Starfield Accidents Can Happen Walkthrough

"Accidents Can Happen" is a sort of stealth-based mission where you need to plant a device in HopeTech in Starfield.

While making your way up through Ryujin Industries, you will be assigned the faction mission Accidents Can Happen in Starfield.

The technological beast, Ryujin Industries, did not manage to become the oldest business in all of the settles system by being driven by motivation alone. With innovation putting their company at the forefront of evolution, some efforts were made to ensure they stay on top of the food chain.

One such effort will be in the form of Accident’s Happen where you will make sure that there are no competitors to worry about. Let’s look into how you can rise up to Imogene’s standards.

How to unlock the Accidents Can Happen mission

To unlock the Accidents Can Happen Faction Mission, you will need to complete all other faction missions of Ryujin Industries up till Sowing Discord in Starfield.

From becoming part of the Ryujin Industries through Back to the Grind to getting in the big leagues through Access is Key, you are now a trusted operative of Imogene.

After completing the prerequisite mission, Sowing Discord, the Missions HUD will be automatically updated with Accidents Can Happen under the Faction Tab.


How to complete Accidents Can Happen in Starfield

Accidents Can Happen involves staying under the radar in Starfield where your stealth will be tested. It is a pretty streamlined task for the most part, just in and out of the enemy territory but get too comfortable and you might end up facing unsavory circumstances.

Talk with Imogene

Like all other Ryujin Industries faction missions, you will need to speak to Imogene Salzo at Ryujin Towers in Neon in Alpha Volii. You will find her in her glass-windowed office past the reception desk on the Operations Floor.

She will task you with infiltrating HopeTech and placing an ARC device to disrupt their workflow making them lose on public’s trust and thus, profits. Ryujin Industries likes to stay on top with any means necessary so your objective is to put the competitor back in their place in the food chain.

Travel to Hope Tech

Hope Tech is located in Hope Town at Polvo in the Valo System. You may remember this town if you retrieved the Security Key from the Security Chief of Hope Town in Access is Key Mission.

If you have never landed on Polvo before, we suggest not taking the ARC Device with you as the Contraband scanners will pick it up and you will be sent to jail.

A fine of 1384 Credits will be taken from your pocket along with certain belongings that are deemed dangerous.

If you prefer not to go through the hassle, visit the planet either prior to the mission or store the device in another storage.

Plant the ARC device

Head straight from the landing sight, past the Rangers Office you will find the Hope Tech building. After entering HopeTech’s main lobby, you will find a white door beside the reception desk all the way back.

The door will lead to the Industrial Site of HopeTech’s factory. You will have to run across the room to the ramp where the ship is being worked on. There will be guards patrolling the ship so avoid doing anything to alert them.

Where to plant the ARC device in Accidents Can Happen in Starfield.

Turn right from the corridor, head straight, and take the ladder up to the next floor. Right next to it is the terminal that serves as the access point to plant the ARC Device.

Before accessing the terminal make sure the coast is clear. You can also close the door before the guard enters the room to avoid any confrontation.

You can also wait till they leave and then make your move to avoid being arrested. If arrested, you will be fined 350 Credits that will come out of your own pockets and then escorted to jail.

Report back to Imogene

Report back to Imogene in Ryujin Tower after planting the device where she will comment on your performance and deduct your salary depending on the number of arrests you were involved in. You have now successfully completed the Accident Can Happen mission in Starfield.

Additionally, she will disclose the outcome of the deal during the Sowing Discord mission. The results will depend on whether you were able to persuade the Executives in your favor.

Starfield – Accidents Can Happen mission rewards

Completing the Accidents Can Happen Faction Mission in Starfield will award you with 2500 Credits and 100XP. She will also assign you your next assignment for Ryujin Industries, Maintaining the Edge.

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