How To Travel To Neon In Starfield

Neon is one of the major cities in Starfield that you can visit to do some faction quests or illegal smuggling.

While Starfield might have over 1,000 planets to explore, not all of them are fully inhabited. Luckily, the bulk of the game takes place in or around some major cities in different star systems. One of those cities, a pretty seedy Cyberpunk-esque location is Neon, a den of shady gangs, corrupt police and the only place in the game where you can legally purchase the Aurora drug. If you wish to indulge in all that Neon has to offer, we are here to explain how you can travel to Neon in Starfield.

Originally a fishing platform owned by the Xenofresh Corporation, Neon is under the control of Benjamin Bayu. The floating infrastructure was converted to the city after Xenofresh discovered and started the production of the drug Aurora.

Starfield Neon location

Neon is the main dry area located on the planet Volii Alpha aquatic planet. Besides being a commercial hub in 2330, this city also has The Volii Hotel along with other businesses such as Reliant Medical as well. Neon is located within the Volii system in Starfield so to visit the city, you need to make your way there.

Open up your Starmap and find the Volii system. It is near the Olympus system so should be easy to find. Once you have found Volii, open up its map and look for planet Volii Alpha. That is the planet where Neon is located in Starfield.

If you continue with the main story of Starfield, it will automatically take you to the Neon city while going through the All That Money Can Buy quest. During the quest, you will accompany Walter Stroud to Neon City in order to secure the deal for the Artifact.

The interesting fact about the city is its power source which is Lightning. With the help of a big shroud on the top, they gather the lightning energy and use it to power the whole city. Well, the name of the city also gives us a hint at that as well.


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