Starfield Sabotage Walkthrough

Sabotage is a long stealth-based mission where you have to decide the final outcome of Masako in Starfield.

Sabotage is among the most interesting faction missions done for Ryujin Industries in Starfield. From being a junior operative to a double-crossing agent, your journey through the technological giant has been eventful, to say the least.

You will be traversing across the Volii System to finally conclude the story of the mole in the ranks of Ryujin. Whether it is in the favor of the company or your own personal interests, the choice will be yours to make. Let’s look into what the eventful mission of Sabotage has in store for you in Starfield.

How to unlock the Sabotage mission

To unlock Sabotage, you need to complete all Ryujin Industries faction missions up till The Key Ingredient in Starfield.

You are almost near the end of the faction missions of Ryujin Industries and the storyline is in its final stages.

Starting your story from Back to the Grind, to setting the course of Ryujin Industries in Guilty Parties, you are finally near the last chapters. The choices you made along the way impact the way your story ends here along with those you have worked with.

How to complete Sabotage in Starfield

To complete Sabotage in Starfield, you will need to undergo the Neuroamp implementation surgery, infiltrate the Infinity LTD, and release the report to the public.


It is a lengthy mission, with a lot of stealth and combat involved. We suggest gearing up your stealth supplies and equipping your Disrupter before going under the radar once again.

Meet Dalton Fiennes

The first step is to land in Neon City at Alpha Volii in Volii Star System and head up to the Executives Floor of Ryujin Tower. You will find Dalton in his office who will brief you about Sabotage in Starfield.

Depending on the call you made in the last mission, Imogene or Ularu will be your next target. He will share his discussions with Masako and how they conjured up a plan to disclose the mole in the Executive’s meeting.

Attend the meeting

Despite the side you chose, Imogene will be accused of being the mole. It will be to either fool Ularu, the real mole, or side with her to keep the truth in the dark.

It will be decided to release the information to the public through SSNN news and you will be sent to Veena for the Internal Neuroamp trial.

Head up to the R&D Floor using the elevator to find Veena in the Neuroamp division. Lie down on the operating table to get the surgery for Neuroamp installed in your brain.

After the success, Veena will explain the workings of Internal Neuroamp and send you to the Observation Deck to test it out.

Use the Neuroamp

DeMarcus will be the willing test subject for the Neuroamp testing. Use Manipulation on him to make him pick up the key on the table and use it on the Secure Door Control. It will unlock the door making the Neuroamp a success.

Veena and DeMarcus will relay their experience and excitement about the project after which you will need to visit Masako for your assignment.

Obtain mission details from Masako

Use the elevator across the hall and head up to Executive Offices Floor and you will find Masako in her office upstairs. She will task you with infiltrating Infinity LTD using the option of your choice.

The first is to sneak your way through the maintenance access on the roof. The second one is to make use of your social skills in a meeting with Lucas under a false identity. You won’t actually attend the meeting, it is just an entry point into the building.

After infiltrating the building, you will need to complete three main objectives, accessing Lucas’s computer on the Executive floor, accessing Fae Sengsavahn’s computer, and obtaining their Neuroamp prototype on the R&D floor.

On those computers, you will need to run Ularu Chen’s overseeing program that will save Project Dominion from becoming public knowledge.

Additionally, you can access the computer terminal in the maintenance entrance using a key provided by Ularu to malfunction the heating system of Infinity LTD.

This will create gas leaks on every floor and cause company-wide evacuation for your ease. Lastly, they will offer you an operative suit that increases your stealth which you can put to good use here.

Should you side with Ularu or Dalton?

After completing the objectives, take the data to David Barron at the SSNN field office but don’t reveal your own identity and report back to complete your mission.

If you opt to be on Ularu’s side, you will her in her office and receive all the required equipment for the assignment and discuss your plans regarding Masako.

If you choose to believe Imogene, you will need to pay a visit to Dalton on the Executive Floor. He will keep the original file as evidence against Ularu and give you a revised version that does not involve throwing Masako under the bus.

Find a way to infiltrate Infinity LTD

Head to New Atlantis at Jemison in Alpha Centauri Star System to begin the second half of Sabotage in Starfield.

We suggest wearing the operative suit and taking food like Hippolyta to boost your stealth. Also unequip your spacesuit, helmet, and pack to avoid getting detected.

Go to the Commercial District using the NAT and the Infinity LTD building will be right up front. Talk to the receptionist, Dezi, and tell her Skyler Lumin has a meeting in Marketing. She will direct you to the elevator which you can take to Aelys Ortiz, the receptionist on the Marketing floor.

You can choose your preferred way of infiltration here, the roof access will give you a bit more hard time with stealth but gets the job done. For us, we found using the marketing route was an easier way.

The only difference is the route to Lucas’s computer, everything else will remain the same.

Get to Lucas’ Computer through the roof

If you go with the maintenance hallway route in Sabotage then go to the Roof using the elevator of Infinity LTD in Starfield. The vent on the left will lead to a giant exhaust fan with Infinity Security on the other side.

Manipulate the guard to turn off the fan (optional)

Use your Neuroamp to Manipulate the guard to turn the switch off making the fan stop. Drop down from the fan into the room below. You can sabotage the systems on the left if you want to here.

Sabotage the Heating System (optional)

After turning off the fan, Take a left after the hallway and use the passcode provided by Ularu to unlock the Maintenance System computer.

Go to Critical Systems, Click on Heating, Activate the Systems, and click Yes to sabotage the heating system in the Sabotage mission of Starfield.

Sabotage the heating system in Infinity LTD in Starfield.

Enter Lucas’ Office

Otherwise, use the vents on the right to drop down onto the false ceilings below. Face the opposite side, walk to the right, and drop down near the door on the left.

Use Digipick to unlock the door quickly as guards will still be patrolling the area. Use the Digipick to unlock Lucas’s computer and run the Overseer program onto it.

Get to Lucas’ Computer through the marketing floor (optional)

If you go with the meeting route in Sabotage then go to the Marketing floor using the elevator of Infinity LTD in Starfield. Talk to Aelys and wait for him to leave to call for Ms. Nina Hart. Wait for a few seconds and follow in the same direction he went.

Run the program on Lucas’ Computer

Go straight through the WC Door and climb up on the stand in the back to access the hatch above. Climb up through the hatch till you reach a vent exiting you onto false ceilings.

Take the first right and use the boxes to climb up to the Executive Floor. Lucas will be right in front of you wearing a brown jacket.

Use your Neuroamp and manipulate him to open the door to his office for you. Remember to close the door behind you before accessing Lucas’s Computer. Unlock it using Digipick and run the Overseer Program.

Run the program on Faye’s Computer

After you are done with Lucas’s, go back out the door and jump the railing on the immediate left onto the false ceiling.

Crouch and walk straight to the vents and drop back down through the WC hatch. Turn right, and enter the office room at the end of the hallway.

There is a room in the back with vents you can drop down from to reach the false ceilings again.

Crouch walk your way towards the right and turn the left corner from the wall, take another right and you will find another vent. Drop down and there will be another vent but don’t jump out of it.

Slowly walk out and jump onto the pipes on the left side. Keep following the path around the corner and enter through the vent.

Drop down and use the hatch at the end to enter the room. Turn around crouch walk upstairs as Faye is around the corner.

Use your Neuroamp to Manipulate her into unlocking her computer. Run the program and quickly run past her before the effect runs out.

Manipulate Faye to unlock her computer for you in Starfield.

Retrieve the prototype

Take the stairs down out of Faye’s office and use the door around the left corner to leave the area. Note that it will be surrounded by guards and office employees so try to be as careful as you can.

Around the right corner will be an open office with Infinity Engineers and security. Manipulate the nearest worker using Neuroamp to access the ID Card Reader near the Secure Access door on the right.

As soon as it is open, wait till the guard is facing the other way and quickly crouch and walk through the door. Close it and hide behind the black cargo on the side.

Wait till the engineer leaves and use the switch next to the shelf on the right to close the blinds. Quickly hide behind the desk as it can alert him and then move closer as the Hidden meter goes back to normal.

Manipulate the Infinity Engineer using your Neuroamp and quickly unlock the Security Access Controls behind him using Digipick. Disable the alarm and pick up the Internal Neuroamp Prototype from the Holding Chamber near the blinds.

Exit Infinity LTD

With all objectives in Infinity LTD completed, it is time to enter the last phase of the Sabotage mission in Starfield.

Walk to the right and use the Access Switch to unlock the Security Access Door. Use the Disrupter to bring the guard down and run up the stairs. Follow the marker to the elevator and take it down to the Entrance of Infinity LTD.

Report to David Barron of SSNN

Fortunately, the SSNN building is right next to Infinity LTD in Starfield. After you arrive at the entrance, take the stairs up to the SNN building.

David Barron, the reporter who will break the news to the public will be right there, looking out the window of the entrance.

Hand him over the Overseer Program and he will have all the evidence he needs for his story. He ensures that the story will be up in an hour if the evidence is verified and that is your cue to leave and report back.

Report back to Masako

Finally, at the end of the Sabotage faction mission in Starfield, you will have to report back to Masako. She will be in her office upstairs on the Executive Office floor of Ryujin Tower.

Listen to the SSNN Broadcast together with her and the reaction will depend on the side you took.

Sabotage – Masako bad ending

There will be a scheduled board meeting for Ryujin Industries Executives that will decide the fate of Infinity LTD and Masako if you double-crossed her.

In that case, she will ask you to Manipulate 50% of the votes in her favor. This will save her position as CEO as she holds the opinion that Ularu is an unfit leader.

Sabotage – Masako good ending

She will be satisfied with your report and asks you to converse with other board members to decide what to do about Infinity LTD’s future.

She wants you to convince them to buy off Infinity at a low price not only to eliminate the competitor but also to obtain their resources making Ryujin look better in the Public’s eyes.

Regardless of the outcome, this will finally complete the Sabotage mission for the Ryujin Industries faction in Starfield.

Starfield – Sabotage mission rewards

For completing the lengthy faction mission of Sabotage, you are rewarded 350XP, 3 Heart+, and Med Packs with 12,000 Credits in Starfield.

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