How To Get Overpowered (OP) Early in Elden Ring

Getting strong early in Elden Ring can level the playing field a bit. 1

Elden Ring is not a game for the faint-hearted. You will not be shown mercy from the very first moment you start the game. Each enemy will be hard to take down, and each obstacle will be more difficult than the previous one. But all you can do is pray and hope for the best as you walk out of the dungeon with your feeble body and attire and enter the world of Elden Ring.

Luckily, there are certain ways to get a power spike early in Elden Ring. In this guide, we will be discussing how to become OP in Elden Ring early and will provide the best-overpowered build, which you can use to slay anything the game throws at you.

It’s important to note that these aren’t the only methods you can use to get strong early in Elden Ring. These are the ones we think are the best if you are looking to get strong early so that you don’t have to rage-quit this game. Again, getting strong (Or OP, as we like to call it) early in the game doesn’t make it a walk in the park. You will still face challenges. However, they won’t be of the same level otherwise.

Get 100K Runes Early By Killing the Dragon in Caelid

To become OP in Elden Ring, you must have as many runes as possible to buy the best items and upgrade your items to the highest level. Here is a tip on how to get 100k runes in just one battle. Yes, all you have to do is slay one dragon, and you will be rewarded with 100k runes. But there are certain things you should grab to get the job done efficiently. And don’t worry, you won’t actually be fighting the dragon as it’s sleeping.

Before going to slay the dragon, make sure you have these items on you:

Once you have the pre-requisites (click the links for details), you must go to the ‘Fort Faroth,’ on the northern side of Caelid, above Sellia, Town of Sorcery.

When you make it to the fort, you will go downhill along the red wall and will come across a giant white dragon sleeping.

The dragon will not attack you as you are currently near its rear side. Stay clear of the tail and claws. Take out your bleed effect weapon and start hitting the dragon.

sleeping dragon rune farm location

It will cause health to decline slowly, but here’s where the bleeding effect comes in. As you keep on hitting the dragon, the damage you deal with will increase quite a lot because of the bleeding effect (health % damage). Keep on hitting the dragon until you have almost killed it. Now, use all Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot with Golden Scarab equipped (if you have it which is recommended) and then slay the dragon. Doing so will increase your reward runes, and you will get 100k or more runes in just one slay. (the usual reward is around 30k, but using the items adds a temporary multiplier to the runes you collect).

These Runes can prove valuable, and you can improve your stats with them, which can give you breathing room against the notorious enemies in The Lands Between.

Tips to Get Overpowered Early in Elden Ring

Elden Ring, like all its predecessors of the same game type, is very difficult from the get-go. You start with a basic weapon, have to deal with a handful of enemies which only get tougher at every step, and if you die you will have to start from the last checkpoint while losing everything in hand. There are some very useful tips and techniques that players can do early on in the game to get the upper hand. Some weapons, some tactics, and some items can become very useful and we shall write them all down below. The more tips you utilize, the more overpowered you shall become early on in the game.

  • Gain 100k runes by slaying the dragon in Caelid with the guide given above.
  • Use runes to buy weapons, armor, items and level up your character to the maximum possible level by increasing your stats.
  • Sacred Tears are consumable items that enhance the overall healing of flasks. In the beginning, healing flasks only restore up to 20% of health. But the more sacred tears you acquire, the more will the percentage of healing from the flasks. This will lessen your usage of flasks as one flask will replenish your health to 100%.
  • Golden Seeds can increase the number of Sacred Flasks you can have. Meaning, the more Sacred Flasks you carry, the more times you can restore your HP, thus making you overpowered against some tough early-game bosses.
  • You need to keep upgrading your weapons to increase their damage and enhance their abilities in the Elden Ring. For that purpose, you are going to need smithing stones. These stones are found scattered around the Limgrave Tunnel and the Morne Tunnel. Head to the locations to find these stones for each weapon tier in your inventory. You should also steal any graveyard that comes in sight as you might get lucky and find smithing stones there as well.
  • Kite Shield is one of the medium-tier shields in the Elden Ring. Although it is slightly heavier than Small Shields, it possesses one of the best stats imaginable. With the ability to block 100% physical damage, it is one of the most important OP shields to equip in both early and late games. Using this shield, you can block any physical attack caused by any level of enemy you face. This includes boss encounters as well. You can purchase this shield for 1000 Runes from the Nomadic merchant found at Liurnia of the Lakes.
  • TwinBlade is a great weapon to use in the early stages of the game. Head to the Dragon-Burnt Ruins which is near the lake where the dragon lands in the beginning phase of the game. Go to the ruins, make your way underground, and follow the path until you find the twin blades. You don’t have to fight the dragon, so rest easy.
  • Nagakiba Katana is among the best katanas in the game. This katana requires you to level up your dexterity and strength up some levels to wield it. The Nagakiba Katana can be taken from Bloody Finger Hunter Yura, who can be found under an overpass northeast of Seaside Ruins in southern Limgrave. You can either kill him on the spot and get the katana or you can begin his quest but that will take a lot of time as it requires you to kill Bloody Fingers at various places which are locked at the start.
  • The Sword of Night and Flame is best used against the likes of higher-level bosses which makes it a highly requested and OP weapon to acquire in Elden Ring. You can collect this weapon from the Liurnia of The Lakes. Head over to the Cario Manor and grab the weapon behind a fountain in the courtyard area.
  • Blood Items such as Blood Rose, Blood Grease, and Ash of War: Bloody Slash are three of the most useful items to have. The Blood Rose is an item that will respawn each time to rest at a grace. It can be used to craft Blood Greece, which is used for inflicting blood damage. The Bloody Slash Ash of War is arguably the best early-game skill to acquire. This skill is used for one-shot killing smaller enemies while causing severe damage to massive bosses. Each Blood item can be found at Fort Haight.
  • You should definitely check our Elden Ring rune farming guide if you want to farm more runes to get more levels early in the game.

Best Overpowered build you can get early in Elden Ring

When facing dangerous opponents, you must be equipped with a set of overpowered weapons and equipment to last longer in a battle. Although this isn’t the most valuable of items, this will help you jump-start your journey in the world of Elden Ring.

Below, we have arranged the best OP build and how to attain each item in Elden Ring. You don’t have to get everything early in the game, but the more you have, the better you will feel.

  • Class: Samurai
  • Weapon 1: Uchigatana Katana (Located inside the Deathtouched Catacombs, which is north of the dungeon near the water)
  • Weapon 2: Kite Shield (Purchased from merchant)
  • Armor: Carian Knight Set (Found in the graveyard of the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Run through the graveyard and pick the set, no need to fight enemies)
  • Talisman 1: Carian Filigreed Crest (Purchased from merchant)
  • Talisman 2: Two Fingers Heirloom (Found in the basement of the Purified Ruins, Southeast Liurnia. Break the boards near the lake to find the entrance)
  • Spell 1: The Flames of Frenzy (Found on a corpse in the church at the Weeping Peninsula)
  • Spell 2: Lightning Strike (It is dropped by a Teardrop Scarab found in a crevasse in Weeping Peninsula. Go to the southside and down the cliff to find the scarab)
  • Spell 3: Lightning Spear (Purchased from merchant)
  • Spell 4: Electrify Armament (Purchase from merchant)
  • Item: Faith-Knot Crystal Tear (Go east of the Church of Pilgrimage and down the cliff. You will encounter enemies)
  • Stats: Faith, Mind, Vigor, Dexterity, Strength (Spend Runes)
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