Elden Ring Altus Tunnel Walkthrough

Altus Tunnel, not to be confused with Old Altus Tunnel, is worth paying a visit because of its loot like...

Altus Tunnel, not to be confused with Old Altus Tunnel, is worth paying a visit because of its loot like Arteria Leaf, Rune Arc, Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing (2), and much more. The tunnel also houses a Crystalian boss. The following Elden Ring guide will walk players through Altus Tunnel and highlight the means to defeat its boss.

How to Get to the Altus Tunnel in Elden Ring

To reach the Altus Tunnel, go to the Altus Plateau region and look for the Minor Erdtree. It is centrally located in the Altus Plateau region. Head south from the tree to find the entrance of the dungeon perched in the rocks.

Elden Ring Altus Tunnel Walkthrough

First off, take the lift down to activate the Site of Grace to begin the proceedings. Afterward, head to the room on the right. You’ll see a Sorcerer Miner with some glowing rocks.

Get rid of him. You’ll be attacked right away by Marionette Gargoyle, who was hiding behind in the dark. Eliminate him as well. Inside the room, you’ll discover a chest. Open it and take the Rune Arc found inside.

A Smithing Stone (5) deposit can be found in the western corner of the room, behind the barrels. Loot it and then proceed out to the right. As you leave, you’ll notice a Sorcerer Miner on your left. Take him out and proceed inside the room to the right.

When you enter the room, you’ll encounter three Crystal Snails. Kill them and loot their corpses for Crystal Dart x8. Before leaving, make sure to loot the Cracked Crystal deposits along the back wall.

Now turn right and continue down the tunnel to enter a mining cave. There you’ll have a decent amount of Smithing Stones and Cracked Crystal deposits. Take your time and collect them all before venturing deeper into the cave.

As you proceed, you will be attacked by three Marionette Gargoyles descending from the platform on the left. Take them out. You’ll have three options by this point. A tunnel to the south, a tunnel to the east, and a staircase to the platform above.

First, make your way up the wooden stairs and onto the platform. A Marionette Gargoyle will fall from the ceiling as you turn south; take him out and proceed. You’ll eventually come to a dead-end and face a Crystal Miner, take him out. A corpse can be found nearby. Loot it to collect Arteria Leaf x2.

Backtrack and take the tunnel to the south this time. From there, you’ll enter a large cavern, turn right, and defeat the Crystal Snails all around you. After you’ve dealt with them, you’ll notice a corpse nearby. Loot it to get a Golden Rune (7). Here you’ll also find a Large Glintstone Scrap nearby.

Here you’ll also face a giant magic bug hanging from the ceiling. If you have a long-range weapon, you can take him down while being on the ground otherwise, you’ll have to climb all the way up to deal with him.

Drop off the ledge onto the branch below and climb to the very top. There, you’ll find a corpse holding the Arsenal Charm +1. Pick it up, drop down a platform, and then return to the mining cave.

This time around, take the tunnel to the east. This tunnel will lead you to a room full of Crystal Snails; kill them all. You’ll notice a pair of double doors beyond the room. The Crystalian Boss awaits you behind these doors.

How to Defeat the Crystalian Boss

The Crystalian Boss are humanoid creatures that are not behemoths compared to most bosses in the game. This makes the arena pretty spacious. Here you’ll have to face both Crystalian Spear and Crystalian Ringblade bosses.

The Crystalian bosses take less damage from all types of attacks until their poise is broken. Follow these steps to quickly dispatch both Crystalian bosses.

To begin, you need to single out the bosses. Use a spirit summon to draw the attention of one of the bosses, allowing you to take them down one at a time. It’s best to start with the Ringblade Crystalian boss.

Ringblade Crystalian Boss

The Ringblade Crystalian boss has a difficult attack pattern, so he should be dealt with first to make the fight easier later on. To defeat this boss, simply keep a safe distance to avoid most of its attacks and deal damage when an opening appears.

As you deal damage to it over time, its poise will break and it will begin to take more damage. When this occurs, you can easily end the fight with a few heavy attacks.

Spear Crystalian Boss

While you defeat the Ringblade Crystalian, use the spirit summon to keep Spear Crystalian Boss occupied.

After the Ringblade Crystalian is defeated, you can move on to the Spear Crystalian. It has some aggressive and hard-hitting attacks in its arsenal, but they are all slow and easy to avoid.

When it comes to taking down this boss, you must backstab it because it is his weak point, and a few hits there will break its shield, making it more vulnerable to your attacks.

When this happens, use a few hard-hitting attacks to finish off this boss for good. You’ll receive the Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing (2) and 1800 runes as a reward for defeating the Crystalian bosses.

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