How To Get The Pray Gesture In Lies of P

Kneel in front of the angels.

The pray gesture is among the 15 total emotes available in Lies of P. Rather than being simple emotes only for animation, these gestures actually serve a purpose in the game: to solve puzzles or open up hidden secrets.

Pray is one of the most used gestures in Lies of P, so it is a good idea to unlock it as quickly as possible, allowing you access to new secrets in Krat.

How to unlock the Pray gesture in Lies of P

To unlock the Pray gesture in the game, you need to read Cecile’s confession in St. Frangelico Cathedral Library. However, getting the confession to spawn there requires completing Sister Cecile’s side quest.

To get started with the quest, talk to Sister Cecile in the Library. She will ask you to bring her Archbishop’s Holy Mark. The Holy Mark is found in the Archbishop’s Quarters (the room with two angel statues at its entrance).

From the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library stargazer, keep going through the catacombs, turn left from the pool of Decay water, and make your way up the stairs. You will eventually reach the Archbishop’s Quarters. The Holy Mark will be on the floor next to his desk.

How To Get The Pray Gesture In Lies of P

Once you have the mark, make sure to return it to Cecile BEFORE fighting Archbishop Andreus. Once Cecile has the mark she will give you an Attribute Resistance Ampoule. Now, continue with the area and defeat the archbishop.


Once the boss is dead, go back to where Cecile was, and in her place, you will find Cecile’s Written Confession. Read Cecile’s confession to unlock the Pray gesture in Lies of P. If you defeat Andreus before giving Cecile the Holy Mark, he will end up transforming into a carcass and you will have to kill her, making it impossible to get the Pray emote.

How To Get The Pray Gesture In Lies of P

How to use the Pray gesture

You can perform gestures or emotes through Quick Select Gesture Menu. In order to use the Pray gesture, you need to find the One Winged Angel Statue. It is located near the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel stargazer. Once in front of the statue, open the Gesture Menu and select the Pray Gesture.

Selecting the Pray gesture in front of the statue will have you kneel down and bow in front of the statue. Performing the Pray emote at the statue will increase your humanity points.

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