Elden Ring: Caelid Location, Bosses, Dungeons, Merchants And More

It's easy to get lost in Caelid in Elden Ring. Our guide will help you wilth everything important in this region.

Caelid is one of the regions situated on the southeastern edge of the Lands between. It was the site where General Radahn and Malenia fought a legendary battle. During this fight, the first flower of Aeonia bloomed and covered the region in Scarlet Rot.

This guide covers the location, bosses, and points of interest of the spacious Caelid region in Elden Ring.

Caelid Location

Caelid touches the northeastern part of Limgrave and is situated in the southeastern portion of the Lands Between map. It can be approached regardless of your progress in the game. Caelid can be reached easily by following the large northern road in Limgrave, heading to the east. Keep following the path; eventually, you’ll reach a glowing wall blocking the road to Caelid.

To unlock the entire map of the Caelid region, you will need to search for its Map fragments. There are two of these, and can be obtained by following the steps below.  

Caelid Map Fragment

The monument where this map fragment is placed is on the path from Limgrave and eastwards. Keep walking on the straight path (preferably on your ride) while noticing the faint map path. It will be visible even without a map fragment of this sub-region.

Dragonbarrow Map Fragment

You need to start your journey from Caelem Ruins Site of Grace for this fragment. From this point, keep heading beside the cliffs on your left until a closed path comes your way. Jump to the other side and start your journey on a straight path in Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow. After crossing a giant tree branch and going a few steps further, you will finally see the monument for Dragonbarrow Map Fragment.


You can go to Caelid at whatever level you desire, as this map area is readily available from the beginning of the game. However, we recommend having at least 60-70 levels before visiting this region of the Lands Between. This will ensure that the content is moderately challenging and save you from the frustration of dying repeatedly.

Caelid Main Bosses

This region is practically teeming with fearsome enemies, including 25+ Field Bosses or main Bosses that test your battle prowess and gameplay understanding to its fullest.

Some notable names are:

  • Starscourge Radahn: He is a powerful Elden Lord who stalks the Wailing Wastes, the easternmost part of Caelid, and can be considered the boss of Redmane Castle. The battle against him is an exciting mix of fun and challenge but can be tedious and random.
  • Elder Dragon Greyoll: This is a massive dragon, found resting on the ground encircled by five lesser creatures of its kind, and is found in Dragonbarrow, Caelid.
  • Fallingstar Beast: A massive four-legged beast that can be found in multiple locations. In Caelid, it can be encountered in Sellia Crystal Tunnel.

Caelid Catacombs

As you visit the southeast portion of the Caeild region, you can enter the Caelid Catacombs dungeon near the Cathedral of Dragon Communion. This area is filled with Scarlet Rot and monstrosities such as Skeletons and Cemetery Shade.

You shouldn’t expect a lot of loot items in these Catacombs; the only useful things we see here are some random Spirit Ashes, Grave Gloveworts, etc.

Caelid Catacombs Walkthrough

After opening the outer door of the catacombs, the first thing you can interact with will be a Site of Grace. Make sure to equip incantations like the Law of Regression and keep Preserving Boluses to help prevent the adverse effects of scarlet rot inside.

The first turn into the next areas of this dungeon will earn you Grave Violet and Grave Glovewort 4. At the end of this path, the first skeleton enemy will greet you with its typical bone sword. After taking it down, move ahead and take out another Archer skeleton going downstairs.

Right below this skeleton’s body is an alcove that hides a Poison Flower enemy. Besides, you can loot Grave Glovewort 5 and Miranda Spirit Ashes from the right wall of the same alcove.

Moving forward in the next route, you will receive a few Grave Gloveowrt 3 and 4s between the walkway and beside the mushrooms wall.

Going downstairs, a small wall is covered in pillars on both sides. After getting the Grave Glovewort from the front side, move to the left and then face the illusory wall on the other side. Now, hit this wall with a melee weapon to reveal a lantern-holding statue and a Lever. Pressing the lever will open the main door that leads to the boss’s dwelling area.

That’s pretty much everything you can loot and visit at Caelid catacombs. The final thing remaining is the boss fight with Cemetery Shade.

Cemetery Shade Boss Fight

This boss is introduced in many other Elden Ring Catacombs besides Caelid, including Balck Knife Catacombs and Tombsward Catacombs. This dark, formless humanoid is immune to all status effects. However, its major weaknesses will help you take it out in just a few slashes of a powerful weapon.

Just beware of its fast-paced teleportation techniques and the Green Orb attack, and the boss will come to its senses quickly. Luckily, it doesn’t have a large pool of health, making the fight relatively quick for players with heavy weapons in their arsenal.

Caelid Legacy Dungeon (Redmane Castle)

Legacy Dungeons are the primary sources of major loot and exploration rewards in any Lands Between region. These mighty strongholds are home to mysterious bosses that pose unusual threats to the players as compared to other normal enemies or bosses throughout map areas.

The Legacy Dungeon in Caelid is known as the Redmane Castle. It is an enormous fortress located on the other side of the bridge that starts from Impassable Greatbridge Grace. The castle was once the dwelling place of Starscourge Radahn, the Red Lion General. The demigod doesn’t live here, though and should be encountered at some other place after crossing his castle. Although it is not a main story boss, defeating Radahn becomes necessary when you want to uncover the hidden world of Nokron, Eternal City.

After covering the long walkway to the main castle, you won’t be able to enter the castle from the main gate, owing to it being closed for anyone’s entry. You will have to go to the backside of the castle and take out some enemies, and then cover some stairs to reach the castle’s premises.

Caelid Region NPCs and Merchants

Like every other Elden Ring region, Caelid is home to several NPCs and Merchants.


Blaidd, the half-wolf, is a loyal servant of Ranni, the Witch and can be summoned in fights if you meet required conditions. Blaidd first meets you inside Mistwood and will be consistently introduced throughout Ranni’s questline. He will ask you to catch up with him at Redmane Castle during the festival period. At the said time, you will find him standing beside some other NPCs in the inner courtyard of the Redmane Castle.


Gowry is an NPC who wants to cure the Scarlet Rot disease that has affected Millicent. He sells a few sorceries, including Night Shard and Glintstone Stars. He also trades a special spell (Pest Threads) once you successfully progress Millicent’s questline and provide her the artificial arm, Valkyrie’s Prosthesis.

Nomadic Merchant (Caelid South)

While approaching Fork Road, you will find the Nomadic merchant sitting near a campfire in the southern part of the Caelid region. He sells a variety of items to his visitors, including Champion Headband, Flaming Bolt, Greathelm, etc. If you fight and defeat the poor soul, he will drop Nomadic Merchant’s Bell Bearing 10, which can be sold to Twin Maiden Husks to unlock extra accessories.

Witch-Hunter Jerren

Castellan Jerren can be met at the festival inside Redmane Castle along with other NPCs. In fact, he is the one responsible for propagating news about this legendary festival associated with General Radahn.  He also plays an important part in Sorceress Sellen questline.

Caelid Points of Interest

Caelid is mainly defined by its Scarlet rotten mainland and the rot-infected creatures living in these locations. Players can find multipe exciting areas beside the main legacy dungeon. Have a look at some notable locations and activities in the region.

Smoldering Church

Smoldering Church is situated at the boundaries of Caelid and northern Limgrave. After entering the church, you will only find a Site of Grace and the Invader boss, Anastasia. This boss disguises herself as a Finger Maiden and likes to eat the flesh of unlucky, tarnished who happen to cross her paths.

Forsaken Ruins

These are situated under the cliff area near Shack of the Rotting. The location consists of old buildings and abandoned campsites, indicating signs of life in the far past. In one of its underground rooms, you can get your hands on a chest containing the Sword of St.Trina. Forsaken Ruins are strictly guarded by a couple of Giant Crows, large birds with long legs and a razor-sharp beak.

Sellia, Town of Sorcery

Before the bad effects of Scarlet Rot hit it, Sellia, Town of Srocery, was considered a hub for sorcery arts and a lively town of the Lands Between. Players can receive a variety of loot in this location, including weapons, pieces of armor, and Ashes of War. The Church of Plague is built at the top of a hill in this town, where you can go and meet Millicent to start her quest line.

Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow

As the name suggests, this sub-region of Caelid hosts multiple dragons in dead and undead forms. Comprising the northern portion of Caelid, Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow can be accessed from the backstreets of Sellia or a lift from the Siofra River.

Before you decide to visit this area, make sure you have the most powerful fighting as well as healing equipment in your arsenal. This is not your normal Caelid catacombs or mainland location and contains enemies and bosses with greater strengths and unique abilities.

The Dragonbarrow has many dungeons, quest locations, and worth-visiting areas. The Divine Tower of Caelid is also situated in this area, where players can restore the Great Rune of Radahn. This Great Rune helps you raise your maximum HP, FP, and Stamina.

Moreover, you can kill multiple bosses to obtain great rewards in Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow. Some of these are:

  • Battlemage Hugues
    This powerful boss can be fought at Sellia Evergaol. After defeating it, you can summon Battlemage Hugues Spirit Ashes to aid you in future battles.
  • Flying Dragon Greyll
    Flying Dragon Greyll can be encountered at the Farum Greatbridge when teleporting to Bastial Sanctuary at Dragonbarrow. Upon defeating it, you will receive a Dragon Heart and 80,000 Runes.
  • Black Blade Kindred: Black Blade Kindred is a loyal servant of Maliketh and can be encountered outside Bastial Sanctum. You will earn Gargoyle’s Black Axe, Gargoyle’s Black Blades, and nearly 60,000 Runes by defeating this boss.

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