Starfield Maintaining The Edge Walkthrough

"Maintaining the Edge" tasks you to steal a prototype schematic from the Trident Luxury Shipyard orbiting Akila in Starfield.

You need to sneak into Ryujin Industries’ competitor’s ship and steal their prototype as part of the “Maintaining the Edge” faction mission in Starfield.

This is a short mission and a rather easy one at that as long as you can sneak your way around.

How to unlock the “Maintaining the Edge” mission

You only need to complete Accidents Happen for the Ryujin Industries to unlock the next, Maintaining the Edge, mission in Starfield. Speak with Imogene afterward to start the mission.

How to complete “Maintaining the Edge” in Starfield

“Maintaining the Edge” is a stealth-based mission where you need to steal a prototype schematic from the Trident Luxury Shipyard in Starfield. Hence, make sure that you have several Digpicks in your inventory before starting the mission. You are going to need them to unlock doors and bypass security.

Once that’s done make your way to Akila in the Cheyenne System. The Luxury Shipyard can be found orbiting around Akila, you can open your Starmap for further assistance in helping find the Shipyard.

Get closer to the ship and dock with it.


Locate the Prototype Schematic

As you’ve docked the ship, you’ll be spawned in a lobby area. From there go down one floor and unlock the door that leads to the room with the Schematic prototype.

As you head down, you’ll be welcomed in an employee area. Crouch and walk slowly until you reach the door of the room where the schematic is present. Stay in cover and pick the lock using your digpicks.

Accessing the Vents (alternative method)

There is another way of accessing the room with Schematic inside but it requires an expert level of digpicking. Instead of going down a floor walk straight from the lobby area where you spawned until you reach a set of stairs.

Follow the stairs until you reach the bottom area with a bunch of employees. Stay discreet and make your way to the room with the orange door.

Once you’ve entered the room climb up the vents and put your digpicking skills to the test in Starfield. This method is quite challenging but provides you with a stealthier opportunity to get in and out of the Luxury Trident Shipyard undetected.

Try to save your game once you’ve entered the vent for safety measures as getting caught will get quite messy.

Return to Imogene

As you’ve acquired the prototype head back to Imogene to complete the Maintaining the Edge faction quest in Starfield.

Imogene will be found in the Operations Center in the Ryujin Tower. You can also start the next quest in the series known as Top Secrets.

Starfield – Maintaining the Edge mission rewards

  • 2500 Credits
  • Med packs x2

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