Starfield A New Narrative Mission Walkthrough

Plant incriminating evidence against Laredo to help out Ryujin Industries.

A New Narrative in Starfield is classified as a Faction Mission under Ryujin Industries. It is pretty simplified without any fighting involved if you manage to keep yourself out of trouble.

Among the settled systems, Ryujin Industries established its hold on all of Volii Systems. To maintain its position at the top, there are quite a few underhanded tactics it uses to manipulate the market. One such method is to limit rival organizations, which you will be executing during the A New Narrative mission

After uploading the data at Celt Corp’s Headquarters during One Step Ahead, you can talk to Imogene again about the details of your assignment. She will be in her office on the Operations Floor of Ryujin Tower in Neon City on planet Volii Alpha.

Get the confidential files

A New Narrative starts with Imogene briefing you about infiltrating a company in Starfield. The main objective of this task is to plant incriminating evidence against Ryujin’s competitor, Laredo Firearms. This will allow Salzo to remove competition and streamline negotiations for the contract they are fighting for. She will hand you over the confidential files and 2 Digipicks to help you get started with it.


You can find confidential files in your inventory under the New or Notes tab.

Find the Laredo Firearms building

With the files in hand, use Starfield’s star map to head over to Akila City in the Cheyenne System, a mission pin for “A New Narrative” will already be marking the location on the planet.

Once at the city, turn east from the main city entrance to find Laredo Firearms building up ahead. The facility is located near the Trade Authority. It is one of the best weapon stores you will find in the city.


If this is your first time in the area, the gatekeeper will warn you about the ongoing battle within the city. You can pick up the Job Gone Wrong mission by offering to help the Marshal.

Inside Laredo’s establishment, you need to get up to the second floor of the building. Unlock the door behind the bar, on your left using Digipick.

Take the first right, then turn left to find the stairs leading to the upper level. Don’t worry about the nearby bystanders and employees while lockpicking, they don’t seem to mind you intruding.

Plant the confidential files

On the second floor, there is a locked office with an empty chest inside where you need to place the confidential files. There will be a Laredo employee patrolling the floor so mind your step while moving in the area.


The patrolling guard will eventually sit down at the desk next to the office, facing away from the door. This will be your chance to take action.

Use the Digipick Imogene provided you with at the start of the mission to overcome yet another lockpick puzzle in Starfield. Plant the confidential files from your inventory in the large empty chest after unlocking it.

Now, you can return to Imogene Salzo to report the good news and complete the A New Narrative mission in Starfield.

Starfield A New Narrative mission rewards

After completing A New Narrative mission in Starfield, you will be rewarded with the following items:

  • 100 XP
  • 2500 Credits
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