file that Simon handed to you. Inspect it to find Stanley McMillan’s schedule. Stanley is the person who sits on the computer and has the Dominion Files that Ularu wants.

Retrieve the Dominion Files from Stanley McMillan

Follow the blue marker on your HUD that will take you to Stanley’s computer. If Stanley is still working on his computer, wait for a bit or skip time until Stanley is getting ready to leave.

Once Stanley leaves, log into his computer and steal the Dominion Files.

Head back to Ryujin Towers

Once you’ve acquired the Dominion Files make your way back to Ryujin Tower and speak with Ularu. Ularu will then take you to speak with Masako marking an end to the Top Secret faction mission in Starfield.

Starfield – Top Secrets mission rewards

  • Ember Pistol (Malai’s weapon)

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