Starfield Sabotage Mission Walkthrough

Sabotage is the longest stealth-based mission in Starfield.

Sabotage is among the most exciting faction missions for Ryujin Industries in Starfield. You will traverse the Volii System to finally conclude the story of the mole in the ranks of Ryujin. Whether it is in the favor of the company or your interests, the choice will be yours to make. Regardless of your decision, you will get 350XP, 3 Heart+, Med Packs, and 12,000 Credits for the lengthy mission.

After completing The Key Ingredient, talk to Dalton Fiennes to learn about your next assignment. You can find him in his office on the Executive Floor of Ryujin Tower in Neon City, Volii Alpha. He will share his discussions with Masako and how they conjured up a plan to disclose the mole in the Executive’s meeting.

After attending the meeting, you will be directed to the R&D department to get your Neuroamp installed. You can take the elevator to get there. After Veena is done with the procedure, you need to first learn to control the new tech before heading out to your actual mission.

Complete the Neuroamp Test

DeMarcus will be the willing test subject for the Neuroamp testing. Head up to the observation deck and scan the target to use Manipulation on him.

Make him pick up the key on the table and use it on the Secure Door Control. It will unlock the door making the Neuroamp a success. Veena and DeMarcus will relay their experience and excitement about the project, after which you will need to visit Masako for your assignment.


You can fail the Neuroamp test during Sabotage in Starfield. If you are outside the testing area, you can try again. Failing on the field will not earn you that second chance

Obtain mission details from Masako

Use the elevator across the hall and head up to the Executive Offices Floor, and you will find Masako in her office upstairs. She will task you with infiltrating Infinity LTD using the option of your choice.

The first is to sneak your way through the maintenance access on the roof. The second one is to use your social skills in a meeting with Lucas under a false identity. You won’t attend the meeting, it is just an entry point into the building.

After infiltrating the building, you must complete three main objectives, Run Overseer on Lucas’s computer on the Executive floor, Run Overseer on Faye Sengsavahn’s computer, and obtain their Neuroamp prototype on the R&D floor.

She will hand you over these items to aid you during your mission.

  • Overseer Program file
  • Maintenance Access Code to disable the Heating System
  • Your cover ID
  • An Operative Suit that lowers your Detection and increases your Stealth

If you want to prove Ularu is the mole, visit Dalton before heading to Infinity LTD. He will make the necessary changes to the Overseer program that will serve as evidence against her.

Find a way to infiltrate Infinity LTD

Head to New Atlantis at Jemison in Alpha Centauri Star System to begin the second half of Sabotage in Starfield. The Infinity LTD building is in the Commercial District, just outside the NAT station.

To get inside Infinity LTD, you can use any of the following methods

The first way is to sneak in through the roof access, which is best for a stealthy approach. Use the elevator at the entrance to head up to the roof.

Using your Neuroamp, manipulate the guard on the opposite side of the giant exhaust fan and turn it off. The area below the fans has a terminal you can use to sabotage the Heating System.


Sabotaging the Heating System will change the difficulty of Lucas’s office lock from Expert to Novice. It also puts guards on high alert, while most NPCs clear the area.

Sabotage the heating system in Infinity LTD in Starfield.

Another method is to talk your way in. You can do this by speaking to the receptionist at the entrance and heading up to the Marketing floor.

Talk to Aelys Ortiz behind the desk and wait for him to leave. You can now go to Lucas’s office directly from here. The main problem you will face is there are a lot more NPCs in the area and without sabotaging the Heating System, you are more prone to getting detected.

The last method, and the one we recommend, is to go in guns blazing. Since it doesn’t affect the outcome of the mission, you can swiftly move in and out of the building. The only repercussions you will face are a few strong words from Ryujin Executives at the end.

We suggest wearing the operative suit and taking food like Hippolyta to boost your stealth. Also, unequip your spacesuit, helmet, and pack to avoid getting detected.

Is it worth using stealth in Sabotage?

No, it is not worth using Stealth during the Sabotage mission in Starfield. The mission is quite long and there is a lot to look out for. While some may like the challenge, it is not for everybody. Along with the frustration, you need to have a good investment in Stealth to be able to execute this properly.

You will need to have the Stealth skill unlocked and have it at least to Rank 2 for comfortable use. Have the Lockpicking skill at Rank 2 to disable alarms. Gas from deactivating the heat systems can cause lung damage so you need to have appropriate Health and Aid items with you to counter it. Do not bring any companions with you and also remove your spacesuit for the Operative one.

How to complete Sabotage in stealth in Starfield

To complete Sabotage in stealth, you can either enter through the roof access or use a cover ID to infiltrate Infinity LTD. The only differences between the two are the path to Lucas’s office and access to the Heating system.


Getting caught in Stealth will not be a problem as long as you don’t kill anyone. If anyone is alerted, run back into vents or an empty room till things settle down.

Get to Lucas’ Office

Lucas’s Office is on the Executive Floor and depending on your path of entrance, you will need to use different ways to get there.

If you enter the roof access, you use the vents on the right after manipulating the guard and disabling the heating system. You will drop down onto the false ceilings below. Turn around and follow it to the right end and then drop down. The door on your left is Lucas’s office.

Choosing the meeting route will land you on the Marketing floor. After Aelys leaves, wait for a couple of seconds before following him. Enter the WC room and climb into the hatch above. Follow the vents and exit out onto false ceilings. There are boxes on the right that you can climb to reach exactly in front of Lucas’s office.

Use Digipick to unlock the door and Lucas’s computer. Run the Overseer program onto it to complete the objective.


If you find Lucas outside the door, you can Manipulate him to open the door to his office.

Run the program on Faye’s Computer

After you finish Lucas’s, return to the door and hop over the railing on the immediate left onto the false ceiling. Turn around the right corner and keep following the pipes till you find a vent on the other end. It will lead you to the toilets. There are patrolling guards outside who you need to watch out for.

There is one outside the washroom doors, wait for him to move out of sight, to run across the corridor to enter the offices on your left.

Duck behind the desks to get past the next guard. Once he leaves, exit out the left side and enter the cafeteria at the other end. Manipulate the guard inside to move out of the way. There are vents you need to pass through behind him.

You will drop onto the false ceilings above the offices. Walk towards the birthday decorations and take a right. Take another right and then turn left, and you will find another vent entrance.

They will take you down the elevator shaft. Exit the vents and jump onto the pipes on the other side, across the hallway.


You don’t have to make the jump while sneaking. The guards will not be looking in your direction so you won’t break stealth.

Turn left and you will see vents below the metal pipes on the other side of the room. Make the jump and follow them down the hatch. Go up the stairs on your right to find Faye’s computer on the desk above.

Run the Overseer program on Faye’s computer and grab the R&D ID Card on the desk on your way out. If Faye is in the area, you can also make her unlock the computer as well by using your Neuroamp’s Manipulation.

Deal with the Turret

Take the stairs from Faye’s office and use the door around the left corner to leave the area. Note that guards and office employees will surround it, so try to be as careful as possible. There is a big red security door on your right which will unlock using the ID Card.

Before you can enter, there is a Turret guarding the entrance. Sneaking around it is quite tricky so here’s how you can deal with it.

The easiest way to handle it is to just shoot it using a silenced weapon.

While on the pipes to Faye’s office, before jumping to the left side of the room, keep following them down the line. Drop down the gap and the computer inside will let you turn the turrets off.

There is a security camera watching the stairs so you need to move quickly and duck under the stairs. Then go up and manipulate the guard and send him to the corner. You can now access the computer terminal to disable the turrets.

The problem with this method is it’s more risky and can also result in the guard getting shot, alerting the entire building. We recommend just using the first method instead.

Retrieve the Neuroamp Prototype

Close the door behind you after you get inside. There is an engineer inside that you need to navigate around before you can grab the Prototype

Close the door behind you and take cover behind the desk. Once the worker is out of the way, use the switch on the right, next to the shelf, to close the blinds.

Disable the alarm by hacking into the Security Access Controls on the left side of the room. You can also make the Engineer do it for you by Manipulating him. Secure the Neuroamp Prototype safely.

Exit Infinity LTD

With all objectives in Infinity LTD completed, it is time to enter the last phase of the Sabotage mission in Starfield.

Walk to the right and use the Access Switch to unlock the Security Access Door. Sneak past the guards and run up the stairs. Follow the marker to the elevator and take it to the Entrance of Infinity LTD.

Report to David Barron of SSNN

Fortunately, the SSNN building is right next to Infinity LTD in Starfield. After arriving at the entrance, take the stairs to the SNN building.

David Barron, the reporter who will break the news to the public, will be right there, looking out the entrance window.

Hand him over the Overseer Program; he will have all the evidence he needs for his story. He ensures that the story will be up in an hour if the evidence is verified, and that is your cue to leave and report back.

Report back to Masako

Finally, at the end of the Starfield Ryujin Sabotage mission, you will have to report back to Masako. She will be in her office upstairs on the Executive Office floor of Ryujin Tower.

Listen to the SSNN Broadcast together with her, and the reaction will depend on the side you take.

Sabotage – Masako’s bad ending

The Ryujin Industries Executives will have a scheduled board meeting that will decide the fate of Infinity LTD and Masako if you double-crossed her.

In that case, she will ask you to Manipulate 50% of the votes in her favor. This will save her position as CEO, as she believes Ularu is an unfit leader.

Sabotage – Masako’s good ending

She will be satisfied with your report and asks you to converse with other board members to decide what to do about Infinity LTD’s future.

She wants you to convince them to buy off Infinity at a low price not only to eliminate the competitor but also to obtain their resources, making Ryujin look better in the Public’s eyes.

Regardless of the outcome, this will finally complete the Sabotage mission for the Ryujin Industries faction in Starfield.

How to fix Sabotage mission bugs in Starfield

In Starfield, you might face a glitch in the Sabotage Mission, preventing you from completing the mission. Here are a few tips to deal with them.

David Barron missing

The most common bug is David Barron, the SNN reporter you hand the files to at the end, goes missing. Despite having an official patch that supposedly resolves the bug, you can still encounter it during your playthrough.

The only workaround is to turn to console commands to summon him or reload an old save. If you have saved files from before the solution patch (patch 1.8.86), the problem might persist. You will have to come back to it during NG+.

Use the following console command to spawn him next to you: 00014E4F.moveto player


Console commands disable achievements which you can counter by using mods in Starfield.

Problems with gear while in Stealth

For Starfield Sabotage Stealth player, you must remove all your gear, “Suit, Pack, and Helmet,” and wear normal clothes. Doing so will solve the bug, and you can add the gear.

Unable to reach Research Level

There is a bug that prevents players from reaching the “Research Level.” This can only be done using the Elevator Shaft, which can’t be reached.

You must go back to the ground using the elevator and then to the Marketing level. From there, you will find Spiral Stairs, which will have access to the platform reaching the Elevator Shaft. Using this Elevator Shaft, you can reach the Research level.

To reach the Research level, you can also use the help of Console Commands. These commands are “Prid 00014E4F” and “Move to Player.”

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