How To Get Lightning Spear In Elden Ring

Lightning Spear is one of many incantations in Elden Ring and probably one of the more powerful spells players can use against their enemies.

Apart from the huge range of different types of weapons available, Elden Ring also allows players to play with a bit of Magic, particularly using Incantations. Using these incantations typically requires a bit of potency in the Faith stat, but can play a huge role in determining the outcome of a battle.

Lightning Spear is one of many incantations in Elden Ring and probably one of the most powerful spells players can use to decimate their enemies. As you would have guessed, this incantation allows you to create a bolt of lightning that you can throw at your enemies like a projectile.

Although the thought of turning Tarnished into Zeus himself with the ability to throw lightning is pretty amazing, the Lightening Spear incantation is actually pretty useful and efficient in battle as well. But before we move on to its uses, we first have to learn how to get the Lightening Spear Incantation in the vast lands of Elden Ring.

Where to find the Lightning Spear Incantation in Elden Ring

Most of the different incantations in the game can be obtained from various different NPCs throughout the world. With the Lightning Spear Incantation being a part of the capital’s Dragon Cult, there’s a special way to unlock this incantation.

The Lightening Spear location is the same as that of most other incantations you can get – the NPCs Brother Corhyn at the Roundtable Hold, and Miriel, Paster of Vows at the Church of Vows.

To get the incantation in question from these NPCs though, you will first have to get your hands on a special item, the Dragon Cult Prayerbook.  You can obtain this prayerbook as a reward drop for defeating the Leyndell Knight (Gold Dragon Cult Knight), which patrols the area south of Artist’s Shack, East Liurnia. 

Defeating this Knight and acquiring the Dragon Cult Prayerbook will be the first step to obtaining the Lightening Spear Incantation.

Finding and defeating the Leyndell Knight

To find the Gold Dragon Cult Knight, the best way would be to start at the Artist’s Shack and make your way south through the winding path. You will find him near some wolves near the Carian Study Hall and the Artist’s Shack.

The encounter with the knight isn’t so easy and he will give you a hard time. Granted that this knight’s attacks are quite slow, they still pack a huge amount of damage, enough to kill you with a single hit if you’re under-leveled. Consider sneaking behind to deliver the first blow and take him by surprise.

This will require a lot of evasive and dodging skills along with patience to pull off. You will have to wait for the knight to attack, then swiftly slide behind him when you get the chance and deliver the max amounts of hits that you can.

After the knight recovers from his attacks, you must create some distance so as to move away from the range of his next attack, then continue the same tactic until the enemy is felled.

Something else players can do is use their Torrent mount to dish out multiple attacks on the move.

When the Knight finally falls, players will earn the Dragon Cult Prayer Book.

Selling the Dragon Cult Prayerbook

After obtaining the Dragon Cult prayerbook from the Knight’s corpse, the player has to sell it either to Brother Corhyn at the Roundtable Hold, or to Miriel, the Pastor of Vows at Church of Vows.

Giving them the book will unlock the Lightning Spear incantation for purchase for 6000 Runes.

If you go to the Church of Vows which is closer to the other location, you will notice a giant turtle sitting idle. Miriel does not move from his spot and stays there the whole time. You need to talk to him and at the end of the detailed talk, the player must give the book to the turtle.

If the player wishes to go to Brother Corhyn, you will most probably find him at Roundtable Hold. As soon as the player will move into the Raya  Lucaria Academy Dungeon, Brother Corhyn will leave Roundtable Hold. However, you can still find him at Altus Plateau and give him the Dragon Cult Prayerbook over there.

How to use the Lightening Spear in Elden Ring

There are a variety of different incantations that you can use in the game, each providing a different effect like putting in damage, healing, or just providing overall support.

The Lightening Spear Incantation is a special type of incantation that allows Tarnished to throw lightning javelins at his opponents, dealing large amounts of lightning damage to them.

These can make a significant impact depending on how you use them, and on what type of enemies you use them on. This incantation will be most effective against faster enemies with a low resistance to the Lightning damage stat, since the lightning bolts that you get to throw are very fast.

Additionally, while you can instantly throw lightning at a single enemy, you can also charge the bolt a bit and then fire it to use it as a small AoE attack.

You can even make it more effective with the right type of Lightening Spear build.

Considering that this incantation scales mainly with the Faith stat, it would be wise to go for a mage build. The minimum requirement to wield this incantation is 17 Faith, while it uses 1 slot and costs 18 FP to be cast.

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