Lies of P Wedding Ring: Where To Find And What To Do With It

Can a human fall in love with a puppet?

The Wedding Ring in Lies of P is a recollection item that is tied to Julian the Gentleman’s quest. A pretty wholesome yet tragic backstory accompanies this ring so if you are interested in learning more about the world of Krat, completing this side quest and finding the Wedding Ring in Lies of P should be a priority.

Once you defeat the White Lady boss in Rosa Isabelle Street, you will gain access to the nearby stargazer. At the end of the tunnel, you will see Julian the Gentleman standing. Talk to him, and he will ask you to search for his wife’s belongings and bring her wedding ring. His wife was in a black dress, so now you must search for a dead woman wearing a black dress.

How to find Julian’s wife’s wedding ring

After talking to Julian, turn around to face the stargazer and go through the double doors. Keep following this path, going up the stairs as you cross the area. Be wary as there are a lot of maid puppets in the area.

As you follow this linear path, you will eventually reach a bridge connecting the alley you came from and the other side with Harold Theater and Theodore Books shops. Cross this bridge and immediately turn left to go downstairs.

At the foot of the stairs, turn right and you will see a woman dressed in black, lying dead next to a wall.

Lies of P Wedding Ring

Turns out this is Julian’s wife, and he actually married a puppet. Pick up the wedding ring in Lies of P next to her body and start making your way back to Julian.


What to do with the Wedding Ring in Lies of P

There are two paths you can take here with the wedding ring once you meet Julian again. You can either lie to Julian or tell him the truth.

I saw the message she left… option is the lie selection. Selecting it will result in Julian giving you the Wedding Ring as a reward as well as the Sad gesture.

I’ve never seen that happen before option is the true statement. It is definitely a first, seeing a human fall in love with and marry a puppet. If you choose this option, Julian will thank you and keep the Wedding Ring while giving you a Radiant Ergo Fragment.

If you choose to tell Julian the truth, you can still get the wedding ring later on. After defeating the King of Puppets, you will find Julian’s dead body and can pick up the Bloody Wedding Ring from it. Julian couldn’t handle the loss of his wife and committed suicide.

Whether you have the Wedding Ring or Bloody Wedding Ring, you can talk to Polendina next to the fountain in Hotel Krat’s North entrance after defeating the King of Puppets. He will ask you if it is possible for humans and puppets to fall in love.

Lies of P Wedding Ring

If you have the ring in your inventory, you can show it to him and tell him it is possible. Turns out Polendina is in love with Lady Antonia but is scared of revealing it.

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