Starfield Access Is Key Walkthrough

Access is Key challenges your creative side over the violent beast hidden inside you. Let us help nurture your creativity but the final decision still lies in your hands.

Access is Key in Starfield is another faction mission that you need to do for the Ryujin Industries that reign over the Volii Star Systems. They are one of the oldest-running corporations that have major control of everything and everyone around. Their base of operations is the Ryujin Tower in Neon City at Alpha Volii planet, a place you will find yourself frequently visiting if you join their faction.

Access is Key in Starfield is a unique mission that will test your ability to use unique methods of your own choice. Let’s look into how that choice will affect your mission.

How to unlock Access is Key mission in Starfield

A New Narrative is a faction mission that you need to complete first to unlock Access is Key in Starfield. To access these jobs, you need to first become part of the Ryujin Industries faction by completing the Back to the Grind mission.

Build your trust with the faction to get more assignments which can be done by accomplishing assigned objectives. Take up One Step Ahead to unlock A New Narrative, which will grant access to Access is Key.

How to complete Access is Key in Starfield

To complete Access is Key in Starfield, you need to first take up the mission from Imogene Salzo, Ryujin Industries’ Operations Specialist, and your employer. Head to Ryujin Tower in Neon city at Volii Alpha and take the elevator up to Operation’s Floor.

Head right up from the reception desk and you will find her in the room with a glass wall looking over the base. She will task you with retrieving the Security Key Card from a Security Chief. She emphasizes using a creative method as opposed to using a weapon. Her suggestions include either pickpocketing or dressing as Security Guard Personnel. Since the quest can be done anywhere, you can choose to dress up as Hopetown Security, Paradiso Security or even a Security at a clinic and simply talk to the Chief.


Wearing a security guard uniform in Access is Key is an optional objective so whichever route you take will not impact the completion of the quest. However, using weapons or violence will cost you 250 credits which you will lose at the time of receiving the reward.

There are multiple Security Chiefs you will be able to find around but here we have mentioned the two easiest ones you can access to.

Find a Security Guard uniform

The first thing you will need to complete Access is Key in Starfield is find a security guard uniform. Luckily, you can purchase it from the vendor outside. Head back down to the Ryujin Tower’s entrance using the same elevator. On your left, you will find Aito Suzuki, running the Ryujin Industries Product Store.

There will be multiple apparels to choose from, but you need a Corpo Boardroom Suit for the Access is Key mission that will cost 641 Credits. It will also provide you a bonus 5% Persuasion Chance when equipped.

Get yourself a disguise to do "Access is Key" mission in Starfield.

Equip the security guard uniform and head out straight, past the Spaceport Terminal you will find Neon Security. Head inside and you will find Neon Security Head on the right. Talk to her, she will refuse at first. So, you will have to Persuade her to get the security key off her hands.

We have noticed that choosing the safest options for all questions will get the job done before the turns run out. It may be different for you so make sure you understand the mechanics of Persuasion in Starfield.

However, this is not the only way to complete Access is Key in Starfield and we have detailed another method below.

Travel to Hopetown security base

The other method to complete Access is Key in Starfield is to visit Polvo in the Valo System. After clearing the Contraband Scan, you can go ahead and head down to Hopetown on Polvo.

After landing, you need to find the Hope Town Security Base where the Security Officer resides. The shortest route is past the white container on the left through the landing base. You will find a camp before entering the grassy terrain where some useful items can be looted.

At the end of the grassy terrain, you will discover a security base at the end. It is highlighted by 3 giant radio satellites. The Security Chief of Hope Town will be standing on the porch outside one of the camps. Take her down and loot the Security Key Card from her body. You can also pickpocket her at some additional risk.

Starfield Access is Key mission rewards

Bring the Security Key Card back to Imogene at Ryujin Tower to complete Access is Key quest in Starfield. She will take it off your hands and reward you with 100 XP and 2500 or 2250 Credits depending on the route you chose.

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