Where to Find Sword of Night and Flame in Elden Ring

Sword of Night and Flame is a legendary Weapon in Elden Ring and is one of the most powerful weapons in The Lands Between. This guide will help you find the Sword of Night and Flame by outlining its location in Elden Ring.

Where to Find Sword of Night and Flame in Elden Ring

The Sword is one of the Legendary Armaments in the game. Sword of Night and Flame is a Faith and Intelligence weapon and is very powerful in Elden Ring.

The Sword of Night and Flame can be found in Caria Manor. You need to defeat the first shard bearer, Godrick the Grafted, to access the areas beyond Stormveil Castle.

You can bypass even Godrick by taking the secret path to the right of Stormveil Castle, but you will be too weak to even get to the sword inside the manor if you decide to do so.

Once you enter the Caria manor, simply turn left and run along the left wall. Beware of the Hands here, that are burrowed in the ground, with just the tip of the fingers protruding out. If you step in these hands, they will grab you and they deal lots of damage.


Get to the entrance leading to the Manor Lower levels, and unlock the manor Lower Levels Grace. From Gere, head out on the bridge. Take the first left, then turn right at the next point. At the left of the bridge, you will see a roof you can jump to. Get to this roof.

Elden Ring Sword of Night and Flame Location

Here, you will see a crack in the wall to the north side, left of the roof. Jump down to the platform and take the ladder down. In the room you reach, there is a single chest containing the weapon.

Sword of Night and Flame is a straight sword and deals both Magic and Fire damage. The weapon skill is Night and Flame Stance, which allows you to either shoot a magic beam with light attack, or a fire arc with a heavy attack.

Players require 12 Strength and Dexterity, and 24 Faith and Intelligence to wield the weapon. The sword has E scaling in both Strength and Dexterity and D scaling in both Faith and Intelligence.

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