Starfield Background Checks Walkthrough

Background Checks is one of the most difficult missions in Starfield. You need to watch your step as there are moles about watching your moves.

Background Checks is a unique faction mission for Ryujin Industries in Starfield. The technological powerhouse that rules over the business world of Volii Star System, is not short of competition.

This time around, the stakes are even higher as the discord comes from within the company. You will go against your people to sniff out a mole that has infiltrated your ranks.

This exciting mission is packed with suspense and action that will keep you on your toes. Let’s look into how you can handle one of the hardest jobs that has come your way.

How to unlock the “Background Checks” mission

To unlock the Background Checks faction mission in Starfield, you must first complete the Top Secrets assignment for Ryujin Industries.

From starting as a junior operative in Back to the Grind for Ryujin Industries, you have climbed up the ladders and made a name for yourself within the faction.

From small assignments like A New Narrative to big ones like Accidents Can Happen, you have gained sufficient trust to partake in the company’s own internal audit.


How to complete “Background Checks” in Starfield

Background Checks is one of Starfield’s most difficult faction missions as you must infiltrate your company, Ryujin Industries.

With moles in the company, you must keep your mission off the records and calculate each step precisely.

Speak with Dalton Fiennes

The first step is getting the assignment from Dalton Fiennes in Neon City on Alpha Volii in the Volii Star System.

Head left from the Spaceport Terminal to Ryujin Tower and take the elevator up to the Executive Office floor. Head left after exiting to find Dalton in his office looking over some files.

He will share that someone in the company leaked files to Infinity LTD to find the mole, Security Directive Theta is being launched.

In simple terms, all Ryujin employees are due an audit except Ularu Chen. To bring her deeds to the table, a programmer going by Nyx will need our help.

Your task is to upload the program from Nyx to Ularu’s computer, which will automatically scan her system for required data that will contribute towards her verdict.

Delton also mentions that your security card will be deactivated, so you will be considered a trespasser. To aid you in this assignment, Delton will unlock access to Ryujin Tower’s ventilation so you can make it through without too many problems.

He advises you to carry out the mission quietly and provide you with a Disrupter device in case anything comes up. Lastly, he shares the meeting location with Nyx so it’s time to start Background Checks in Starfield.

Find Nyx

You will find Nyx at Madame Sauvage’s Place, as mentioned by Dalton. Head back down from Ryujin Tower to Spaceport Terminal.

Head down the alley between Mining League and the Terminal’s elevator. Enter Ebbside and you will find Madame Sauvage’s Place next to the entrance. Nyx will be inside next to the computer on the right.

He won’t hand over the program for free so you will have to either pay him or do him a favor.

Should you pay Nyx or do him a favor?

Nyx will demand 2500 Credits for the program, but you can persuade him to bring the price down.

Choose the orange option first, then select the 2-pointer green option, and end it with the orange option again. He will drop the price down to 1,000 Credits for you.

He will tell you to report back to him after you are done to decrypt the necessary information.

See how to deal with Nyx to get the program in Starfield.

If paying is out of the option, you can do him a favor. He will ask you to run the same program on Camden Cho’s computer while you are in Ryujin Tower for another client. He will then hand over the slate and bring it back to him once you are done.

This might seem like the best dialogue choice since you are getting the program for free, but the optional objective will make the mission a bit more difficult in Starfield.

Infiltrate Ryujin Industries through the vents

With the program slate, exit the establishment and take the first street on the left. Head up the stairs and press the Button on the Terminal at the end.

It will move the crane carrying the hollow shipping container to your side. Follow the alternative path to Ryujin Industries HQ.

Before heading further, it would help to wear attire that boosts your Stealth during the Background Checks mission in Starfield. Additionally, you will need to equip the disrupter so as to not kill any guards

Take the vents into the open room without any exit. You can climb up the boxes in the middle and reach the hatch, which will take you to the Floor Lights panel.

Use the panel to turn down the lights and exit through the hatch on the other side.

Sneak into Ryujin Industries through the vents in Starfield.

Find a way to avoid the guards

Here comes the tricky part because you need to avoid getting detected by the guards in the area while proceeding towards the objective.

The best way to do this, in our experience, is to keep near the left side of the pillars in the first room and then hug the right side of the wall till you get to the stairs.

Keep walking up the stairs till you reach the room with red partitions. Wait in the left corner till the guard near the entrance moves to advance further.

Hug the left wall to be safe and enter through the door on the right.

Run Nyx’s program on Camden Cho’s Computer (optional)

If you want to do Nyx a favor, now is the time. Take the corridor on the right with the Ryujin Industries small painting before heading inside the vents room.

Use Digipicks to unlock the door and upload the program on Cho’s Computer. Click on Rover files to complete the objective. You can skip the process if you have already paid Nyx for the program.

Run Nyx’s Program on Ularu Chen’s Computer

You are almost halfway to reaching Ularu’s Computer in Background Checks in Starfield. Use the vents in the red-lit room, take the hatch up, proceed to the other side, and drop down the hatch.

Take the stairs down on the right and use the vent behind the generator to avoid the guards ahead. Drop down the hatch and use Digipick to unlock the panel door.

Wait for the robots and soldiers to pass and then head to the room with the stairs. There will be a guard in there which you can sneak past, which we have found pretty difficult to avoid.

You can, however, persuade him pretty easily if you get caught.

To persuade him, choose the orange option and tell him there is nothing to worry about. Next, choose the orange option again to succeed in the persuasion check. 

Take the vents upstairs once again, and once you exit, use the suspended platform on the side to get to the vents across.

Be quick on your feet to avoid getting detected by guards in the room below. Before dropping down, turn the lights off again so that you are not detected when you drop down.

Use the disrupter on the guard so he doesn’t die, and make your way to Ularu Chen’s computer. Use the computer and click on the Rover files to run the program. It will complete the task of uploading Nyx’s program on Ularu’s computer, part of the Background Checks quest in Starfield.

Use the hatch above Ularu’s computer room to exit the Ryujin Tower through the vents. Take the stairs down, turn right, and use the stairs around the corner to head to Nyx’s Apartment.

Report back to Dalton

Wait for Nyx to decrypt the program and return the updated data slate to Dalton. Don’t worry; he won’t keep you in suspense and inform you that Imogene Salzo, the Operations specialist, and your entry into Ryujin Industries was the one behind the leaks.

You will be asked to escort her for interrogation, but that is a mission for another time. For now, you have completed Background Checks in Starfield.

Starfield – Background Checks mission rewards

Ryujin Industries does pay you handsomely for your efforts. For completing the Background Checks faction mission, you will receive 250XP and 10,000 Credits in Starfield.

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