Elden Ring Redmane Castle Location And How to Enter

To enter Redmane Castle in Caelid, players will need to go east from Impassable Greatbridge to enter the castle.

Redmane Castle is a legacy dungeon in Elden Ring and is home to one of the greatest boss battles, Starscourge Radahn. A place of sorrow and a sad memorial of a fallen general, Redmane Castle represents the devastating aftermath of a battle between gods. The only place to survive Scarlet Rot in Caelid, Redmane Castle is home to warriors dedicated to keep the memory of their great leader alive at any cost.

Finding and invading Redmane Castle is a herculean task in Elden Ring. But there is nothing to worry about as we will be guiding you on how to enter this desolate structure and take down its fearsome foes.

Where is Redmane Castle? How can you enter?

redmane castle location how to enter

Redmane Castle is in the Southeast corner of Caelid, across the Impassable Greatbridge. This location is in the Southern region of Caelid and is marked on the map. Redmane Castle is a high-level area that offers some strong enemies and mini-bosses. The minimum level that we recommend before attempting this legacy dungeon is 60, with level 70 as the sweet spot.

From the site of grace on Impassable Greatbridge, go East. Make sure to use Torrent to run across the bridge and avoid incoming exploding boulders. Enemies from the Castle use catapults to attack any invaders. At the end of the bridge, turn left and keep going up past the barricades to reach the Redmane Castle’s main gate. This area is swarmed with enemies so make haste.

The main door of Redmane Castle is blocked and players can’t enter it from there. Turn right and jump onto the ledge. Keep running on the ledge while hugging the left wall. Make sure to kill or avoid large bats on your path. Keep going up and left with the help of Torrent until you reach the location with a catapult and a wooden structure with a ladder.

There is a door to the left but ignore it as it will be closed for now. Climb the ladder and turn left to drop on Castle’s ramparts. This area is swarmed with Redmane soldiers. Sneak past the enemies and drop down from the ramparts to reach the central area of Redmane Castle. Interact with the site of grace inside a small room and now you are free to visit Redmane Castle whenever your heart desires (without going through all the hassle again).

Redmane Castle Teleporter Location

redmane castle teleporter location

The easiest way to reach the gate of Redmane Castle, while bypassing the Impassable Greatbridge, is by using a Teleporter in the Fort Gael. This towering structure is in the Eastern region of Caelid, on the border of Western Limgrave. Climb the watchtower in Fort Gael to find the Teleporter. However, players will still need to follow the guide above to enter the Redmane Castle.

How to Activate Radahn Festival in Elden Ring

Castle Redmane has two states in the game. Before the Radahn festival and during. The first state is the normal one with the castle full of patrolling enemies and areas to discover. There is a duo of bosses that can be defeated in the plaza (right outside the Chamber outside the Plaza Site of Grace) to obtain additional items. All the doors can be opened, and areas can be accessed during this state. However, the main boss of Redmane Castle, Starscourge Radahn, remains inaccessible.

To access Starscourge Radahn and defeat him to obtain his shard of Elden Ring, players need to trigger the Radahn festival. This event leads to the opening of Redmane Castle’s main gate and all the enemies disappear. A lot of gates are also closed in the process making it impossible to access major portions of Redmane Castle. Radahn festival can be activated in one of the following ways.

  • Reaching Altus Plateau and activating any site of grace in the region will automatically start the Radahn festival.
  • By talking to Blaidd in Sifora River during Ranni’s side quest. This can be done by talking to Ranni in Ranni’s rise and starting her side quest. Then talk to Iji (path leading to Caria Manor), Blaidd, and Seluvis (inside Seluvis rise). Blaidd asks players to meet him in Sifora River. Go to Sifora River and talk to Blaidd. This will trigger the Radahn Festival.
  • After starting Ranni’s quest line, talk to Jarren inside Redmane Castle (he is also the one who will commence the Radhan festival). Go to Iji the Blacksmith and tell him about Jarren and his intentions. Listen to what Iji has to say about Redmane Castle and Radahn. Return and talk to Jarren to commence the festival.

Once the Radahn festival commences, players can now meet a lot of NPCs in the plaza including Blaidd, Alexander, and Thorelina. These NPCs have gathered to take down Starscourge Radahn and offer their aid to the players seeking to achieve the same goal. At this point, Jarren opens the portal that leads to Wailing Dunes where the next main boss battle with Starscourge Radahn awaits

Talk to Jarren again after defeating Radahn to finish the Radahn festival and revert the Redmane Castle to its original state.

Redmane Castle Items and Bosses

Players can encounter and defeat a duo of bosses before commencing the Radahn festival. These enemies are Misbegotten Warrior and Crucible Knight. These enemies can also be defeated after restoring the castle to its original state post-Radahn boss fight.

Two additional battles include encountering Lion Guardians and Abductor Virgin. These enemies are tough and are considered mini-bosses of Redmane Castle.

Another mini-boss that can be found post-festival is Pumpkin Head, patrolling the upper ramparts of Redmane Castle, and guarding a weapon present on a corpse.

There are a lot of items players can obtain from Redmane Castle. Below is a list of important items only that can be obtained by either exploration or by defeating strong enemies inside Redmane Castle.

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