Starfield One Step Ahead Walkthrough

"One Small Ahead" is another stealth-based mission in Starfield where you have avoid getting caught by CeltCorp Security.

Your first assignment as a Junior Operative at Ryujin Industries, One Step Ahead is classified as a Faction Mission in Starfield

Ryujin Industries with their technological prowess hold authority over all 9 planets of the Volii System. Being the oldest in the field, they neither lack motivation nor resources to get the job done. These benefits will be available to you at the cost of your loyalty and your ability to prove your worth.

One Step Ahead is an objective assigned to you early in your career in Starfield where your stealth and on-field dexterity will be measured so let’s look into how you can make an impression on Ryujin Industries.

How to unlock the One Step Ahead mission

One Step Ahead will be available to you after completing the Back to the Grind Faction Mission in Starfield. It will be your first assignment after being promoted to Junior Operative under Imogene in Ryujin Industries.

After completing your first assignment, the mission HUD will automatically be updated with One Step Ahead under the Faction tab.

How to complete One Step Ahead in Starfield

To complete One Step Ahead Faction Mission in Starfield, you need to first take up the assignment from Imogene Salzo, your employer and Operations Head at Ryujin Industries.


Talk to Imogene

Teleport to Neon at Alpha Volii planet in Volii Star System. Take left from the Spaceport Terminal and you will find the Ryujin Tower. Head up to the Operations Floor and follow the marker to the glass-windowed room where you will find Imogene.

She will task you with uploading a program into CeltCorp servers as punishment for them trying to hack into Ryujin’s R&D Servers.

To remove them from the competition you will be put up to the task of doing it as discreetly as possible without drawing any attention. With this, you will be handed a confidential Data Slate with the program and 2x Digipicks to help you with your mission.

Upload the program at CeltCorp

Fortunately, there are no Grav Jumps to distant galaxies involved this time as CeltCorp can be found in Neon Core on Volii Alpha. A faction mission marker will show its exact location on the planet on the star map which you can use to fast travel.

Take the elevator back down to the entrance of Ryujin Tower and run straight to the Spaceport Terminal. Hug the right side, past Reliant Medical, it will lead you directly to the CeltCorp Official building.

Take the elevator, right of Astral Lounge stairs, up to CeltCorp Floor. It will be surrounded by CeltCorp employees but don’t worry as they are not hostile.

Make your way through the scanners, take the last right and you will reach the computer where the file needs to be uploaded. It will be password-protected so you will need to use Digipick to unlock it, mainly hack into it.

The way you handle this will not impact the mission’s outcome but there will be some cost to handling it poorly. You can save your game here so you can come back if things don’t go as planned.

How to avoid getting caught by CeltCorp Security

To avoid getting caught by CeltCorp Security in One Step Ahead Faction Mission in Starfield, you will have to exercise your patience. Wait for the chatting employees near the office door to finish their conversation first and leave on their coffee break.

Fool the CeltCorp security in One Step Ahead in Starfield.

After they leave, a guard patrolling the area will enter the room, and stand around the computer you are trying to hack.

After a few seconds, he will leave his position so take the opportunity to upload the program now while crouching. Be as quick as possible to avoid any further problems.

What happens if you get caught?

If you simply hack the computer without any regard for your surroundings, you will be flagged for tampering with the lock and a bounty of 350 Credits will be placed on your head.

You will be stopped by CeltCorp security on your where you can pay to the officer or to the Neon Security station, regardless of your choice 2850 Credits will be removed as payment from your own pocket. If you are running short on money, taking a more cautionary route will benefit you more.

Report back to Imogene

Head back to Imogene in Ryujin Tower to report your mission status. Depending on the route you take, she will praise or warn you for your methods. She will take the slate from you to dispose of it, completing the One Step Ahead faction mission in Starfield.

Starfield – One Step Ahead mission rewards

Successful completion of Ryujin Industries faction mission One Step Ahead will reward you with 1000 Credits, 100 XP, and Reconstim in Starfield. Imogene will then recruit you for your next assignment A New Narrative if you will be up for it.

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