Elden Ring Smithing Stone 5 Locations

To Upgrade armaments above +4, you will need Smithing Stone 5 in Elden Ring.

If your armaments have reached +4 in the Elden Ring, you must find Smithing Stone 5 to strengthen them further by +5.

The Smithing Stones 5 are scattered throughout the game, and a maximum of 999 can be held by a player at a time. Players should look for them in all locations and reinforce their armaments using these stone pieces.

Where to find Smithing Stone 5 in Elden Ring

The Smithing Stone 5 pieces are scattered all over the Lands Between, and most of them are looted from corpses. They are also present in the three underground regions.

Redmane Castle

1) Go to the building south of Redmane Castle; the stone can be looted from a corpse you encounter there.

2) Go to the Redmane Castle’s southeast and climb the ladder on the tower. Once on the roof, you will find the corpse with the Smithing Stone 5.

Sellia Crystal Tunnel and nearby areas

1) In the open field in Caelid, at the location marked on the map above, there will be a bunch of Mushrooms. You can loot the stone piece from here, but beware of the raven that guards it.

2) Go to the north of Sellia Evergaol and the location marked on the map above. You can find three Smithing Stones 5 within a statue here, but to access these stones, you must break the statue, which can be done by luring a Dragon found east of the statue.  

3) Sellia Crystal Tunnel is easily one of the best farming locations for Smithing Stones 5 in Elden Ring. All you have to do is farm the Glintstone Miners here.

You can get up to seven Smithing Stone 5 pieces in one go by heading to the storage room, the main cavern, and then the rest of the tunnel.

The same Miners also drop Somber Smithing Stone 4, so you can farm both upgrade materials simultaneously.

Raya Lucaria Academy

1) At this location, you will come across Bloody Finger Hunter Yura, who will require your help defeating the Bloody Finger Assassin. Win the fight and then converse with Yura who will reward you with the required stone.

2) In Raya Lucaria Academy, reach the point marked by taking an elevator and accessing the underground level. Loot the Smithing Stone 5 from the corpse found here.

3) Look for the curved staircase at the end of the Iron ball trap. You will find the Smithing stone pieces here.

Leyndell, Royal Capital

1) At the point marked on the map above, look at the side of the road, and you will see a corpse. Loot the stone from this corpse.

2) Go to the area marked on the map where giant golems are present. The stone piece here is also looted from a corpse.

3) This stone piece is located inside the Sealed Tunnel in a cavern. To find this stone, go to the lower level by defeating the Abductor Virgin enemy and head northwest.

4) Loot the Smithing Stone 5 from a corpse hanging from a house.

5) In the Fortified Manor, access the lower level behind the Armory Room where the corpse with this stone is present.

6) Look for the room with swords displayed on a table in the Fortified Manor. Go to the balcony near this room to find a corpse with the Smithing stone.

7) Go to the roof at the location marked on the map. Here, the stone is possessed by a corpse.

8) look for a room filled with pipes in the Subterranean Shunning Grounds. Here, you will come across a corpse that can be looted for the stone.

9) Go to the cliff that is facing Erdtree. Loot the stone from the corpse present there.

Altus Tunnel

The Altus Tunnel south of the Minor Erdtree is an excellent location to farm Smithing Stone 5 pieces in Elden Ring. You can farm up to six Smithing Stones 5 here.

Start from the first cavern, where you will find the first stone. Move to the second cavern, where you will find three more stones: one in the entryway, one under the wooden walkway, and the last near a big root.

Now move to the cavern with the boss door for the rest of the 2 stones. One will be present near the entryway and the other near the boss’s door.

The Shaded Castle

1) Go west from the Shaded Castle and look for a corpse leaning against a rock behind a giant. Loot the stone from this corpse.

2) Go to the western ramparts and head north till you see a corpse guarded by the Giant Miranda Sprout. Defeat it and loot the corpse for the stone.

3) Go to the northwest building and cross the northern ramparts. Now, climb the stairs till you reach the roof of the northeast building. Here, you will come across a Wildlife Creature known as the Rotten Stray guarding a corpse with the stone you are looking for.

4) Go to the east of the Shaded Castle into the inner courtyard and then climb the ladder there. You will reach the point on the map, and a dead body will possess the stone.

5) Look for the Poison Pond between the dead tree and southern ramparts. A dead body here can be looted for the stone.

6) This Smithing Stone 5 can be looted from the dead body in the rampart near the roof.

Altus Plateau

1) In the Volcano Manor, drop down from the higher roof to reach the lower one. A corpse will be hanging from here that possesses the required stone.

2) You will find a corpse in Mt. Gelmir lying on the ground. Loot it to get the Smithing Stone 5.

3) This stone is inside the Wyndham Ruins. Go to the south inside the ruins till you see a dead body with two skeletons near it. The stone is found on this body.

4) Head northeast from the Abandoned Coffin Site of Grace till you reach the point marked on the map. A corpse will be present there that possesses the Smithing Stone 5.

5) Near the Ravine Veiled Village Site of Grace, a dead body will be present in a small building. Loot the stone piece from this corpse.

6) Go to the caves running through the Ruin-Strewn Precipice till you ride an elevator. Halfway up the elevator, you will see the stone.

Castle Sol

1) Look for a wooden structure opposite the main gate. A corpse with the Smithing stone will be present under this structure.

2) Look for the church in Castle Sol and go to its right. You will find a hanging corpse here that possesses the stone.

Deeproot Depths

1) In the underground Deeproot Depths, a corpse will be present on the ground at the marked point, and a few soldiers will be around it. The Smithing Stone 5 is on this corpse.

2) On the rooftop here, look for a corpse lying on the ground and loot it for the coveted stone.

Ainsel River

1) Go to the caves of the main Ainsel River. You will find a corpse here that possesses the stone.

2) Another Smithing Stone 5 is on a corpse located on the stairs of the Grand Cloister.

Siofra River

1) Near the Siofra Aqueduct, you will encounter a corpse sitting on a chair. Loot it to obtain the stone.

2) Reach the marked point in Nokron Eternal City and loot the stone from the dead body.

3) The Smithing Stone 5 will be at the marked point with a pillar with some raised area.

4) In Nokron Eternal City, you will come across the bridge ruin after fighting off the boss known as Mimic Tear. The dead body present here will give off the stone.

5) In the graveyard of the Nokron Eternal City, at the point marked, you will find a dead body with the Smithing Stone 5.

6) Go to the courtyards of Nokron Eternal City by the rooftop path, and here you will find the dead body with the stone in a corner.

Where to buy Smithing Stone 5 in Elden Ring

One merchant NPC in Elden Ring will sell you Smithing Stones 5 in exchange for Runes and a key item.

This NPC Merchant is the Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable Hold, looking like two conjoined Finger Readers. You can buy Smithing Stone 5 here for 1200 Runes, but only after you have to give them the Smithing Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing 3, which is in the Zamor Ruins of the Mountaintops of the Giants region.

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