How To Travel To Neon In Starfield

Neon is one of the major cities in Starfield that you can visit to do some faction quests or illegal smuggling.

Neon is a Cyberpunkish location in Starfield, that is essentially a den of shady gangs, corrupt police, and the only place in the game where you can legally purchase the Aurora drug. If you wish to indulge in all that Neon has to offer, you need to know where to find it first.

In this guide, we’ll go over how you can reach Neon City in Starfield including its planet and star system. Additionally, we’ll also be going over some of the things you can do when you’re visiting this city in Starfield.  

Starfield Neon location

Neon is the main dry area located on Volii Alpha aquatic planet within the Volii system in Starfield. So to visit the city, you need to make your way there.

Open up your Starmap and find the Volii system. It is near the Olympus system, so it should be easy to find. Once you have found Volii, open its map and look for planet Volii Alpha. Scan it and search for the Neon landing zone. Since Volii Alpha mostly consists of water, it shouldn’t be hard to find. Once you’ve located it, simply land your ship there and you’ll be in Neon City in Starfield. 

If you continue with the main story of Starfield, it will automatically take you to the Neon City while going through the All That Money Can Buy quest. During the quest, you will accompany Walter Stroud to Neon City to secure the deal for the Artifact.

What can you do in Neon City? 

Neon City is a multifunctional area that allows you to carry out a multitude of tasks. Not only can you own an apartment in Neon, but you can also customize your ship, buy resources, and more! Here are all the things you can do in Neon City in Starfield. 

Buy your Apartment: You can buy an apartment in Neon City and settle down. These apartments range from simple sleeping pods to luxurious penthouses. Houses or apartments in Starfield serve a whole host of functions including allowing you to sleep and upgrading your weapons. To purchase a basic sleeping pod in the main market, locate Izna Sundararaman. You’ll have the option to either buy or rent the pod. If you want to purchase the more luxurious Sky Suite, head to the Astral Lounge and talk to the bartender. He’ll give you the option to purchase the Sky Suite apartment for a cool 235,000 credit.  

Recruit Companions: On Neon, you can recruit Mickey Caviar. Mickey is proficient in Gastronomy, Wellness, and Incapacitation. If you’re looking for a reliable companion then look no further than Mickey Caviar.  

Pay off your bounty: If you’ve accumulated a bounty you can pay it off when you’re in Neon in Starfield. There’s a Bounty Kiosk located in the Astral Lounge, which is the main city hub.  

Upgrade and Buy Ships and Weapons: Neon City is a hub for several merchants and technicians. If you’re looking for a new ship or if you want to upgrade your existing vessel you can head on over to ship technicians present in the area near your ship.

Pick Up Valuable Loot: In Neon City you’ll also find two valuable items to loot. Namely the Syndicate Enforcer and the Price of Destiny. The former is found in a Seokguh hideout during the Guilty Parties mission, while the latter is found at Bayu’s Penthouse. 

Perform the Merchant Chest Glitch: Since Neon is home to a bunch of merchants, this is a prime area to perform to chest glitch. This glitch involves going below the map and accessing each vendor’s stash to take their credits without their knowledge. You can then sell off these items for a quick profit

Complete Quests: Neon is home to several quests including Fishy Business and Supply Lines that can give you some much-needed XP and credits. If you decide to use the Neon Rat trait during character creation, you’ll have some additional dialogue options during this quest.

Explore: The last thing you can do in Neon is simply explore. Like all major planets in Starfield, Neon is home to many Flora and Fauna that you can scan, kill, and collect for valuable resources.  

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