Starfield The Key Ingredient Walkthrough

The Key Ingredient is one of the lengthiest missions you will take part in in Starfield and it is all because of a Rothicite shipment.

The Key Ingredient in Starfield is a high-level faction mission for Ryujin Industries. It is a pretty straightforward mission where you take down a group of mercenaries and work towards fixing the old gripe with Infinity LTD.

From working with Imogene to Dalton and now the Executive Head Masako, you are making your way up within the company. Let’s look into what The Key Ingredient assignment has to offer in Starfield.

Starfield The Key Ingredient walkthrough

You will unlock Starfield’s key ingredient after completing all faction missions of Ryujin Industries from Back to the Grind up to Guilty Parties in Starfield.

With the tensions high among the higher-ups at Ryujin, it comes down to you to clear the air. After choosing your side in Guilty Parties, you will now have to meet Masako to start your new assignment

To complete The Key Ingredient you will go on an investigative mission to find out the inhumane practices of Infinity LTD. With a mole already among your ranks, it becomes even more crucial to expose Lucas Dextier for his crimes.

1) Meet Masako in the office

Head to Neon City at Alpha Volii in Volii Star System and head west from Spaceport Terminal to make your way to Ryujin Towers. Furthermore, you must take the elevator up to the R&D floor where you will find Masako Imada talking with Camden Cho and Veena Kalra, Head of the R&D Department.


You must talk to her and agree on the process to acquire the implant in Starfield the key ingredient. This will allow you to move on to the next mission.

2) Talk to Masako

After finding Masako in Veena Kalra’s Office, you must talk to her. She will share the gravity of the situation where Infinity LTD has stolen the manipulative part of the neuroamp.

You will be tasked to wear the complete neuroamp, with manipulative and shielding components intact, and give Infinity LTD a taste of their own medicine. Before all the exciting stuff, the neuroamp needs Rothicite for compatibility with biological subjects but the shipment has been delayed.

You need to scope out the situation at Carinae Station and bring the materials back to Veena. Lastly, the coordinates of the shipment and a keycard to access the tower where it is being held will be provided to you.

3) Travel to Carinae III-A and land at CM Station RC-1

You need to head out to Carinae III-A. It is a moon of Carinae in the Eta Cassiopeia Star System where the mining station CM Station RC-1 is located. Make sure you have your suit equipped because the area is heavily exposed to solar radiation.

4) Enter the CM Station RC-1 Mine

Take the stairs on the right to reach the entrance of the Consolidated Mining building. Clear out the enemies and Use the lower-level access elevator in the next room to reach the mining site.

Discover What Happened at CM Station RC-1

Discovering what happened at CM Station RC-1 requires you to complete its own objectives. These tasks will range from finding the Rothicite Shipment and leading you back to Masako to complete the Starfield The Key Ingredient mission.

5) Find the Rothicite Shipment

Head deeper into the Research station and clear out the Ecliptic Agents in your way. Take the elevator at the end of your path and access the CM Station RC-1 Computer. You will come to know that an anonymous person has canceled the Starfield rothicite shipment.

6) Read the Contract

You will find a contract on one of the Ecliptic Specialists who attacked you inside the room. Your next objective in Starfield the key ingredient is to read the contract. You will find it under the Notes Tab in your Inventory. The contract says that Lucas Drexier is responsible for hiring these agents.

contract starfield

7) Head to the Narion Star Clinic

Use the Secure Access door on your right to exit out of the Research Center. You will now be able to use grav jump to dock at The Clinic in Narion System.

Head right from the reception to the Secure Wing. The guard outside will stop you from entering so you can either pay 15350 Credits or persuade him to proceed.

If you choose to persuade him, select the +3 Orange option and then 2 green options to succeed the persuasion check. He will issue you an Access Card Key to unlock the door.

Inside the restricted area, Sean McAfee will stop and inquire how you got into the area. You must choose to lie in this situation. You can inform him about your role as an Infinity LTD representative. Furthermore, you must add that you are here to receive an update. This will allow you to reach Dr.Lane.

8) Speak to Dr. Lane: Should you lie or pose as a technician? (optional)

Dr. Kendrick Lane is going to ask you to prove your identity. This is a secure area after all. You will have two ways to fool him to bypass security and evade capture in Starfield.

You can either lie by saying you were sent by Infinity LTD or pose as a security technician to get access to Lane’s computer.

The answers will have no outcome on the outcome but will allow you to avoid getting caught by the security.

If you choose the Security dialogue route, Dr. Lane will leave to check on his patient. Check his computer and you will find he has been working with Infinity LTD on the Neuroamp project.

They were testing the technology on the patients here resulting in them either losing their lives or going into comma. This will reveal what Infinity LTD is doing at the clinic.

If you choose to lie to Dr. Kendrick that you were sent by Infinity LTD to extract more information, he will be frustrated with your visit and reveal he still hasn’t received his authorization into Project Dominion.

He will report that all patients passed except one who is comatose after taking the Internal Neuroamp.

He also gives up the Rothicite Shipment that he received. Therefore, you can pick it up without getting detected by security.

9) Retrieve the Rothicite shipment

The Rothicite Shipment will be in a briefcase on the table next to Dr. Lane. If you take the shipment without completing the optional objective: Speak to Dr. Lane, it will alert security so be ready to fight if you haven’t done so.

 Rothicite shipment starfield

10) Return to Veena

With the Rothicite in your possession, take your ship and report back to Veena Klara and Masako at the R&D Department in Ryujin Tower. Hand over the Rothicite to Veena for making the alloy and the evidence incriminating Lucas to Masako.

11) Talk to Masako

After you have given the shipment to Veena, talk to Masako and inform her of the details about the CM Station RC-1. The report will conclude your mission The Key Ingredient for Ryujin Industries faction in Starfield.

Starfield The Key Ingredient mission rewards

Completing The Key Ingredient will reward you with 250 XP, 4000 Credits, 3 Digipicks, and Med Packs in Starfield. They are a little underwhelming considering the high level of the mission. However, the Digipicks are at least nice to have.

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