Starfield Back To The Grind Walkthrough

Thinking of joining the Ryujin Industries faction? You will have to first complete Back to the Grind in Starfield.

Back to the Grind is an entry-level faction mission to start your journey to ranks at Ryujin Industries in Starfield.

It is a high corporate technological beast that has influence over the six-planet Star System of Volii. Being one of the oldest among its competition, Ryujin Industries is success-driven and favors those that prove useful in multi-disciplinary fields.

To take on the challenges of the corporate world, you will first have to do the most difficult part of the job: get an interview. So let’s get into filling out that job application.

How to unlock Back to the Grind mission

Back to the Grind is available after unlocking Neon in Volii Alpha at Volii System in Starfield.

To get to Neon you can Grav Jump to the nearby Arnae or Olympus Star System from where you will be able to access Volii System through the star map. You can also jump from Alpha Centauri, your home system, and from New Atlantis, where you are introduced to Constellation.

You will also come across it during the All That Money Can Buy mission as part of the main quest line.

Where to find Neon in Volii Alpha in Starfield.

How to complete Back to the Grind in Starfield

Once you land in Neon on Alpha Volii in Starfield you will find Ryujin Industries kiosks all around the city. The closest one will be at your Neon fast travel point, next to the Ryujin Advertisement Board on the Spaceport Terminal.

Job Application and Interview

Submit your job application by answering the questions in the kiosk. The answers will have no effect on the outcome despite some skepticism so feel free to choose whatever you want.

At the end, it will ask you to report to Imogene Salzo at Ryujin Tower for your interview. She is an Operations Specialist at Ryujin Industries and can be found on the Operations Floor of Ryujin Tower.

Take the elevator up and simply follow the marker to her office where the interview will be conducted. Take the liberty to answer what you feel like as there are no right or wrong answers.

You will get the job regardless and will be tasked with your first assignment of picking up her coffee at the Terrabrew Coffee Shop.

Deal with Tomo at Terrabrew Coffe Shop

While picking up Imogene’s order, you will encounter the ex-employee Tomo, whose position you replaced.

Frustrated, Tomo will pull out a gun which can lead to either you attacking him or defusing the incident through Persuasion.

The choice will have no effect on your mission so deal with how you wish. If you do end up killing him in the presence of a companion, it can impact their opinion about you.

If you want to use your Persuade skills towards a peace offering, start with the simplest available option, and then you can choose either simple or medium-difficulty ones to speed things up. It is possible for you to fail at persuading him so play your cards right if you don’t want to fight.

Find a way to deal with Tomo in Starfield.

Report back to Imogene

Take the coffee back to Imogene who will ask you about the delay. Whether you mention it to her or not, she will have knowledge about the incident which works out positively for you.

Taking that into account, she will promote you to a Junior Operative and direct you towards the conference room.

Deliver coffee and get introduced to Ryujin Industries Executives to learn how your job impacts them. Report back to Imogene to complete the Back to the Grind Mission in Starfield.

Starfield – Back to the Grind mission rewards

Completing Back to the Grind will reward you with 4000 Credits, 250 XP, and 3 Digipicks which will help you access those locked doors. She will also hand you your first operative mission One Step Ahead at the end which can be continued at any time.

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