How To Get The Twinblade In Elden Ring

This guide talks about the unique and double-sided Twinblade’s Location in Elden Ring to help you get your hands on the weapon.

Elden Ring provides players with various weapons that have unique stats and allow for different play styles. The Twinblade can also be considered somewhat of a melee weapon and brings back a lot of memories from Dark Soul 2.

This particular dexterity-based weapon also has the option of dual wielding which can prove to be efficient when you want to make quick work of your enemies in Elden Ring.

So in this guide, we will address the location where you can find the Twinblade in Elden Ring along with listing its stats as well.

Twinblade location in Elden Ring

The Twinblade can be looted from a chest inside the Dragon-Burnt Ruins in Elden Ring. The ruins are located in the center of Agheel Lake in the eastern part region of Limgrave.

However, before heading over there, it is important that you have unlocked Torrent, your Spirit Steed. This is because you need to use Torrent’s double jump ability to reach the Twinblade location in the game.

Twinblade map location in Elden Ring

Make your way to the location and look for a structure that has short, broken walls. You can only jump above the wall while riding the Torrent and using its double jump ability.

When you’re inside, look for the staircase that leads to a closed room downstairs. Go inside the room, and you will find a chest inside. Loot the chest, and you will get the Twinblade.

How to use the Twinblade

The fan-favorite weapon returns from Dark Souls 2 with the same damage output and style. The Twinblade can be used to perform standard or pierce damage on your enemies. You can also perform aerial attacks to strike down the blade on your foes.

The blade gives you the option of dual wielding, so you can do rapid slash attacks without giving your opponent time to breathe in Elden Ring.

Getting the Twinblade early on will give you a massive power spike in the game. You can use it to do a ton of damage to enemies as well as bosses.

Twinblade stats

The Twinblade comes equipped with a unique weapon skill known as Spinning Slash. Using this move set you can perform a vertical 360-degree spinning attack that is followed by a powerful finishing slash attack in Elden Ring. 

In short, this weapon art makes your character spin in the forward direction while swinging the blade and dealing quick slashes. However, the weapon art will take away some of your Focus Points (FP)

Moreover, the Twinblade is a renowned weapon due to its heavy physical attack which accounts for (119) in Elden Ring. So to wield the Twinblade efficiently in the game, it will require points in both Strength and Dexterity.

You need to have a Strength of (10) with a scaling of (D) along with a Dexterity of (18) with a scaling of (D) as well to use the Twinblade more effectively in Elden Ring.

Looking at the Guard stats for the Twinblade, you get a physical guard of (45) in Elden Ring. As for the rest of the guard stats for Magic, Fire, Light, Holy, and Boost you get (30) each.

Lastly, you can pair the Twinblade with Ash of War abilities like Determination and the Stomp and also upgrade this weapon using the smithing stones in Elden Ring.