Elden Ring Rune Farming Guide

In Elden Ring, your XP and Cash are converted into Runes, which serve as the basic in-game currency. This guide...

In Elden Ring, your XP and Cash are converted into Runes, which serve as the basic in-game currency. This guide will show you the techniques for fast XP Farming in Elden Ring.

How to Start Farming Runes in Elden Ring

Unlike the other games, you cannot immediately begin XP or Rune farming in Elden Ring. Instead, you must progress a little before you can begin farming. You must first travel north before you can begin XP farming to level up fast.

Then, you should specifically reach Gatefront to the north. Be cautious of the enemies ahead, as the area is almost always teeming with soldiers.

When you arrive at the location, look around for the Site of Grace and interact with it. This will bring you to an NPC named Melina, who will ask you if you want to convert your Runes to Strength.

You must accept her offer at this point because doing so will start the XP/Leveling process in Elden Ring. When you’ve finished this, you’ll be able to use the level-up feature while resting in a Site of Grace.

Aside from that, the Spectral Steed Summon is available here. This is Torrent, your horse who can help you in combat and can help to travel around fast.

In addition, if you return at night and visit the Church of Elleh, you will encounter Renna, a witch. We advise you to do so because she can grant you the ability to summon specters to assist you in battle.

How to Farm XP Fast

In search of some easy and quick runes? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. There are a few ways to farm runes in Elden Ring, but killing opponents is by far the most efficient and quick approach.

Then there are the Golden Runes, which are likewise reliable and effective supplies of XP in Elden Ring. To extract the money from the golden runes, use them from your inventory.

Golden Runes are occasionally found in skulls with shining eyes, simply destroy them and pick up the Golden Rune. Graveyards and Overworld Tombs are excellent spots to look for Golden Runes.

Elden Ring Early Game Rune Farming Locations

Warmaster’s Shack

At the start of the game, you need to fast travel to the Warmaster’s Shack Site of Grace where Ashes of War can be bought from Knight Bernahl. Here is an image showing the exact location of Warmaster’s Shack.

Moving ahead and going towards southeast, you will find five Troll Warriors. You need to defeat these guys to farm runes.

The important thing is that you need to fight and defeat all of them one by one. Although they can be a challenging task for the low-level characters to deal with, they have limited, predictable move sets. So, it will become easier for you as you level up in the game.

Moreover, it is easy to recover Runes if you die trying to farm them. Defeating each Troll Warrior will reward you with 1000 Runes.

The Troll Carriage

The Troll Carriage located southeast of Limgrave near the Waypoint Ruins Cellar is an excellent spot to farm runes, and it is by far the most reliable spot to do so.

When you arrive, you’ll see two enormous Trolls towing a massive carriage guarded by zombies and a handful of soldiers. Each troll kill can provide up to 1000 runes.

Killing a troll may appear difficult due to their enormous size, but they are simple to slay because they are chained to the Carriage. All you have to do is deal damage quickly before they break free from the chains.

Once they’ve been dealt with, fast travel back to Waypoint Ruins Cellar and wait around for the trolls to respawn. Head back and repeat the process iteratively to gather masses of runes.

Mid Game Rune Farming Locations

Liurnia Lake Shore

The Liurnia Lake Shore is an excellent spot for farming runes. Simply head to the area and kill the zombies and enemies you encounter. We recommend doing so on horseback because this increases your mobility.

Takedown as many enemies as you can before making a quick turn to a safe location. Wait a while, then return; your enemies should have respawned by this point. Take them down. You can repeat the process to collect as many runes as you want.

Leyndell East Capital Ramparts

Exploring between Liurnia and Leyndell, players will find a lot of Runes in the areas between these spots. On reaching Leyndell, you will find the best spot for farming Runes in the mid-game part which is East Capital Ramparts. The following image shows the exact location of East Capital Ramparts.

Moving ahead in the capital, you will find Envoys whose appearance resembles mushrooms and then you will encounter a guard. This will repeat again in the same order and clearing them out will lead you to fire-breathing gargoyle which is also a useful source to earn Runes once you destroy it.

If you continue moving and move down using the elevator, you can find and defeat some more humanoid enemies, followed by a Perfumer to earn additional Runes.

You can earn more Runes if you move ahead into the next area and deal with some tougher enemies. defeat Leyndell Knights that are quite fatal, two more Perfumers found inside the room, and a guard which is quite hard to deal with.

So, it is up to the players and if they do not traverse into the next area to deal with the tougher enemies and return, they still can earn 10,000 to 13,000 Runes.

Rune Farm Bird

You will have to spawn into the Mohgwyn Palace to farm the bird in Elden Ring. To reach this area, you need to reach Rose Church in Liurnia of the Lakes after defeating Godrick. So, here is a detailed procedure on how to get to Mohgwyn Palace.

Use the bloody fingers obtained from here to defeat the other players. Now, returning to Varre and talking to him, you will get a cloth that you need to soak into Maiden’s Blood. You can do this by going to Four Belfiries in Liurnia of the Lakes and approaching the last shrine at the top of village. Here, you will find a chest from which you can grab Imbued Sword Key.

Use the Imbued Key on Imbued statue to activate the portal and travel through it. now, you will reach the church where you were initially and soak the cloth in the blood of the corpse placed at the left. Take this soaked cloth to Varre at Rose Church and talk to him until he gives you the Pureblood’s Knight’s Medal. Now, you can spawn into the Mohgwyn Palace using this medal.

Head to the Site of Grace which is at the top of the cliff. Reaching the top of the cliff and standing at its edge, you should be able to see Bloody Lake from the top. Now, a giant bird will be visible to you in the Bloody Lake as well, so get your bow ready to aim toward the bird.

Hitting the bird with an arrow causes its AI to bug out and fall to its death. You’ll earn 11,000 Runes without a Rune boosting scarab and 13,200 with a Rune boosting scarab.

Repeating this after every 20 seconds, you can earn these number of Runes again and again.

Rune Farming Exploits

On one hand, Runes are really important to farm in the game, but on the other hand, there are certain exploits that arise from this activity.

The most abused exploit is via item duping techniques that allow you to duplicate runes. Others, like the bird mentioned above, exploit AI bugs and the Terrain to easily farm enemies with high rune drops.

We recommend staying away from duplication methods as they may lead to detection via the anti-cheat and stick to farms that involve cheesing enemies. However, these should be attempted with moderation as leveling very quickly leads to extremely high levels early mitigating the game’s challenge and no invasion targets.

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