How to Get Uchigatana Katana in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, the Uchigatana Katana is an excellent weapon and which is suitable for builds that are based on agility and power. The following guide will explain how to get your hands on the Uchigatana in Elden Ring and master this deadly weapon.

Where to Find Uchigatana in Elden Ring

Uchigatana will be available right from the start for players who choose the Samurai class in the game. However, if you are not using the Samurai class, you can still acquire the weapon in question.

You only need to head to one specific location on the map to obtain the Uchigatana Katana.

You can easily find the Uchigatana in Deathtouched Catacombs which lies to the north of Limgrave and to the northeast of the Warmaster’s Shack. It can be found to the east of the Stormhill Shack, shortly before arriving at the Stormveil Castle.

Make your way to the left through the tunnels after entering the Deathtouched Catacombs.

During this short journey, you’ll come across several skeletons. Remove them from the scene, then jump to the ground floor and turn around. On the left side, there will be a doorway that you can enter.

Return to the left after passing through the corridor. A small group of skeleton archers will be waiting for you.

The Uchigatana will be on the dead body hanging over the side once you defeat them. You’ll be able to use it at any moment and upgrade it as you progress through Elden Ring.

How to Upgrade Uchigatana

Just like any other weapon in the game you need a certain number of Smithing Stones and Runes to pay at an anvil to upgrade the Uchigatana.

In the early game, you will find an anvil in the Church of Ellen close to the merchant kale. You can upgrade your Uchigatana up to +3 from here.

After that, for upgrading your weapon all the way to +25 you will need a better blacksmith and we will recommend you to find the Smithing Master Hewg.

You can find him in the Roundtable Hold after defeating Margit, The Fell Omen or discovering a certain number of Sites of Grace.

Once you meet any of the conditions you can go to this blacksmith and upgrade your Uchigatana all the way to +25.

Best Ash of War for Uchigatana

For Uchigatana the Bloody Slash is one of the best Ash of War that you can get early on in the game.

You can get this Ash of War as a drop from the Godrick Knight that you fight at Fort Haight. This night is on one of the upper levels of the fort and uses this Ash of War against you.

With the Bloody Slash Ash of War attached to the Uchi, you favor the bleed build-up aspect of your Uchi’s regular attacks. This combined with the Bloody Slash skill itself Leads to quick bleed procs and will decimate most enemies and bosses.

Elden Ring Uchigatana Scaling

The Uchigatana is Slash and Piercing weapon that you can scale with Strength and Dexterity in Elden Ring.

By Upgrading the standard Uchigatana to +25, your Dex scaling improves from D to C. So, it’s primarily used in Dex Focused builds.

You can improve the Uchigatana’s scaling by Infusing it with specific a specific Ash of War. For the Uchigatana, the two best choices are Blood and Keen.

The Blood Uchigatana is the Uchigatana infused with a Blood related Ash of War such as Bloody Slash. Your maximum possible Dex scaling improves to B and your regular attacks build up a massive 82 Bleed (was previously 45).

The Keen Uchigatana is the Uchigatana infused with certain Ashes of War that offer agile skills such as Ash of War Quickstep. With Keen, you maximum scaling improves to A. This means the more Dex you have, the more damage you’ll output with regular attacks. Your bleed is still the standard 45.

So, which is better, Keen or Blood scaling on the Uchigatana? The answer depends on your build. If you plan on pumping lots of stats into Dex, Keen is the no-brainer choice.

If you value the Uchi’s Bleed capabilities above all else and will likely trade it in later, then I suggest you go with the Blood scaling as many enemies will fall prey to quick bleeds

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