How to Get Lightning Spear in Elden Ring

Lightning Spear is one of many incantations in Elden Ring and probably one of the most powerful ones players can use to decimate their enemies. The following guide will help players get the Lightning Spear spell in Elden Ring and start throwing lightning bolts in no time.

How to Get Lightning Spear in Elden Ring

Lightning Spear incantation requires 17 Faith before you can use it. In order to get your hands on it, start by finding the Dragon Cult Prayerbook.

The prayer book can be found as a reward for defeating a knight, who is usually roaming around the Artists Shack  in the east of Liurnia.

Defeating the Knight

The encounter with the knight isn’t so easy and he will give you a hard time. Consider sneaking behind to deliver the first blow and take him by surprise.

From there on, find an opening to deliver a couple of blows before retreating at a comfortable distance. Something else players can do is use their Torrent mount to dish out multiple attacks on the move.

When the Knight finally falls, players will earn the Dragon Cult Prayer Book.

Selling the Dragon Cult Prayerbook

After obtaining the Dragon Cult prayerbook from the Knight’s corpse, the player has to sell it either to Brother Corhyn or to Miriel, the Pastor of Vows at Church of Vows. Giving them the book will unlock the Lightning Spear incantation for purchase for 6000 Runes.

If you go to the Church of Vows which is closer to the other location, you will notice a giant turtle sitting idle. Miriel does not move from his spot and stays there the whole time. You need to talk to him and at the end of the detailed talk, the player must give the book to the turtle.

If the player wishes to go to the Brother Corhyn, you will most probably find him at Roundtable Hold. As soon as the player will move into the Lucaria Academy Dungeon, Brother Corhyn will leave Roundtable Hold. However, you can still find him at Atlus Plateau and give him the Dragon Cult Prayerbook over there.

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